World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1046

You......” Jing Shuang Ze were said by Shen Xiang are dumbfounded, the imposing manner was weak immediately: Snort, today I must take you!” Takes me to take undeserved credit right, is really common fat vulgar powder, the merit thoughts of gain is so strong, clearly blind this cheek.” Shen Xiang is laughing facetiously. Other influences have Big Shot, therefore by own person fight, they have not been known Li Baojun is not affable, moreover Shen Xiang itself is very strong, can cut to kill Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord, Great Elder that they could not have completely understood, that person also makes them dread. Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Big Shot died, now the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person has not been thinking the unity stabilized, instead must compete for the position of Dean, especially this Daughter of Heaven, because she was a beautiful woman, the strength was also good, therefore the prestige was very high, received praises and support of many people, she thought that if took the Shen Xiang's words, the position of Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean was her. That is only you uses evil technique, today I must make your evil technique exposed come out, making the common people see clearly your true colors.” The Jing Shuang Ze both hands purple light dodges, presents two purple long swords, turns into two purple lights, the thorn to the Shen Xiang's throat and an eye. Shen Xiang carries both hands, both eyes gushes out two Fire Dragon, meets the approaching enemy that two long swords, fire Dragon Swallowing is spitting the flame, that two swords including the entrance, Fire Dragon roared accurate afterward low and deep, the flame was shining, the flame became fiercer, but quick extinguished. The flame vanishes, that two treasure sword turned into the powder! „Do I use evil technique? But haven't I enslaved loose cultivator to be the hard labor in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory? Haven't I robbed loose cultivator storage pouch? I have instead also saved them, but therefore enrages your Purple Moon Son of Heaven, he must kill me, but the technique is inferior to the person, was cut to kill, whom has this resulted in strangely?” Made false accusations!” In this Jing Shuang Ze heart is angry, own treasure sword unexpectedly did not have instantaneously: Today I take certainly you!” boast shamelessly!” Shen Xiang sneers. Jing Shuang Ze bit the jade tooth tightly, suddenly has put out a huge purple stone, words that carefully looked, this looked like together stele very much, above also inscribed ancient spirit pattern.

Is Purple Moon saint tablet, unexpectedly in this girl hand!” Heavenspan Family has Heavenspan Ancient Jade, Sacred Realm has saint tablet, is very fierce things!” Jing Shuang Ze the confidence rises suddenly at this time, on the face full is the color of haughty, because obtains this thing, means that she obtained settling on Dean. In front of saint tablet, strength that you do not revolt against!” Jing Shuang Ze jade face one cold, urges round of saint tablet inside strength, her long hair chaotic dance, the jade face is heavy, beautiful eyes glittering purple light, the body overflows purple glow. At this time world suddenly was dim, the upper air was hanging round Purple Moon, purple multi-colored sunlight that Purple Moon released, completely centralized in Shen Xiang on them. Prohibits!” Jing Shuang Ze tenderly shouted, sees only that to turn Purple Moon light glow to explode to dodge, purple large formation appears, purple mysterious spirit pattern glittering dazzling light glow, the terrifying pressure, making many people slightly panic-stricken. Purple formation diagram as if must rumble to extinguish the earth, from Shen Xiang their top of the heads fierce pounds. Mountains and rivers large formation!” Shen Xiang stamps vigorously, the ground trembles crazily, body vigorous True Qi is similar to the flood discharge generally to welling up the upper air, vast Divine Power follows, but , the dim sky in suddenly presents a multi-colored sunlight ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) mountains and rivers chart, the innumerable rivers gallop turbulently, the billowing turbulent current sound is similar to thunder cry, the potential of mountains and rivers shocks the world, camouflages the star moon/month, performs to reveal the prestige of earth, is frightening world all lives. This saint tablet is fierce, the person of use has not urged to send completely strength, the might falls short greatly, that as if Purple Moon general formation diagram, at this time is blocked by the mountains and rivers chart that Shen Xiang releases. The Jing Shuang Ze facial color is serious, the purple skirt and black hair dance, the front saint tablet purple glow is steaming, she confronts with Purple Moon formation diagram and Shen Xiang. „In Heaven Slaughtering Technique reorganizes, does not have what good haughty!” Shen Xiang saw some ways, his aura surges upward immediately, True Qi erupts excitedly, such as the dragon one spout from his body, leaps the dance in the vault of heaven.

Universe Stars Seal, finished!” A dark sky suddenly beginning point star light, above that Purple Moon formation diagram, suddenly presents dozens giant stars phantom, phantom of these stars compose large formation, strength is more formidable, glittering the colorful multi-colored sunlight, is gyrating while falls, the strength of rich stars rolling spout, crashes from the upper air, turns Purple Moon to pound that explodes, dissipates in the horizon! A Universe Stars Seal appearance, many Big Shot complexion big changes, that Jing Shuang Ze sees the pressure that this incomparably formidable stars great seal sweeps away all obstacles, the incomparable fear well ups, but actually already late! Universe Stars Seal in the air turns into big, the big hand has many stars phantom compositions, brings to open the day of crack place strength, the pressure to Jing Shuang Ze. Bang! The deafening sound transmits, Jing Shuang Ze was covered by big hand imprint completely, the whole person in rumble the destruction sound, turns into the flying ash! Meanwhile, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appears in the Shen Xiang hand, he leapt the past, cut to the Purple Moon saint tablet blade of tread, was bringing trillion jin (0.5 kg) restraining by force Divine Blade, cut to fall aggressive, this saint tablet was attacked intensely, immediately exploded to break to pieces, turned into dust. brat, left was too wild, Brother Han, we took them together!” The person of speech is Feng Quan, Feng Family Heaven World's expert! Han Kang is also same, is expert that Flying Immortal Sect sends. Feng Family Flying Immortal Sect, do you want to collaborate together? If first you to my fight, Subduing Dragon Sect extinguish is you!” Shen Xiang displays no fear looks at these two expert. You think that who you are? Said that extinguishes extinguishes?” Han Kang jumps down, stands in Shen Xiang reluctantly, Shen Xiang has controlled Dragon Vein, if massacres Shen Xiang, will then be what kind of! Feng Quan shouted: Rubbish with him, fight!” Shen Xiang and Li Baojun regard one mutually, they know that was not one's turn them to get rid, therefore they stood are freezing.

Feng Quan such as the wind is common, plunders toward White Tiger, wild strength on palm, by extremely quick velocity shock the air, is attacking an intermittent airing. unexpectedly attacks White Tiger, doesn't this dislike the life to be long? Shen Xiang and in the Li Baojun heart sighed! White Tiger had not gotten rid, but facial expression light is looking at the same time, now two strength so formidable person converging attack they, Shen Xiang and Li Baojun definitely did not deal with. Then they died!” A person sighed. Feng Quan that palm is terrorist, Qi Energy that but attacks, will put in order a street to shatter, when must shortly head crushing of White Tiger, palm of White Tiger fierce extends, unexpectedly must receive by the meat palm! Courts death!” Feng Quan thought that the White Tiger action may think, he holds strength instantaneously becomes in that wilder, with White Tiger right a palm! Two palm clashes, pā pā...... The skeleton breaks the broken sound is similar to firecracker resounds generally, Feng Quan called out pitifully, body flying upside down at the same time, an intermittent vitality gushed out from the skin, looks at all people dumbfounded!