World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1040
Purple Moon Sacred Realm's old man comes up, just must break that Profound Ice, was prevented by Feng Quan. „Can I come?” Feng Quan comes Zitian expert, must break this Profound Ice naturally to be a cinch, he thought that like this is possible treasure the probability to be higher. Naturally!” That old man wishes for earnestly, for him breaks Profound Ice to consume strength very much, every time breaks together Profound Ice, he probably was old several years old so. Feng Quan fingertip suddenly overflow white cloud, injects in that black tiger Profound Ice together, Profound Ice receives exterior formidable strength to stimulate, immediately turns into one pile of ice crystal pellets. Feng Quan turns in this pile of ice crystal pellets hastily is looking, stares the eye, the facial expression is worrying greatly, how but regardless of they turn, cannot find anything from inside, this makes in his heart secret cursed get up, innermost feelings inexplicable surges a anger, wishes one could to fall to the bang the entire bidding block. Because he deeply felt that he to be deceived, Purple Moon Sacred Realm gets so far as such unusual a number of Profound Ice, do not open, unexpectedly brings the auction, this not in pit father? The Feng Quan anger snort|hum, returns to the theater box, has given in vain Purple Moon Sacred Realm these many crystal stones, will change everybody not to be feeling well, but others Purple Moon Sacred Realm also took very big risk, for example beforehand that Heavenly Emptiness Stone, will make in their hearts receive much. Also has gained 10,000 four 100 billion crystal stones, this made Purple Moon Sacred Realm these high levels at heart comfortable many. The director of that auction said that Profound Ice that altogether 15 unusual Profound Ice, then lift, has the shape . Moreover the color varies, contrasts beforehand Golden Sun Building Profound Ice, is unusual, because this is very unreadable, why these inside do not have thing Profound Ice, can be long such attractively, for example beforehand bailian Profound Ice. In the following Profound Ice auction, Shen Xiang only participated several times, puts the dense fog, making the person think that he is bumps into, afterward he no longer participates, because he has not seen in these Profound Ice to have the thing.

Quick, arrived at last, before these Profound Ice some people bought, but the price was very low, high was also only five 100 billion, moreover did not have treasure to appear, theater box inside distinguished guest wanted over three 100 billion, will again not increase price. Has auctioned 14 Profound Ice, except for has left Heavenly Emptiness Stone together, in other Profound Ice anything does not have, moreover in also many many looks like very beautiful attractive unusual Profound Ice, but is still spatial, the people are understand now that is attractive Profound Ice, inside more will not have treasure. Because before , has left Enlightenment Stone and Heavenly Emptiness Stone Profound Ice, the appearance is not that attractive. Finally to last, the interest of people was very low, should poor sell evidently. What lifts is very huge Profound Ice, the bed is so big, the ellipse, the whole body is jet black, but many luminous spots, look like make people think that on the surface this is star map, formation that because on this Profound Ice these luminous spots want to see in the nighttime sky very much. Dozens luminous spots distribute above, moreover words that carefully watches, can discover that this is one good star, this Profound Ice unexpectedly like is the stars chart, was very mysterious, making many people excited, although this Profound Ice appearance was very good, but the people think that beforehand these attractive Profound Ice, have cancelled the thought that seemed like good, but in might not have treasure very much. Base price five 100 billion crystal stones!” Director shouted, the base price so was high, this makes many people give up, if must fight, perhaps finally will arrive at the trillion high price, before having , more than ten examples, many people at this time become very sane, will not lose the elaborative faculty because of the semblance! Senior, takes!” In Shen Xiang Primal Chaos Spirit Eye looked that has some differences on seeing, hastily gives White Tiger sound transmission. White Tiger immediately selling quotation: 500.1 billion!” Before because had two Big Shot to lose trillion crystal stones, therefore afterward was about several hundred billions crystal stones, now the base price is too high, therefore has exceeded the limits of many people.

„Did nobody increase price? This was the final opportunity, this Profound Ice looked like looks like small starry sky, if here suddenly became jet black, whether the people could not certainly distinguish this Profound Ice above stars genuine and fake.” The director thought that the price was too low, boasted. „Is that also what kind of? In has treasure to be inadequate really? Can you affirm? Other flickering person, you sold these many Profound Ice, has left treasure!” Good to look at but of no use, if ugly, I think that I will consider!” Now many people recognize, no longer bought attractive Profound Ice, the beforehand example told them, in attractive Profound Ice did not have treasure. Five 100 billion can buy many ordinary Profound Ice, tries one's luck in any case, might as well uses these Profound Ice, now looks like, these unusual Profound Ice and these ordinary Profound Ice are different!” The people very approve of these words, many people heard that side Profound Cold Ancient Domain raised one to trade the Profound Ice upsurge, because many people cannot obtain anything from Profound Ice, therefore did not plan one opened, instead was sells to give others to try one's luck. Deal!” In that management person heart sighed, shouted. White Tiger walks immediately, he has not thought that such with ease takes, in his heart is a little small excitedly, because he knows that in this has certainly the thing! Although his strength was very strong, but can experience this pleasure in the common custom, makes him feel very meaningful, especially and Shen Xiang this cheating king together time. On White Tiger also many crystal stones, after he pays to end, hurriedly said: First do not open, I want to take a look, so as to avoid, cannot see such mysterious thing again.”

What White Tiger said is the truth, he strokes on Profound Ice these is being similar to the luminous spot of stars, approaches, is quite dazzling besides light glow, no other other special places. The people thought that Purple Moon Sacred Realm obtained certainly many this unusual Profound Ice, but they cannot obtain the good thing from inside, takes to sell, thinks of this, before these purchased the Profound Ice person, in the heart very much have not been feeling well. Um, now can pulverize!” White Tiger retreat one step, he has not wanted to show his strength, therefore makes Purple Moon Sacred Realm's that old man open. That old man deeply inspires, whole body strength condense on the fingertip, making on that finger condense be divided into the intense flame. The fingertip ignites on this black huge Profound Ice lightly, happen to sends out above the formation of pale blue multi-colored sunlight, entire Profound Ice also in the instantaneous disintegration, turns into big piece of particles. suddenly whish, these ice crystal particles were shaken to disperse by strength, sees only three grains of black beads to brave an intermittent terror black Qi, in this Profound Ice unexpectedly left treasure!