World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1049

The people you look at me, I think you, especially these ancient influence Big Shot, they did not plan to provide relief Devil Territory and Demon Territory evidently, they want to squeeze actually from these small influences. Why will Emperor Heaven disrupt in the past? Isn't that also the evil that these rebels make? Now should compensate by them, in the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens commander Nine Heavens and Ten Earths time, that is a prosperous peace!” Duan Kong walked, but also is bringing several Duan Family old man, this inside does not have their positions, they already know probably will have such matter occurrence, unexpectedly puts out a wooden table, places entrance there, then several people sit. Duan Family is also Heavenspan Family, although is many ancient influence eye-sores, but actually cannot deny their strengths, as well as their understanding that phase of history. Now these rebel influences start to occupy a land area, after later Emperor Heaven forms, they support oneself for the king, when the time comes is any Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor appears, cannot govern them! They have a crazier idea, for example with that anything Saint Altar, opens leads to other world passage, makes some fierce fellows.” The Duan Kong words made many small influences Big Shot feel very big threat, if these ancient influence such did, when the time comes their these small influences do need to survive? Saint Altar is solves three territory peace the only means! I acknowledged that in the past the ancestor truly must bring the destruction with Saint Altar to this world, but now we , to solve three territory disputes, must pass Saint Altar!” Qin Family Big Shot said. Why isn't Oh? you puts out some crystal stones to give monster Devil Territory? But must depend upon Saint Altar, ghost knows that you are doing any thing!” Duan Kong said. Finally mentioned Saint Altar, Shen Xiang did not interpose. He looked at that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, although he continuously calm reading, but Duan Kong mentioned Saint Altar a moment ago time, he moved slightly, obviously he knew about this Saint Altar matter. Saint Altar can open passage, goes to our ancestor to preserve the resources the place, at that time they know that Emperor Heaven was shattered, therefore places that place the Emperor Heaven majority of resources completely, but some people actually want to ruin that Saint Altar.” old man said that but also looked at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang attacks Saint Altar this matter to be confirmed by the people with Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, although nobody saw him to get rid at that time.

This fellow can calm down, unexpectedly has not asked about the Primal Chaos Dragon Magic matter!” What Long Xueyi said is that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, now she is only thinking how must and Holy Dragon Crown Prince gets one. White Tiger said: You determine in that Saint Altar to have many practice resources, but does not have several fierce Saint Devil in inside!” The White Tiger words make many Big Shot vibrate, that Holy Dragon Crown Prince complexion changed. Informed verbally according to me that Saint Altar is not the good thing, that truly is leads to some spaces the switches!” White Tiger in had shown own strength a moment ago, therefore many people very believe his words. Duan Kong said with a sneer: Opens that Saint Altar to need very formidable energy? You to open, therefore convenes this three territories to discuss, then to rely on our strength open, added that inside many resources what, after waiting for us to go, perhaps by you are killed or the seal in inside, your ancient influence continuously unpopular, how making the person believe you?” We truly must take out some important thing from inside, but inside has the rich practice resources not to be certainly false, we can send the blood to vow, on Saint Altar this matter, we will not resort to any method.” Golden Sun Sacred Realm Big Shot said. At this time has White Tiger here, they do not dare to play any pattern . Moreover the expression also became soft many. You must send the blood to vow, moreover must take the lead!” Huang Jintian has thought that said. Then to Shen Xiang sound transmission: little rascal, that Saint Altar can open a door, to another space, this really has its matter. If they guarantee, we can try!”

Some influence Big Shot in secret were discussing with other people at this time. Senior, what if has Saint Devil, you can deal with come?” Shen Xiang was inquiring White Tiger in secret. Does not have the issue, I can control Law of Darkness now, the strength have promoted! However these rebel influences cannot entirely believe!” White Tiger said. The matters of three territories are not solved, great war will erupt quickly, if when the time comes these Big Shot want to control, only then carried on the massacre, especially Devil Territory Demon Territory, the Devil Territory resources were also deficient, Demon Territory Evil Demon too savage, these Big Shot reluctantly let devil cultivator and these Evil Demon now is calm. The people discussed in secret, eventually achieves consistently, decides to open Saint Altar with joint forces, opens passage, goes to that storage huge resources the places. Must make these big influences divide crystal stones mineral lode that oneself seize is impossible, these small influences how them, only then compromised with this method, when the time comes went to that place, depended on own ability to gain the resources. Demon and Devil World Big Shot to comfort these does not stabilize the community, they must return to Demon and Devil World, making these communities send out some leaders, goes to that world to take the resources, will go to a period of time, according to the views of these ancient influence, the resources that inside preserves. Moreover all influence also informs some efficient juniors, must lead them to go. In order to avoid the person are too many, moreover defines the population, each influence can only have ten people to go, even if so, all participated in the population that three territories discussed is very scary, but the main influence was many of Demon and Devil World, because they lacked the resources.

Agrees three days later centralized on Saint Altar, three territories discussed immediately finished, these ancient influence arranged the thing, because they were send out strongest Big Shot to lead to go. That Holy Dragon Crown Prince unexpectedly must go, but these ancient influence do not prevent, after all others are Imperial Dragon Clan, later perhaps will become one generation of Dragon Emperor, moreover this Holy Dragon Crown Prince strength will be immeasurably deep, will also be bringing a very strong dragon. Shen Xiang and Holy Dragon Crown Prince does not have such to have the conflict that people anticipate, breaks up respectively departs, but the people want to obtain, Holy Dragon Crown Prince will certainly not let off Shen Xiang, but enrages the Shen Xiang's words, Shen Xiang will not let off him, their conflicts will sooner or later break out! Our three people have sufficed, if that world has danger(ous), three of us are also quite good to deal.” White Tiger tastes fruit juice that Li Baojun is making: Other influences will definitely lead some juniors in the past!” We walk has arranged the Subduing Dragon City matter, moreover opportunity that this also one time tempers to these little brat.” Li Baojun said. Has Bai Zhan there, they will be very safe.” White Tiger felt relieved regarding this White Tiger Fighting Clan Patriarch, if Bai Zhan cannot deal with, can set out entire White Tiger Fighting Clan!