World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1041
In Profound Ice three grains of black bead appearances, the audience is shocked, in the heart that is one ruthless, because this dogshit transports is always not one's turn them, before won badly beaten, but in Profound Ice does not have treasure finally, but the thing that nobody robs, always has treasure! The White Tiger complexion slightly changed, strength that because that three grains of black beads send out was really too scary, unexpectedly can project black light glow, making the entire hall dim. He puts out a hand to grasp, these three grains of bead tight grasping in palm, afterward sucked in a cold breath, because he knows that these three grains of beads were anything, he has not thought that this treasure unexpectedly will appear in Profound Ice. Is Bead of Mysterious Laws!” In theater box comes Zitian expert shouted. Also in the time, the White Tiger side presented more than ten expert, these expert comes Zitian, is the same with Feng Quan and expert of Han Kang Ling Feng this rank, looks at their rogue appearances, should be wants to snatch the black bead in White Tiger hand. In the Shen Xiang heart sneers: Thing of acting recklessly!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Ling Feng also appears, this old lady complexion gloomy and cold, leans on the walking stick to look at White Tiger: This you, this thing is useless to you, but has very big significance to us, whether to give up what one treasures?” How do you know to me useless?” In the White Tiger heart the micro anger, he does not want to provoke these big influences expert, why now he can understand Shen Xiang always with these big influence bars on, because in Shen Xiang has many good things, these big influences always find some splendid excuses to rob, is not concerned about face. Everybody, is your this wants to snatch the thing in my Purple Moon Sacred Realm?” Ling Feng looked at these to surround White Tiger expert, these came Zitian expert, was other ancient influence Big Shot. These ancient influence were also the past rebels, their overall strengths did not have Sacred Realm and these Heavenspan Family are formidable.

Three grains of Bead of Mysterious Laws, can you eat up?” Middle-aged coldly looks at White Tiger, did not reply that Ling Feng, looked like in these expert, they in this world were invincible existences, this Bead of Mysterious Laws was the thing that several hundred thousand years were rare meet, they cannot let off, if obtained one grain, can utilize Power of Law. Shen Xiang first time has heard this Bead of Mysterious Laws. Bead of Mysterious Laws and Enlightenment Stone are the similar things, Bead of Mysterious Laws is the bead that Power of Law nature condense becomes, obtains these Bead of Mysterious Laws people, can enter into uses the Power of Law threshold, is truly rare, these fellows will rob reckless very normally.” Power of Law has many, for example Law of Space and Law of Time are very formidable Power of Law, is everybody quite knows very well. between Heaven and Earth has many Power of Law, does not know that these three grains of Bead of Mysterious Laws are any principles!” Bai Youyou said. This is I uses 5000 hundred million crystal stones to buy, I eat cannot eat up am also my matter!” White Tiger was surrounded by these many expert, but also is very calm, many people can see him to be uncommon. I can five trillion crystal stones buy for you!” Ling Feng said that many people do not know the Bead of Mysterious Laws matter, but sees these expert such large formation weaponry, knows that three grains of beads are precious, can make these expert not give a thought to own face to get rid to rob, many people secretly are thinking, if obtain these three grains of beads, can eat up? Does not sell!” White Tiger wants to receive storage equipment Bead of Mysterious Laws, but has not actually succeeded, this is also very normal, after all this is profound bead that Power of Law condense leaves, can guide the life to use Power of Law. This was beyond control you, otherwise you cannot go out of this sliding door today!” Ling Feng shameless cold, ferocious sound track. The strength of Li Baojun to White Tiger is not clear, therefore inquired that Shen Xiang if wanted gets rid to help, but Shen Xiang responded very calm: Does not use, can I in thinking above that crowd of fellow several live?”

White Tiger is known as Slaughter God, he does not have what to be good to fear. Asked one again, you sold do not sell!” Ling Feng is watching intently White Tiger, loudly said, but at this time several purple robe old man also suddenly appear, the strength is very strong. Three grains of Bead of Mysterious Laws in White Tiger hand are vibrating, if not because his strength is very strong, he cannot hold these three grains of Bead of Mysterious Laws, this is also his strength of many expert to the reason that somewhat dreads, is strength of principle formidable? The bead that concentrates is not definitely weak, can catch the person in hand with ease, is definitely uncommon! White Tiger looked at surround his more than ten individuals, coldly said: I do not sell, if you to my fight, you must die!” Snort!” Purple robe old man disdains one, unexpectedly punctured a sword toward White Tiger. Death!” White Tiger fierce staring to that purple robe old man, the instant, the entire hall is full of the terror Slaughter Qi, making many person whole bodies weak, was frightened unable to speak. After that purple robe old man White Tiger looked at one, the unexpectedly whole body turned into black smoke, scatters along with Slaughter Qi that on White Tiger erupts in the hall. You enraged me!” White Tiger roars, that type the roar that makes the person tremble, making everyone think one must be killed was the same, but the entire auction market also in instantaneous vanish from sight, many theater box inside expert float in the air, the whole face is the panic-stricken color, these think that unmatched in the world expert, at this time looks like was scared the cat, the whole body trembles! Ling Feng one startled, she wants to get rid, but she on that imposing manner by White Tiger had been deterred to be incapable of counterattacking at this time.

Everybody collaborates, trigs him, otherwise we must die!” Ling Feng neighed, transferred strength in within the body diligently, wielded the walking stick to pound toward White Tiger. strength of other more than ten Heaven World's expert also revolution within the body, the bang to White Tiger, in that flash, various light glow covers White Tiger, these more than ten expert also attack, making entire Heavenly Thunder City violently shiver. You must die!” White Tiger sound ice-cold, the body shakes, shakes the powder these toward strength that he hits completely, afterward is laying out a palm to Ling Feng, but separates a spatial gently palm, cranks up the black smoke Ling Feng and that fierce walking stick! Powerful Ling Feng, unexpectedly was hit soul destroyed by others palm, this person powerful deeply frightened. White Tiger swept that more than ten to attack his person with the look, the eye projects to kill off, that more than ten expert turned into the black smoke to dissipate one after another, was only with the look, can these expert like pressing the ant according to dying. Also who wants to snatch my thing!” The White Tiger sound resounds in the mind of people, many people were frightened at this time weak in the ground, these float in the air expert also whole body cold sweat brave, on face terrified, they do not doubt, at present this person only needs the flash, can make into black smoke them completely, forever vanishes in this world. White Tiger wields the sleeve, suddenly on vanish from sight.