World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1052
After the ancient influence person fully enters Space Gate, the people start to fly to the sky, but that Space Gate also getting smaller, if a bit faster, do not close. For do not miss, the people pick up the speed, enters that Space Gate, not long, on Saint Altar nobody, Saint Altar light glow became gloomy, Space Gate also gradually vanish from sight. After entering Space Gate, the people fall on very dilapidated Saint Altar, this Saint Altar was the same with former that here Saint Altar was very just worn-out, has been covered with the weed, was covered by many rattan. The people look here sky, is different from Emperor Heaven, all around is a mountain scene forest, just here is not Spirit Qi, but is Immortal Qi! Although is very thin Immortal Qi, but makes many ancient influence old fellow excited, they think that possibly wants very long a period of time to absorb this familiar Immortal Qi! unexpectedly is Immortal Qi, because this space the resources are extremely rich, evolved the higher space?” A person said excitedly. Is Immortal Qi right, but here is quite thin, I think that here is the same with Heaven World, should have the Immortal Qi rich place, perhaps here is Immortal Crystal!” The Shen Xiang complexion is serious, because he thought that here is familiar, many people note his facial expression, he looks fiercely to these ancient influence Big Shot. How? Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean!” old man said: We have not deceived you, what expression are you?” Shen Xiang shouted: Your this group of bastards, here is Sacred Dan World, the resources has, but you must snatch this here alchemy master to be good!” Just arrived here time, Shen Xiang, Long Xueyi, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were accidental, because here Immortal Qi gave them very familiar feeling, and has certain gravity, therefore Shen Xiang affirmed that here was Sacred Dan World, moreover had Sacred Dan World of very sweeping change.

This...... This is impossible, how is this possibly Sacred Dan World?” old man refuted immediately: This world is our ancestors opens, is used the Emperor Heaven above resources that preserves soon bursts!” The Shen Xiang original manuscript thinks one arrive at Sacred Dan World again time, the strength should be very strong, but has not thought that now unexpectedly arrived here in this manner! You said well, therefore Sacred Dan World can be the heaven of alchemy master, I had come to here before, I will certainly say will not be wrong!” Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Words that does not believe that you go to find several people to ask that knew!” Shen Xiang unexpectedly has come Sacred Dan World, does he come? Many people now have believed the Shen Xiang's words! Did not need to look, some people came, many, was very strong!” White Tiger suddenly said: These person of threatening, looked that I thought we run!” Many people are because sees Subduing Dragon Sect this Great Elder in very much to feel relieved that but White Tiger says such words now, people immediately complexion big change! Sister Meng'er......, if dispersed, you inquired place that called Purple Orchid Valley, Valley Master named Yan Zilan, was very famous in Sacred Dan World, she was the friend of mine, can look after your! This Sacred Dan World is not very simple, I had annoyed many matters in the past here, has brought the big trouble! However these fellows should think that I died, but now......” Shen Xiang to Liu Meng'er sound transmission, in the past his to pass on merit laws to Yan Zilan this Zilan Immortal Woman, making her practice Divine Dao little to detour, therefore Yan Zilan will certainly help Liu Meng'er they. little rascal, you must take care! Your adolescence to this situation, I was very happy for you, but also is worried about you!” Liu Meng'er to Shen Xiang sound transmission, before she is very early, expected that Shen Xiang must have an achievement, but has not thought to be able like this. A very terrifying aura from raids in all directions, afterward in all directions is the dense and numerous people, the strength strongs and weaks of these people are uncertain, could see that they have defended a period of time here, will otherwise not come such quickly! This Saint Altar had been surrounded by several thousand people, Shen Xiang initially arrived at Sacred Dan World, the understanding Sacred Dan World is not very comprehensive, even if were here expert at that time, does not know that Sacred Dan World complete matter, but now surrounds the Saint Altar person, majority are the strength is very strong, now the people understand why White Tiger said a moment ago must run!

We come from Emperor Heaven...... Everybody, we do not have the hostility!” ancient influence old man hastily loudly said. „The person who so long as presents from here, must kill!” Sacred Dan World old man shouted. Shen Xiang hastily Huang Jintian sound transmission: Master, if you did not know about Sacred Dan World, after dispersing, looks for one old man who called Du Hai, he was here Du Family person, should be very easy to inquire his residence!” At this time, the Sacred Dan World person flushed! Is Shen Xiang!” old man suddenly shouted. Really is this brat, issued a warrant for arrest for many years by Sacred Dan World, has not thought that now unexpectedly appeared, but in his hand seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, hold him quickly!” One bottle of Astral Yang Holy Water!” Holds him to obtain trillion crystal stones, hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) Immortal Jade!” Saint Altar above People to be startled, they have not thought that unexpectedly of Shen Xiang in Sacred Dan World can also toss about such big matter. Your this group of bastards, were played by Primal Chaos Mountain completely do not know.” Shen Xiang takes up Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, chops a blade to the person who that crowd is flushing, Dragon Force spout, is similar to the difficult situation is ordinary, hits to that group of people, sweeps one group of people instantaneously falls on the place!

Is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade!” Shen Xiang coldly snorted: „To catch the father, you were tender!” Saying, him was breaking in crowd, divided several blades maliciously, coordinated Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade with incomparably formidable Dragon Force, started intermittent strength raging tide, these strengths not much swept completely falls. Primal Chaos Fire Token, but Primal Chaos Mountain supreme treasure, you rob seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, the present is the thing returning to rightful owner time.” old man suddenly appears after behind, the body braves very terrifying aura, making these ancient influence Big Shot feel shocking. Primal Chaos Mountain old fellow, Primal Chaos Fire Token at is not your, you just will be are worried to be killed by Primal Chaos Fire Token, will not allow others to obtain Primal Chaos Fire Token!” Shen Xiang puts out two Primal Chaos Fire Token immediately, releases silver flame to protect own body, only that Primal Chaos Mountain old man wants to hold to hit, but after seeing these silver flame, receives the hand immediately, on the face full is the fear. At this time, Shen Xiang treadonned Earth Shrinking Step, rushed to the piece of mountain of distant place. „The Primal Chaos Mountain disciple takes orders, reckless, chases down Shen Xiang fully!” That old man anger shouted one, these tens of thousands people flew to kill immediately toward Shen Xiang, the slogan was rock the earth, very shocked.