World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1047
This Feng Quan strength is formidable, but others lifted the hand to come with him right a palm, completely broke the skeleton of his whole body. The White Tiger facial expression is faint, keeps silent, lifts the palm to fly to that to avenue end Feng Quan, sees only his palm suddenly to gush out intense golden light, golden light turns into together the golden angry dragon, sends out a deafening sound vault of heaven dragon roar, is similar to lightning is ordinary, penetrates the body of Feng Quan! Of bang, the body of Feng Quan blasts out! The people see this, the shock in heart is beyond description, all people look at White Tiger, this person of undistinguished appearance, but the strength so is formidable, looks at his facial expression, kills that Feng Quan is similar to cuts grass general, his eyes do not wink from beginning to end. The Lu Qinlian forehead full is the fragrant perspiration, her suddenly felt that White Tiger on the same day lets her frightened person in Golden Sun Building, lifts the hand bang to kill many expert people in the auction, this person of unexpectedly and Shen Xiang together, moreover Subduing Dragon Sect's elder! The Han Kang whole face looks at White Tiger frightened, the body is trembling, he knows that at present this person can kill Feng Quan easily, can kill him with ease. White Tiger looks to Han Kang, binocular suddenly becomes jet black, Han Kang called out pitifully, stares the eye to pour in the ground greatly, the whole body is stiff, that face was twisted frightened fiercely scary. Looked at one dead, many ancient influence the fears on Big Shot face are not inferior to Han Kang that died, runs away in abundance, conducts the place that three territories discussed to fly toward that because there had Imperial Dragon Clan, they think that Imperial Dragon Clan can certainly stop this Subduing Dragon Sect's three fearful people. After Han Kang falls to the ground, body suddenly becomes jet black, is similar to is soaked by the ink has been same, then becomes gloomy, finally vanish from sight! Shen Xiang and in the Li Baojun heart with amazement, they know this certainly is Law of Darkness, this mysterious Law of Darkness unexpectedly can also such destroy the corpse and leave no trace! The hall that three territories discussed was luxurious, is bedecked with jewels, but the atmosphere was very depressing, many Big Shot sat on the seat, complexion cloudy clear uncertain, some Big Shot whole faces were terrified, Subduing Dragon Sect's appeared stems from their accidents, especially that strength outstanding Great Elder, a few tricks extinguished two Heaven World expert!

Three territories discussed on head, sits one to wear the gold crown, the surface like the jade pendant adorning a hat, the look swift and fierce man, the imperial robe that his golden light sparkles has proven his status, he sits there, the look reads a book gentle, although he knew the Subduing Dragon Sect's matter, but certainly was actually not worried, moreover on that book that he reads at this time, writes with the Shen Xiang related matter. Entrance suddenly presents three sounds, Shen Xiang, White Tiger and Li Baojun arrives, but in this did not have the vacancy! Shen Xiang took a fast look around this meeting hall, here has to implore many tables, the table of square shape is only four people, but these four people are Big Shot of influence, in these Big Shot behind is not some juniors is some elders. Carefully looked at the past words, discovered and has the achievement, in front line that Holy Dragon Crown Prince there, three seats, that Holy Dragon Crown Prince has occupied a table, moreover he did not let others place! Sees Shen Xiang to lock that table, in the people heart one startled, in the hall many person slightly took a deep breath, they now determined that Primal Chaos Dragon Magic is Shen Xiang displays, but Holy Dragon Crown Prince comes for Shen Xiang, these two such quickly had the friction! Shen Xiang looked at Huang Jintian their tables, Huang Jintian, Liu Meng'er, Hua Xiangyue and Lian Mingdong has represented an influence Big Shot, sat on the chair. But Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen are personal servants, stands in Huang Jintian behind. Leng Youlan, elegantly beautiful unparalleled, a white hair makes her look like prettier, Xue Xianxian such as in the picture Fairy, leaves the dust to be refined, on her face is having the gentle and charming faint smile, this stands to apprentice sisters in Liu Meng'er behind. Shen Xiang has not thought that Wu Qianqian also came, this once Extreme Martial Sect number one beauty, although the family background is ordinary, but the fortuitous encounter again and again, now is the Danxiang Taoyuan's successor, is different from Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, she puts on simply, but that different kind makings make people think that she does not dye this world. Wu Qianqian and Dongfang Xinyue are follow Hua Xiangyue to come, but they have not looked at Shen Xiang, they worried that others will discover them and Shen Xiang's relationship. However at this time actually the list fine Li's tender sweet female sticks out one's tongue to Shen Xiang, the female is Dongfang family Dongfang Jing, is a very silly girl, if not her father stops her, perhaps she already shouted that made noise.

Sits many ripe faces here to make Shen Xiang sob, these expert once made him look, but he thinks now also mediocre. Shen Xiang appears, the atmosphere is more depressing, especially Shen Xiang approaches Holy Dragon Crown Prince more and more time! Which influence are you?” old man stands to ask, this person is Golden Sun Sacred Realm Big Shot. I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, this recommends jade token!” Shen Xiang raises jade token in hand, but nobody cared that jade plate, all people are shocked in this time status, he is really Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean! Brother mixes enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, unexpectedly did not look after to select my this younger sister, the crest of wave makes him leave completely!” Leng Youlan also has Liu Meng'er sound transmission to Xue Xianxian, now she wishes one could to join the Shen Xiang's team. Dead girl, do you mix for the master not well?” Liu Meng'er ridicules to say. Although the atmosphere constrains, but many people in secret sound transmission. Master Ancestor, your actually has known Young Martial Uncle is the Subduing Dragon Sect Dean matter!” Gu Dongchen was whispering. This brat clarifies is causes trouble, has not thought really this Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean has met a dragon really!” Huang Jintian said with a smile. Lian Yingxiao cannot smile bitterly: There me sub- was towed to join a gang of evildoers by him!”

Golden Sun Sacred Realm and Shen Xiang any direct conflict, they have not known that at this time Subduing Dragon Sect's that Great Elder is very fierce, extinguished Han Kang and Feng Quan outside, therefore that Big Shot also says anything now, is looking at the same time Shen Xiang walks toward that Holy Dragon Crown Prince seat. Han Kang, Feng Quan and Ling Feng these three people have absented, will therefore have three vacancies in Holy Dragon Crown Prince there, if Holy Dragon Crown Prince does not come, in addition Shen Xiang, is just filled. Holy Dragon Crown Prince sits there gracefully reads, but the whole body imposing manner is threatening, that shining imperial robe, lets Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring maliciously is despising. In Holy Dragon Crown Prince behind, is standing two people, that is two tall and powerfully built, the facial features overwhelming power guy, whole body Dragon Qi is steaming, understood at a glance that is two dragons, but they are also only accompanying of Holy Dragon Crown Prince! Many Big Shot can see, these two dragons of personal servants, the strength be more formidable than this Holy Dragon Crown Prince, they are responsible for protecting Holy Dragon Crown Prince. Just has three positions!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled. Others are only then Big Shot can sit, three person unexpectedly that his Subduing Dragon Sect comes want to occupy these three positions completely, this is what kind overbearing. What thing are you? Also coordinates Holy Dragon Crown Prince to sit together?” A guy said that the sound like the thunder, shakes the hall to shiver! The conflict is ready to be set off, all people stand up, fall back on near the front door, in order to avoid and other great war was affected!