World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1045

Shen Xiang they walk on spacious avenue, is very conspicuous! Although White Tiger the appearance is extremely ordinary, but he tall great, eyes passes ten points to absorb the none remaining of person, making the person not dare to look straight ahead. Li Baojun is with smile on the face, in the hand is swinging that Qilin Fan that red light sparkles, punctures the eye fresh pains of many people, walks, that fire Qi body and mind, making people panic-stricken. Shen Xiang say nothing, his appearance already by person deep ironing in heart, to look for one not to know that his person is very difficult, his present posting a reward is also much higher, therefore many from 9 to 5 looks at his portrait, writing down that the peaceful death dies! But majority to not catch him obtain the monetary reward, remembers his appearance, but for do not provoke this fiend, seeing him by far to shunt, in order to avoid brings in the fatal disaster. With Qilin Fan that isn't Subduing Dragon Sect's Elder Li? Probably Subduing Dragon Pill Pavilion is he governs, moreover that middle age probably is Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder, Shen Xiang stands among them, what does this mean?” „Is Shen Xiang also Subduing Dragon Sect's? Moreover also has very high status in Subduing Dragon Sect!” It is said last night had Heavenly Dragon to arrive, discussed to three territories, has not thought that Subduing Dragon Sect's also came, moreover Shen Xiang was the representative, then possible looked!” We walk away, the Subduing Dragon Sect's person, which isn't these ancient influence goals?” Street both sides person shunts in abundance, this matter passes to the major influences near quickly the Big Shot ears, Shen Xiang participates in three territories to discuss on behalf of Subduing Dragon Sect, moreover leads two Subduing Dragon Sect's elders to appear! These Big Shot have thought the Subduing Dragon Sect's person will possibly cause trouble, but has not thought that unexpectedly is Shen Xiang has the person to come! Before Shen Xiang, high-sounding talk in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory cuts to kill Purple Moon Son of Heaven and powerful Purple Moon Dean, afterward cut to kill Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, must know that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord regards as Protector God by these rebels!

Many Big Shot associate to the same day Saint Altar immediately by the matter of Primal Chaos Dragon Magic attack, that may is Shen Xiang hides in secret fight, now Imperial Dragon Clan Holy Dragon gets down, comes for this time, Shen Xiang appears now, perhaps by his attitude, can have the conflict with that Holy Dragon! Some people came, small gives me, if I cannot hit, Elder Li you get rid again!” Shen Xiang that the Divine Soul strength in upper air can see a troop person from swiftly to catch up in all directions. Not long, on this avenue two sides roofs, has stood the person, but these people must participate in three territories to discuss, but they attracted by the Subduing Dragon Sect's two elders and Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, your is unexpectedly Subduing Dragon Sect's? You should not such high-sounding talk come now, Imperial Dragon Clan dragon Crown Prince did arrived to Heaven World last night, came to you!” The Lu Qinlian sound is of full of blame, because of her does not want with Imperial Dragon Clan for the enemy, but actually also has no alternative but to help Shen Xiang, if Shen Xiang has been attacked today, depending on her and Shen Xiang's friendship, she will certainly get rid. Big Sister Lu, you do not need to be worried, frank, I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, I come to that Imperial Dragon Clan Crown Prince today, if he dares to get rid to me, I cut Dragon Liwei!” The Shen Xiang's sound is competitive, making Lu Qinlian stare staring. Shen Xiang seals up Divine sea, no longer receives others' sound transmission, has Li Baojun to continue stand forth with White Tiger. purple light suddenly in the front flashes before, more than ten wore the person of purple robe to block the way, looked the cut-throat color, grasped the sharp weapon, unexpectedly that first got rid was Purple Moon Sacred Realm! Huang Jintian they also obtain the news that Shen Xiang presented that but Huang Jintian was actually not worried that bringing Gu Dongchen they to walk into the conference site, Gu Dongchen, Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue their these Chenwu Mainland's Big Shot wants to have a look, but Huang Jintian urged them not to go. „Do you do?” A Purple Moon Sacred Realm's middle-aged person asked fierce.

We participate in three territories to discuss, this is our tokens!” Shen Xiang has put out Zuo Zhenxuan to his recommending token. Snort, understood at a glance that is snatches!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person said with a sneer. That is I gives him, why not?” In Zuo Zhenxuan coldly said at the same time: Your didn't Purple Moon Sacred Realm acknowledge my Devil Subduing School approval sect?” Li Baojun goes forward, shouted: Makes way quickly, takes weapon again to us, do not blame me not being impolite!” Purple Moon Sacred Realm suffered a loss in the Shen Xiang hand, suffered a loss in front of Subduing Dragon City, on that day they attacked Subduing Dragon City to lose many expert, now they think of the meat pain, moreover their Purple Moon Sacred Realm strongest Ling Feng in some time ago was also extinguished kills! Shen Xiang, you and our these ancient influence cannot live under the same sky, gave up any idea of today participates in three territories to discuss......” Really wordy!” Li Baojun raises Qilin Fan in hand, fierce wields, fiery red astral wind, arouses a hot wave turbulently, such as the light electricity, sweeps away to go forward! Bang! Bang! Bang! The hot wave hits in an instant in that several Purple Moon Sacred Realm's people, incomparable terror flame strength, going crazy of drills into the bodies of these people, afterward explodes in inside, explodes soul destroyed these people not, the skeleton saves.

Has a grudge with Subduing Dragon Sect, has a grudge with our Dean, although stands, we accompany!” The Li Baojun sound is steady, transmits eight sides, but after the people hear, in the heart shocks incomparably, they saw Shen Xiang are Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean! Dragon Vein unexpectedly was obtained by Shen Xiang! Then Shen Xiang founded Subduing Dragon Sect, now they understand why Subduing Dragon Sect will do with these ancient influence again and again right, because Subduing Dragon Sect is the Shen Xiang foundation, but many people are not clear, how Shen Xiang tosses about a that fierce city! „It is not takes advantage of the resources in hand, has won over some expert? Your strength also such!” Wears the charming female of purple skirt to fall to the ground like the leaf slowly, this beautiful incomparable purple skirt female appearance, many men look at both eyes to straighten. Shen Xiang can guess correctly that this purple skirt female should be Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Daughter of Heaven, named Jing Shuang Ze, beautiful unparalleled, has a charming and gentle and charming flavor, but in the Shen Xiang eye, she is only an enemy, prevents itself to participate in the enemy who three territories discussed that no matter she beautiful, so long as with him for the enemy, must die! Oh? my strength such, your were also known as that strength Dean extremely had been cut by me, to be inferior including the dog? Lord Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord of your rebel were also massacred by me, your lords died a tragic death in my hands, what qualifications do your this group of son-of-a-bitches have to disparage me before me?” Shen Xiang revolution True Qi, said sound intentionally very greatly, deafening sound in horizon. Your this group of idiots, should not disparage me now, because that will only censure you lowly, ridiculed my time, might as well thinks how many you for many years in my hands did eat to owe? I am most some qualifications ridicule your!”