World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1043
Quick, Shen Xiang discovered one place in a very unusual narrow and small space probably, four walls are the white, he uses the hand according to a leaf of wall, that wall unexpectedly can penetrate the past, making his entire arm submerge in the wall. He steps into that wall immediately, first one extended just to go, he saw a white space, his half body also stood there! This is Law of Space!” In Shen Xiang heart pleasantly surprised, Law of Space is quite good, can perhaps let his with ease shuttle space, he is being the Heaven's Crown Gate damage to feel worried, has not thought that now unexpectedly obtained this Law of Space profound bead. The space suddenly that he is at diverges, afterward an ache emerges in the body, he opens eyes looked that sees only all around unexpectedly to have many black space cracks, tyrannical space power drill into his body crazily, is similar to black Evil Spirit, must be ordinary his devour, making him have the fear. This is Power of Law!” Long Xueyi shouted: Power of Law in our sides, but is hard to touch!” Black black Qi leap the dance to come out from these space cracks, from the Shen Xiang's nose, eye, mouth and ear, the critical place of body worms one's way into, looks like very scary. Shen Xiang only thought that own body feels pain slightly, resembles many things to drill into the body forcefully, the stabbing pain his body. He can see these blanking bar that the facing set from space crack comes out, above has mysterious spirit pattern, these with space related spirit pattern, he now understood, if he wants to control the space at will, must know very well these spirit pattern, but at this time he because of the Bead of Mysterious Laws reason, can make him extract these principle spirit pattern from the space, will integrate in own fleshly body and soul. Puts out Enlightenment Stone to have a look!” A Bai Youyou intention revolution, said. Shen Xiang takes immediately, grasps in the hand, but at this time emerged principle spirit pattern of his body becomes more, was quicker, although does not know that had very big advantage, but currently speaking, this Enlightenment Stone the function of playing was not minor. In this state, Shen Xiang unknowingly crossed Nine Heavens, he fused that Bead of Mysterious Laws completely, his strength has not promoted anything, but he thought one to the sensibility of space deeply, he thought that he should be able to carry on the short distance the space to surmount.

In his mind has innumerable principle spirit pattern, if he must use Law of Space strength, must activate these spirit pattern, activation spirit pattern are more, the strength of Law of Space is stronger, more can surmount these firm spaces, the distance of shuttle will be also longer, but he with oneself present strength and these innumerable spirit pattern contrasts, thought one can only activate these spirit pattern to be little! Shen Xiang stands in the gate, Divine sense moves, stimulates these spirit pattern, takes forward one step, goes to the hall! White Tiger and Li Baojun here, seeing Shen Xiang to arrive in this manner, they understand that Shen Xiang's Bead of Mysterious Laws is Law of Space. Consumes strength very much!” Shen Xiang exclaims: Is only a little distance, makes me consume these many strength!” White Tiger said with a smile: This is natural, now the Emperor Heaven space gradually is strengthened, is not jokes, you can be good by your strength shuttle space, you must know that your present relative strength these stable spaces is very tiny!” „Is Senior, what principle in your Bead of Mysterious Laws?” Shen Xiang asked very curiously. Law of Darkness! I am quite satisfied, is very suitable my, can devour have light strength, Hehe!” White Tiger is joyful at this time, long ago he very much envied the person who these can sense the principle, he did not have to think after own rebirth, unexpectedly such quickly can control a principle. Is what kind, I want to take a look!” Shen Xiang at present one bright, these Power of Law are truly formidable. White Tiger shakes the head saying: Displays by my strength, perhaps will make not the small move!”

Shen Xiang looks to Li Baojun, asked: Elder Li, your Law of Fire?” Li Baojun said with a smile: „Also strong, I worried that I will unable to control, has burnt the entire city, Law of Fire can make my flame stronger, can make me not fear any formidable flame, but can also make my flame unable to receive some attribute to control, the water takes me not to have idea. Naturally, the wondrous use also has, my present strength cannot display completely!” They have attained oneself satisfied Bead of Mysterious Laws, happy, but three territories discussed tomorrow, their strengths were also stronger. Bead of Mysterious Laws is so fierce, no wonder these fellows want to get rid to rob, but was extinguished completely! Perhaps, was very difficult to see Bead of Mysterious Laws again, can obtain one to be good for a lifetime!” Shen Xiang said with a smile. The White Tiger nod said: You, when fuses Bead of Mysterious Laws, should induce to strength of principle side us, at that time made me sense to a deep meaning of principle, I thought that we had this experience, after being helpful to us, induced other principles.” Shen Xiang they close up these many days to fuse Bead of Mysterious Laws, but outside was flustered, because White Tiger strikes to kill the Ling Feng matter many panic-stricken on the same day, especially these ancient influence, if this person must destroy their foundations, they are unable to prevent absolutely. Although the White Tiger strength is formidable, but Shen Xiang saw that he has the scruples, probably is dreading mysterious strength, therefore he does not dare extremely to show his strength. Shen Xiang they were discussing the matter about Power of Law in the hall, until night, when they must rest, heard suddenly deafening roaring hiss transmitted together, regarding the sound of this roaring hiss, Shen Xiang and White Tiger was not strange, that was roaring hiss of dragon, was the genuine dragon! Is Imperial Dragon, hearing the sound should be Holy Dragon [lineage/vein]!” The White Tiger complexion changes, hastily goes out of the hall.

Shen Xiang hastily inquired Long Xueyi: What background are Holy Dragon [lineage/vein]?” „The Dragon Emperor bloodlines of Imperial Dragon Clan, since ancient times is the Holy Dragon bloodlines, but our White Dragon is not weaker than them, Jade Dragon also compared with them, they just in Imperial Dragon Clan is largest, can therefore commander Imperial Dragon Clan.” Dragon Emperor? Imperial Dragon Clan strongest existence?” Shen Xiang listens to Long Xueyi to shout all day is wanting, when Dragon Emperor, actually has. Yes, I thought that should be Great Emperor of Ten Heavens equally formidable existence, just after present Dragon Emperor is Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, appears, moreover Emperor Heaven does not exist, therefore he has not proclaimed oneself emperor, but I thought that he should be about to move.” Snort, I sooner or later will stamp this Dragon Emperor, I am true Dragon Emperor!” Long Xueyi hates Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] probably, but no wonder, their White Dragon strength is not weak, competes for the imperial throne with Holy Dragon the words, definitely will have the conflict.