World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1054
Shen Xiang did not have Heaven's Crown Gate, otherwise he can locate the transmission, but according to him at the experience of Sacred Dan World, here should in the past in the Sacred Dan World tenth layer region. The Sacred Dan World terrain like the ladder, highest 18 is strongest, the gravity is also very strong, but does not have what pressure regarding the Nirvana Realm person. Initially Emperor Heaven must burst, these rebel influences have definitely plundered the most valuable these resources, therefore the quantity will not be many, I thought that they should strongly hide together these things!” Bai Youyou said: Especially Immortal Jade Immortal Crystal, if centralism seals, the quantity the more better, but can also enhance the quality. If the strange flowers different grass, is so.” Right, only then they collaborate, can cause very strong formation to protect these things!” Su Meiyao also very agreed. Does not manage, I went to say to the topmost level first again that entire Sacred Dan World had certainly very big change! Before, Primal Chaos Mountain will not have these many people to come out to take a walk, but tens of thousands, I thought that now Primal Chaos Mountain has ruled this Sacred Dan World.” Shen Xiang has put out Primal Chaos Fire Token, these Primal Chaos Fire Token are related with that Primal Chaos World, Long Xueyi had said in her Imperial Dragon Clan ancient book the record has, these Primal Chaos Mountain inside people may are a Primal Chaos clan. I must go to Heavenly Sacred City to look for an old acquaintance!” Shen Xiang displays Transformation Technique, turns into a middle age the appearance, hides oneself aura, then leaps airborne, is treading Earth Shrinking Step void, rushes toward the Sacred Dan World high place. Heavenly Sacred City is in the region of 18 th story-high very big important city, perhaps he can find Yan Zilan there, but before Yan Zilan, announced must close up the practice. Shen Xiang, do not want to run away!” Shen Xiang heard suddenly rear area broadcast the familiar sound, in the heart has criticized together, person unexpectedly that came was that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, in addition, his accompanying and that eight dragons! Herculean Clan, their unexpectedly together!” The Shen Xiang heart startled, immediately dives toward following mountain forest, he is unable to face these many expert.

Can use Primal Chaos Fire Token?” Shen Xiang runs swiftly in the forest, airborne lowers an intermittent terror unceasingly strength, Holy Dragon Crown Prince they are attacking him. Best not to use, do not forget you initially to fuse Primal Chaos Fire Token possibly are because has the dragon blood reason, if to these dragon functions, you difficultly has not run away tribulations, might as well took advantage first to slide now.” Long Xueyi said. How do this group of fellows know me here?” Shen Xiang revolution Water Escape Art, was fled from earth by oneself, making him appear on former that great river. Now he has to return to first layer first, has piece of Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest there is safest. I, had magic treasure specifically to be used to seek for Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Imperial Dragon Clan, was some Old Dragon to recall Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in the past refines, so long as, can induce based on this obtains the direction!” Long Xueyi said: You fused Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, perhaps is unable to avoid the induction of that magic treasure, this is really troublesome!” How many scopes in certain range is?” Shen Xiang also thinks at this time has a headache, he is treading Earth Shrinking Step in the surface of the river, walks following the turbulent current. Does not know, but uses that magic treasure consumption is very big, so long as spoils magic treasure that they cannot trace you.” Long Xueyi thinks that said: That magic treasure, only then the dragon can use, mainly absorbs Dragon Force, whom if you see to take that magic treasure, you follow that magic treasure absorbs Dragon Force the time, will fill rising to explode that's alright your Dragon Force!” That magic treasure is very fierce, does not rise to explode easily, even if you and my Dragon Force adds not to be good!” Pursued, their speeds were quick!” Long Xueyi said: Exhausts runs fully, waited to find the opportunity, they killed completely.” Shen Xiang also a little knew about this Sacred Dan World luckily that he rushes toward first layer, so long as arrives there Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, he safe.

Early knows that should take the big white cat!” Long Xueyi regretted very said. No, is having the White Tiger words, sooner or later meets exposed his status, when the time comes has any formidable fellow to know that the White Tiger trail, not only we have the trouble, White Tiger will also be very troublesome.” Shen Xiang said that before White Tiger had mentioned with him, cannot easily exposed his status. This Sacred Dan World is a higher world, these expert that Shen Xiang previous time meets here, is not here strength is most formidable, because in Legend Primal Chaos Mountain has Pill Saint, has existence of this rank, very much may have Saint Immortal that White Tiger said! Holy Dragon Crown Prince they pursue very tightly, their strengths are very formidable, even if will pursue continuously will not be long time exhausted, they settled on Shen Xiang not to have White Tiger in the side, therefore dares such to do. Shen Xiang was tightened pursued for several days, finally arrived at first layer, moreover entered Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest! Your highness, this inside toxin is very fierce, has not guessed that the wrong words, this forest had been dyed by the Poisonous Dragon blood of our Dragon Clan! May is that missing Poisonous Dragon dies here!” That accompanies from Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest comes out, on the face is having a fear. Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest inside poisonous mist winds around, inside flowers and plants trees are bringing acute poison all, if in some strange flowers different grass are not virulent, then explained that these strange flowers different grass are fierce, itself has anti- poisonous strength. „The words that we must go, at least must resist the toxin with 50% strength, moreover other that half cannot consume too many.” A Herculean Clan old man said. Walks, Shen Xiang can go, why can't we?” Xiao Long looks at present this piece of Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, is gripping tightly the fist. Locks his position, we go in together, must take him.” Holy Dragon Crown Prince has made the decision, pursued here, they will definitely not give up.

Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest not only has terror poisonous mist, fierce Poisonous Beast, previous Shen Xiang enters the deep place, because there is a Du Hai reason, has not met these fierce Poisonous Beast, but is now different, but also he plans to enter the deep place, there i does not dare to go in Du Hai. Here Poisonous Beast should not fear Dragon Qi, because here itself has thick Dragon Qi, if meets the living dragon, it is estimated that many formidable Poisonous Beast will be interested.” Dragon Long Xueyi said with a smile. Only then strength faint Poisonous Beast will fear Dragon Qi, powerful did not fear, even is also regarded as the fine food the dragon. Shen Xiang treads Earth Shrinking Step to dash about wildly in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, last his time here, is Du Hai chases down a dragon, has not thought now unexpectedly is ten dragons and one crowd of Herculean Clan chases down him, making him feel somewhat funnily. Naturally, Shen Xiang this time comes here, strength compared with the previous time formidable many, moreover there is Earth Shrinking Step, fused Law of Space profound bead, making him have the shuttle space ability. He ran swiftly in this continuously for ten days, because of his Hundred Poisons Immunity, therefore does not need to resist poisonous mist with strength, therefore does not need to stop, but Holy Dragon Crown Prince they are different, after entering the deep place, this inside poisonous mist is fiercer, they have to slow the tempo, now they can only through that magic treasure know the direction that Shen Xiang is, they are away from Shen Xiang, moreover they must rest! Suddenly, Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest blows strong winds, turns into poisonous Gang these poisonous mist, afterward all day beast roar was similar to the thunderclap sound transmits together generally, shakes big piece of trees! This...... Very strong potential all at once!” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince complexion slightly changes.