World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1042
Several, these think that the unmatched in the world expert turns into black smoke, looks at this to turn into the ruins the auction market, the people cannot help but hit one to tremble, especially these were fluttering black smoke, that the thing that after Heaven World moved a side expert dead only leaves behind! Who a moment ago was that person? Everyone has this question, only then Demon Empress Lu Qinlian knows, before that person is her, in that Golden Sun Building meets, the person of this strength, is rarely seen in Heaven World! Is Emperor Murdering Qi!” The Feng Family Feng Quan facial color is dignified. Right, Legend only then Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, because cultivates Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique great accomplishment, has this terrifying strength, this person who?” Can be Shen Xiang?” old man low mumble said. „It is not he, if is really the Shen Xiang's words, your Feng Family was already extinguished by him!” Golden Sun Sacred Realm Dean said. The people are bringing shocking and depart frightened, Shen Xiang and Li Baojun return to their residences, White Tiger also come back here, he also imprisons that three grains of Bead of Mysterious Laws strength with strength, prevents to reveal, was investigated to say by other people. Li Baojun already knows that the White Tiger strength is very strong, but has not thought that unexpectedly formidable to this situation, now he understands why Shen Xiang secure place participates in three territories to discuss, knows something why White Tiger mentioned frequently so are always remote. Senior, a moment ago was really attractive!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. This group of fellows were really too excessive, otherwise I was disinclined to their fight, wasted the strength.” White Tiger spreads out the palm, said: These three grains of Bead of Mysterious Laws are precious, moreover many people do not know how to use.” „A person of grain!” Shen Xiang said. This does not have the issue actually, but we do not know that now these Bead of Mysterious Laws are any principles, if not suitable oneself, possibly to waste, or will affect itself.” White Tiger said very prudently.

The Shen Xiang forehead projects together golden light, has opened Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, wants to spy on one these Bead of Mysterious Laws, but actually encounters very strong spiritual counter-attack, making his brains sink, the severe pain is incomparable, almost falls to the ground. What can see?” White Tiger supports him, hastily asked. Can, in this burn very intense flame!” Shen Xiang complexion snow white, is pointing at Bead of Mysterious Laws said. White Tiger looks surprisedly, he has not thought that Primal Chaos Spirit Eye unexpectedly is so fierce, can direct hole broken Bead of Mysterious Laws, see inside Power of Law. Should be Law of Fire, does anyone of you want?” White Tiger looks at Shen Xiang and Li Baojun, because they are alchemy, although has not known that what advantage this Law of Fire can bring to the person, but can imagine will be very certainly useful. I had Five Elements Heavenly Fire, if the Dean need, that took away!” Li Baojun does not care about this Bead of Mysterious Laws, if no Shen Xiang's words, perhaps they have not seen including the Bead of Mysterious Laws appearance. Gives him, after your Universe Fire evolves Heavenly Fire, it can be said that strongest flame! Perhaps when the time comes can also sense Law of Fire.” Su Meiyao said that Shen Xiang has big adolescence space in flame, although chooses Law of Fire to promote now quickly, but Shen Xiang has Law of Fire is sooner or later matter, might as well chooses a better principle now. Shen Xiang said: Elder Li, you must take away, my flame is now sufficient, moreover after the evolution, becomes stronger.” Li Baojun nodded, takes Bead of Mysterious Laws from White Tiger, he also used very big effort to grip. How can use?” Li Baojun asked. „The Blood Spirit sacrifice builds up the law, offers a sacrifice to build up with your blood and soul!” White Tiger said: Process a little will be painful.”

I closed up!” Li Baojun nodded, hastily enters the room. Also remaining two Bead of Mysterious Laws, Shen Xiang said: I rest first, then in then has a look is anything.” Was inferior that we try one's luck!” White Tiger has smiled saying with a smile, you except for Law of Fire, other principles did not matter in any case. Truly is this, if Shen Xiang obtains Law of Fire, some that waste, because his Universe Fire can evolve. Good!” Shen Xiang does not dare to take that Bead of Mysterious Laws now, because after he was attacked a moment ago, now the whole body is incapable. Shen Xiang sits to rest, asked: „Is Law of Fire what kind of?” White Tiger shakes the head saying: I personally have not seen, but I had actually heard Vermilion Bird has sensed Law of Fire, letting her to use Law of Fire strength, but I have not seen her to use.” Vermilion Bird is so formidable, how dead?” Shen Xiang has her skeleton. White Tiger has not replied Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang spits the tongue, asked: Senior, whom do you see to display Power of Law?” Law of Time! A fellow and I fights, because uses this Law of Time, holds on the strength in addition me, making my time slow down, then my movement in his eyes also will become very slow, was been oppressive miserably by him, I gets rid of his Power of Law with formidable strength very much luckily finally, will turn defeat into victory.” White Tiger mentioned this matter, sighed again and again.

What fellow? unexpectedly understands Law of Time!” Shen Xiang curious [say / way]. old fellow of unknown origin, he added that he through Law of Time, passed through Space-Time never back and forth to spy on the fellow of history to the ancient times, but he also said that although he can use the strength of Law of Time, but actually cannot change the principle unable to destroy the principle, otherwise he will be destroyed completely.” White Tiger said. Was so fierce, Law of Time is really fierce, but this is not the good thing, if he cannot help changing the history, that brings the big trouble.” Shen Xiang shakes the head smiles. „If no Bead of Mysterious Laws, must sense Power of Law to be difficult.” White Tiger is looking at Bead of Mysterious Laws in hand: This thing I had heard that has not thought can see, that Profound Cold Ancient Domain is really a very mysterious place, there Profound Ice unexpectedly can the frozen this type of thing.” Shen Xiang restored similarly, he somewhat was worried now one will get so far as that Law of Time Bead of Mysterious Laws, although that strength is very formidable, but also very danger(ous). I want this!” Shen Xiang does not hesitate, holds Bead of Mysterious Laws casually, after being separated from the palm of White Tiger, strength that Bead of Mysterious Laws is aroused, almost breaks his arm, that strength was really too terrifying. I also worried that you cannot hold! Builds up the law with the Blood Spirit sacrifice!” White Tiger reminded one, said: If counts you, probably about 78 days can fuse Bead of Mysterious Laws, should be able to catch up with three territories to discuss!” But Bead of Mysterious Laws the hot potato, is hard to seal, is unable to put in storage equipment, only then fast fusion, is safest. Shen Xiang arrives in own room, cuts the palm, compels a blood, then makes the blood wrap Bead of Mysterious Laws, simultaneously releases the strength of Divine Soul, integrates in the blood, seepage such as in Bead of Mysterious Laws.