World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1055
Shen Xiang in the Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest quite deep place, that beast roar passed on a moment ago from inside, from that beast roar, should be was warning that they leave approach again. Can in Poisonous Beast of Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest deep place, the strength be very formidable, although Shen Xiang and that Holy Dragon Crown Prince distance Poisonous Beast have the 1st Stage distance, but that Poisonous Beast can actually induce obtains these Dragon Qi, ten dragon simultaneous approximations, that Poisonous Beast does not want to send out the conflict with these dragons, therefore exudes the warning sound. clear(ly) knows that had Poisonous Beast in front, but Shen Xiang actually still continued to proceed to rush, although there for him also very danger(ous), but was the danger(ous) place, sometimes was safe, the words that at least these dragons and Herculean Clan approached, can have the conflict with that Poisonous Beast. Continues to pursue!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince has considered, shouted. He is Holy Dragon Crown Prince, but will the side nine dragons, some powerful Herculean Clan, how fear a wild animal? In Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, green poisonous mist is thicker, after that strong winds, these green poisonous mist as if Demon and Devil took possession general, high and low fluctuating a moment ago, fluttering of making threatening gestures, exudes an intermittent call, making this piece fill the death Qi poisonous forest appears sinister. The Shen Xiang complexion sinks to congeal, the forehead is infiltrating the beads of sweat slightly, the step of under foot is getting more and more serious, he is treading Earth Shrinking Step, goes through in the forest vigorously. pēng pēng pēng! His heart jumps quickly, even though he already knows that front has terrifying Poisonous Beast, but still feels the heart to tremble at this time, that Poisonous Beast as if there is exceedingly high ability, in invisible lends a desperate unusual aura, making people think that more approaches it, thought one were away from died is nearer! Knows that what thing front has?” Shen Xiang was inquiring Long Xueyi, his speed slowed down. Does not know that in brief very strong that's it, you must make the preparation of feeling better severe wound. Naturally, if you had not been discovered that then you are safe.” Long Xueyi said. Holy Dragon Crown Prince wears the gold crown, wears the magnificent golden imperial robe, handsome face without the slightest show of feeling, but in the guy who the nine dragons of his side turn into is also so.

Your highness, can continue really? Shen Xiang clarifies is intentionally directs us, although does not know what in that is anything, but the strength is terrorist, we must cope is very strenuous.” Wears the red-armored guy saying that this is Holy Dragon Crown Prince accompanying that brings from Heaven World. Must go, your expands and contracts the technique with joint forces, we must catch up when Shen Xiang has not entered the deep place blocks him!” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince manner is very firm, since he meets Shen Xiang at that moment, he thinks to frequently Shen Xiang, except that he does not know that is who passes to Shen Xiang divine art that Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor can study, but he does not allow besides his father, other people understand these Imperial Dragon divine art. They stopped, ten guys encircle a circle, Holy Dragon Crown Prince and these Herculean Clan people in the middle. And other remembers that takes pills to restore, expands and contracts the technique to consume strength!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince urged one, sees only that ten guy yelled, their ground presented one chart, chart golden light has sparkled, fast revolved, afterward they started to move, but flickered to check, they went through very long 1st Stage distance. Runs swiftly Shen Xiang suddenly to see golden light to dodge together, sees only one crowd of person suddenly to appear in his front, unexpectedly is Holy Dragon Crown Prince that gang. Shrinks the technique, how I have not thought that they will use this! This is in Imperial Dragon Clan shuttle space Divine Ability, consumption strength is huge, generally is needs more than ten individuals to display together.” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang, you cannot run away!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince sneered, turns into the golden light rainbow to come toward the Shen Xiang sprint together, the hand Dragon Transformation claw, grasps to the Shen Xiang's head. The strength of Shen Xiang revolution Law of Space, trod one step, the shuttle space, vanish from sight, making Holy Dragon Crown Prince get nothing for one's effort. This thinks that can fight one with your directly and honestly, has not thought that you are also mediocre, sending a troop person to catch my person, I look at you before actually high!” The sound that Shen Xiang disdains conveys, people are criticizing, unexpectedly made Shen Xiang such escape.

Shen Xiang grasped Law of Space strength, had not overflowed space strength in him a moment ago slightly, therefore these people have not known how he runs away. Continues to pursue!” On the Holy Dragon Crown Prince face micro dew angry look, shouted, rushes in the direction that the Shen Xiang sound conveys. Your highness......” that red-armored guy, but shouted, can only continue to pursue. They must resist poisonous Qi, while must consume strength to run, if meets the Poisonous Beast attack, they must resist, for them is very strenuous. But Shen Xiang actually did not fear, the speed that he restores is astonishing, oneself Hundred Poisons Immunity, in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest like a fish in water. „......” Long Xueyi screamed one: I felt! No wonder here will have a such terrifying fellow, dies that Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl here also in!” To be absorbing Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl strength in front that Poisonous Beast?” Right, possibly that Dragon Pearl is very big, moreover is not good to take away, the energy that inside contains are also many......” Shen Xiang said: You did not say that before fiercer dragon, is Dragon Pearl smaller? That Poisonous Dragon is very fierce, Dragon Pearl should slightly be very right.” But Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl is very special, you must know that Poisonous Dragon changes the turn into a human shape, is a very big giant!” Long Xueyi said: Legend that fellow is one inborn has the great Dragon Pearl fellow.” Not long, Shen Xiang sees the front to shoot an intermittent red multi-colored sunlight, that strong Dragon Qi evil looking, in light glow is also having very intense toxicity.

Green poisonous mist, was been incarnadine by that red light, the toxicity is stronger, Shen Xiang eyes glittering golden light, is displaying Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, penetrates the red thick fog, really sees front to have one is similar to the red bead of thousand feet (333 m) mountain! Was careful!” The Long Xueyi urging said that just said in her, the ground starts to shiver. Shen Xiang Divine Power puts, covers front, induces to is having troop Poisonous Beast always, is similar to goes full steam ahead, treads the earth crazily to tremble. This is the good opportunity, you can use that Dragon Pearl inside Dragon Force, traces your magic treasure to destroy their!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang uses Law of Space strength once more, crosses the Poisonous Beast group that this crowd clashes, arrives by that huge red Dragon Pearl, looks like this looks like a ruby great mountain! Is Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl, is really that Poisonous Dragon in Legend!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince suddenly is excited, but in his heart actually worries incomparably, because that danger(ous) aura was getting stronger and stronger at this time. Shen Xiang locks Fang Pan in guy hand with Divine Power, that traces his magic treasure, he displays Engulfing Devil Art, inhales in that huge Dragon Pearl inside Dragon Force own body, afterward separates pours into that magic treasure spatially!