World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1050
Three territories discussed had not finished, but was carrying on other ways, that world that if Saint Altar led to was unable to solve the problem, then the later three territories also had noisily. Matter also widely person who in this period had knew, special Holy Dragon Crown Prince the matter that accompanied is rumbled to kill, although Shen Xiang just crossed the Nirvana four tribulations now, but the strength actually startled was Celestial Beings, in addition that mysterious Great Elder strength, making entire Subduing Dragon Sect stronger, making many people inquire how to join Subduing Dragon Sect. Heavenly Thunder City immediately has not become tranquil, many people think after three territories discussed broke up, becomes very peaceful, but outside the city actually suddenly hears an intermittent fighting sound now, the fight place was away from Heavenly Thunder City to be far, the fluctuation that but erupted, was vibrating the earth, making Heavenly Thunder City sway slightly. It is noteworthy that aura is many Big Shot very familiar Dragon Qi, is use powerful Dragon Force erupts, just started many people to think that is Shen Xiang and Holy Dragon Crown Prince is fighting, but is actually not, with having someone else of Holy Dragon Crown Prince fight! „Does this direction that side Saint Altar, this Holy Dragon Crown Prince run that side Saint Altar to do probably? Opens the Saint Altar time not to arrive!” Shen Xiang said that is following White Tiger and Li Baojun flies to Saint Altar. At this time they do not need to change the appearance again, had the beforehand White Tiger deterrent effect, nobody dares to look for their troubles, because that means to court death. Saint Altar has dozens ancient influence expert to protect, but in the place of Saint Altar not far away, wears Holy Dragon Crown Prince of golden imperial robe, is knitting the brows slightly, is fighting with a naked guy. strength of this naked guy is terrorist, upper part golden splendor sparkles, seems he probably is a metal statue of golden casting, in these towering muscles, contains terrifying mysterious strength, the wild aura one intermittently spout from his pore, forms a brilliance, winds around on him. Holy Dragon Crown Prince and this guy compare, appears very elegant, the attack of guy is wild, a pair is thick and long arm, is similar to two terrors golden great hammers, is quick and fierce pounds toward Holy Dragon Crown Prince, although looks like he is using the brute force to hit likely randomly, words that but careful looks, his very chaotic attack, unexpectedly can suppress that Holy Dragon Crown Prince slightly. Naturally, the Holy Dragon Crown Prince true strength is to turn into a dragon time, now the shape of human form, strength is not very strong, moreover Holy Dragon Crown Prince is using Dragon Force and fleshly body and this naked guy fights, has not caused Dragon Clan that fierce Divine Ability.

„Is strength that this big fellow uses so how familiar?” In the Shen Xiang mind suddenly reappears a bald youngster appearance! Herculean Clan! Although this Holy Dragon Crown Prince has not used the strongest strength, but this Herculean Clan also useless.” Hears the White Tiger words, Shen Xiang to nod, Xiao Chou is his apprentice, previous Xiao Chou displays one move to be very strong, turns into a very big giant! If Holy Dragon Crown Prince turn into dragon, that Herculean Clan guy also turns into the giant, the strength should also be equally matched. The person who at this time observes are not many, Big Shot of many influences return to the arrangement thing, only then some minority strength quite formidable loose cultivator come here to let observe. As far as I know, Herculean Clan very much did not unite, if Herculean Clan unites, this is very formidable strength.” Li Baojun said. „The Herculean Clan matter is also very mysterious, although this group of fellows can hit very much, but is not stupid, for many years many influences underestimated their do not unite, but you must know that these many human races, are still powerful to the present strength on Herculean Clan.” White Tiger said. Shen Xiang beforehand had inquired Xiao Chou has the matter about Herculean Clan, but Xiao Chou has not said anything, obviously Herculean Clan is not the lamp of province oil. But Xiao Chou disclosed many Herculean Clan matters, for example Herculean Clan had gathered one time, now was perhaps harmonious. Herculean Clan and Imperial Dragon Clan have had a grudge, does not know that what enmity this is?” White Tiger unexpectedly does not know this matter.

Before Shen Xiang and Xiao Chou fight time, Long Xueyi has also mentioned this matter. This grandson should not understand Primal Chaos Dragon Magic!” Long Xueyi suddenly said. Why said?” Shen Xiang asked. Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, only then had the Emperor Command dragon to be able in the birth to obtain the memory inheritance.” Long Xueyi proudly said: This grandson's father understands certainly Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, otherwise he does not dare to say Dragon Emperor.” You can pass to me, can't his father pass to him?” Holy Dragon Crown Prince that Shen Xiang looks at distant place that fight, this Holy Dragon Crown Prince strength is truly strong, he feels himself and this Holy Dragon Crown Prince also some distances. That significance was different, I am inborn understand! I thought that this grandson definitely knows has other dragons to pass to you Primal Chaos Dragon Magic, therefore he gets down the investigation, if he can kill that dragon, his later imperial throne held on to your hat.” Long Xueyi lightly snorted: „To kill my this future Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, this grandson is tender!” Shen Xiang very much wants to put now Long Xueyi, lets her and Holy Dragon Crown Prince hits, he wants to have a look at Long Xueyi strongly, start to talk silent name Holy Dragon Crown Prince for grandson. The offensive of that naked guy is fierce, but could see that he does not plan and Holy Dragon Crown Prince dies to fight, both sides hold back one trick, now they are probing the opposite party strength, the scene of but fighting actually very shocked. suddenly, Holy Dragon Crown Prince two lips wriggles slightly, unexpectedly was reciting the incantation, understood at a glance that he must display Heavenly Dragon Seal.

pā lā! Thunderclap deafening sound Nine Heavens, a lightning tearing vault of heaven descends, chops to hit instantaneously on the body of that naked guy, passes through directly from his top of the head. This is Lightning Dragon Punishment, before Shen Xiang, useful, but this is specifically is used to cope with these to run away the running away enemy with the extremely quick speed, now displays Lightning Dragon Punishment is not the good opportunity. The hair of naked guy was divided to disrupt to dance, suddenly becomes angry, sees only his arm suddenly to rise big more than ten times, seems like non-uniform with his body, although his body also very tall and strong. That giant arm has not made his motion slow, his moves sideways, unexpectedly has avoided Lightning Dragon Punishment of Holy Dragon Crown Prince use, the giant arm is similar to a huge golden iron hammer, is about in the air to leave behind together the remnant shade, pounds in the Holy Dragon Crown Prince top of the head. Bang! Holy Dragon Crown Prince when that is most thrilling avoids, fist knocked out in the ground, strength passes through to deeply, in deeply under explodes, making the earth be similar to the fountain is ordinary, spout big lime soils toward the sky! You stop, do not ruin Saint Altar!” ancient influence expert shouted.