World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1051

The people just looked at satisfying, but Holy Dragon Crown Prince and that Herculean Clan person has called a halt, they are looking at each other, the look is very tranquil, looks like a hatred does not have. Heaven World's Herculean Clan was few, has not thought that can meet such outstanding Herculean Clan here, next time will have the opportunity to hit again, your I know that now we cannot let loose the hand heartily hitting.” Holy Dragon Crown Prince indifferently said. Right!” The guy nodded. To the city in how might as well do we drink several cups?” Holy Dragon Crown Prince smiles lightly, looks at his appearance, unexpectedly plans and this Herculean Clan young expert becomes friends with. Those who make Shen Xiang accidental is, this Herculean Clan guy unexpectedly walked on such and Holy Dragon Crown Prince. Ha Ha, this grandson grasps not well to Heavenly Dragon Seal, otherwise he will not use Lightning Dragon Punishment a moment ago, perhaps he only grasps this!” haughty of Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring said with a smile. Funnily what does this have?” Shen Xiang curled the lip saying that he knows that Holy Dragon Crown Prince sooner or later will look for him, because he understands Primal Chaos Dragon Magic and Heavenly Dragon Seal, but also has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, White Tiger killed his one to accompany, although this Holy Dragon Crown Prince now looks like is very calm, but was this, more was explained that this Holy Dragon Crown Prince was fearful. Is very funny, as the child of Dragon Emperor, the memory inheritance of his Heavenly Dragon Seal does not have, this is his father teaches him, but I, as soon as were born has, it seems like this Holy Dragon bloodlines are not very pure, or is he has the issue.” Long Xueyi said while loudly laughing. White Tiger shook the head: This Herculean Clan little rascal what's the matter? The unexpectedly plan and Imperial Dragon Clan fellow becomes friends with, Herculean Clan and Imperial Dragon Clan have had a grudge, I will not remember incorrectly!” What does this have? Perhaps was in Herculean Clan what happened, planned and Imperial Dragon Clan becomes reconciled is uncertain, might pledge allegiance to very much with Imperial Dragon Clan!” Li Baojun said said that then flies to Heavenly Thunder City.

Herculean Clan must butt in evidently this matter, that fellow in Herculean Clan can only be a junior a moment ago, old should in Heavenly Thunder City.” White Tiger said. Returns to Heavenly Thunder City time, Shen Xiang saw the guy who a moment ago that and Holy Dragon Crown Prince ratio fought in the front door, he has changed one set of very clean black clothing, quite had the air/Qi of riches and honor evidently. „Are you Xiao Chou Master?” The guy looks at Shen Xiang, coldly asks. Right? How?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this guy unexpectedly looked for him. Anything, Xiao Chou has not said that you are in humanity strongest young one generation, I will certainly massacre your! Because you are Xiao Chou Master, our Herculean Clan person, cannot have Master of humanity. Has again is, I must obtain your Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade.” Hears these words fiercely, the Shen Xiang double fist grips tightly, must get rid! However this Herculean Clan person actually not with the meaning that he hits, turns around to walk. I am Xiao Long, I give you again time , to promote to my this altitude, I do not want too to massacre you with ease!” Shen Xiang aspirated slightly, the Herculean Clan person is rampant, he is knows that before Xiao Chou was also this damned type. This fellow is Herculean Clan, but also has the bloodlines of Imperial Dragon Clan, what's all this about?” White Tiger said very with amazement that he was a moment ago was also looking.

Has Herculean Clan of Imperial Dragon Clan bloodlines! Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi were surprised, words that such comes, this Xiao Long strength is very certainly strong. His mother, is Xiao Chou that young bastard requests me to be the master, the homicide do I do really?” Shen Xiang scolded lowly: Also good, Xiao Chou mixes in Herculean Clan evidently not well, for this reason, I have killed this fellow, making Herculean Clan that group of fellows have a look.” Snort, the Herculean Clan fellow did not have the strength of spirit more and more, was rampant except for the mouth, was! Did they forget in the past Holy Dragon [lineage/vein] to their suppressions? Has not thought that Herculean Clan also with the Imperial Dragon Clan illicit intercourse, can this lower the head to Imperial Dragon Clan?” Long Xueyi disdains very much: little rascal, or this Dragon Emperor gets rid, solved this that Holy Dragon Crown Prince and this Xiao Long together!” What others challenge is I, do not disturb!” A Shen Xiang point does not care about this Xiao Long, that Holy Dragon Crown Prince makes him compare to care actually, because Holy Dragon Crown Prince understands to win over the will of the people very much, he is worried not long, this Holy Dragon Crown Prince establishes a very powerful influence in Emperor Heaven. Now the Emperor Heaven space becomes very stable, Heaven World's expert was very difficult to come here, but Holy Dragon Crown Prince does not need to cross Nirvana Tribulation, can stay long time here, but Shen Xiang is different, he crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation to want transcend. Three days quick on the past, on the same day participates in the people who three territories discussed to arrive on Saint Altar, in addition, some monster Devil Territory small influence leaders, led some strength good subordinates to come. Each influence can only go to ten people, these ancient influence and most influences suffice ten people. Actually and Shen Xiang familiar person is somewhat surprised, especially Gu Dongchen they, they think Shen Xiang can bring Yun Xiaodao they to go. However Huang Jintian their these Chenwu Mainland's influences are the belt two people go. That place danger(ous) unknown, moreover Yun Xiaodao they have better place practice, Shen Xiang does not want to lead them to take risk, that after is Subduing Dragon Sect few several people. Herculean Clan Xiao Long also came, he is following a big old man, their teams have ten people.

Those who make Shen Xiang accidental is, that Holy Dragon Crown Prince unexpectedly can also collect ten quotas, accompanies with that besides him, other is eight guys, should be eight dragons evidently, does not know how he looks, but that eight dragon strengths are not weak. Saint Altar is huge, even if many people will stand above will not crowd. Sacrificial offering we have made, now only needs everybody to release strength to stimulate strength of altar together, opens Space Gate, goes to our ancestors to preserve the massive Emperor Heaven resources the place.” ancient influence Big Shot said. The Saint Altar middle is a big hole, these ancient influence throw in abundance some living ominous Evil Savage beasts, quantity. Now starting from, everybody, so long as releases own strength, Saint Altar voluntarily will absorb strength, then opens Space Gate!” Heavenly Thunder City by seal the city, inside person has not been temporarily able to approach here, otherwise that will be affected, will possibly be killed by strength of altar. The people have retained, does not have the one breath to release all strength, but this also makes Saint Altar glittering have intense light glow, thus makes the Saint Altar place above present black Space Gate. Has been OK, in that world also Saint Altar, when the time comes we must come back, with similar method.” According to the agreement, is relieved ancient influence that goes advanced, they take the lead.