World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1056

Shen Xiang one breath devour very many Dragon Force, almost rise to explode the meridians of his whole body. „!” Dragon Force that Shen Xiang shouted, his devour comes are many, moreover is wild, in addition he and Long Xueyi's Dragon Force, enough rose to explode that magic treasure. „Not good......” that guy to see Fang Pan in his hand to vibrate, immediately shouted, wants to get up Fang Panshou. Bang! That side plate suddenly blasts in that guy hand, at the same time, that crowd of Poisonous Beast had overrun toward them! This bastard!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince responded, knows that was Shen Xiang spoiled that magic treasure, if then they want to trace Shen Xiang to trouble, moreover they must face troop Poisonous Beast. Attractive!” Long Xueyi is smiling shouted: Kills this big Dragon Pearl, I think that fierce fellow in this big Dragon Pearl!” Shen Xiang looks at present this blood red such as mountain huge Dragon Pearl, in the heart cannot help but one cold, that lets he fearful and apprehensive fellow, unexpectedly entered in this Dragon Pearl practice. Good, for a penny and for a pound!” Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, leaps airborne, bellows, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly becomes very huge, might is threatening, after on Azure Dragon has absorbed his strength, roaring hiss is unceasing. This huge Divine Blade, seems as if can break out the world to be ordinary with ease. Stop!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince knows that Shen Xiang must do. Hurries to remove!” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince anger shouted one. Bang! Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade chops to fall on that huge Dragon Pearl, after the knife Shen Xiang pours into very strong strength, becomes very heavy, very cuts this huge Dragon Pearl with ease!

! roaring hiss transmits, that crowd of Poisonous Beast were shaken to explode completely by this angry sound wave, Dragon Pearl of that breaking breaks by angry and formidable strength, starts strong winds, wells up toward the four directions. The trim earth is similar to the sea that jolts, the big piece soil and forest were shaken to be turbulent like the tide by that wild strength. That boom vibrated entire Sacred Dan World a moment ago, especially first layer, at this time in aftershock, but highest 18 violently have also swayed, that roaring hiss also reverberated in the horizon, lingered. Brought the big trouble, Ha Ha......” Shen Xiang the shuttle space, left this piece of Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest with the quickest speed continuously, as for Holy Dragon Crown Prince that group of people, he thought that can run away, will lose seriously. After Shen Xiang breaks out Dragon Pearl that instantaneous, surmounts the space to leave, he cannot see inside to have anything, in brief inside thing very fearful that's it, he thought that possibly wants White Tiger to be able whole-heartedly it killing. Holy Dragon Crown Prince this time has eaten very big owing, not only wastes these many days the time, but also enables that only to trace Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade magic treasure to ruin, now also falls into very in the danger(ous) situation! But Shen Xiang at this time already toward 18 th rushing, so long as does not have that magic treasure, to find him not to be easy, he left Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest also several days, does not have what thing to pursue him, this made him feel relieved much, he was worried was not Holy Dragon Crown Prince this group of people, but was that by Poisonous Beast that he enraged thoroughly. In the past won Primal Chaos Mountain seven Primal Chaos Fire Token Shen Xiang unexpectedly not dead, moreover came back by a very strong stance, cut to kill Primal Chaos Mountain many people, Primal Chaos Mountain increased to his posting a reward at this time again, on the main street and small alley pasted completely his portrait. Primal Chaos Fire Token is important regarding Primal Chaos Mountain, this is the Sacred Dan World well-known matter, initially Primal Chaos Mountain to hold Shen Xiang, emitted several Primal Chaos Fire Token to bring in Shen Xiang intentionally, who knows they not only have not caught Shen Xiang, instead was also taken away these Primal Chaos Fire Token by Shen Xiang, let Shen Xiang collection uneven seven, degenerated into the Sacred Dan World laughingstock. Initially when Shen Xiang stepped into Space Gate left Sacred Dan World, by one is called the old fellow attack of beginning of the universe, the both legs to be exploded the blood fog, at that time everybody thinks that he died, but afterward the Primal Chaos Mountain person actually knew that Primal Chaos Fire Token still existed, so long as Primal Chaos Fire Token still, explained that Shen Xiang has not died, therefore has been posting a reward Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang displays Earth Shrinking Step, treads fog in the air to dash about wildly, under suddenly hears transmits a scream!

This sound is very familiar, probably is Jing Jing (quietly) that stupid girl.” Long Xueyi said. Truly is the Dongfang Jing sound, how can he here?” Shen Xiang hears that sound, in heart cannot help but one tight, although this pure female is somewhat stupid, but is very pleasing. He flies immediately, in upper air, he sees on a piece of wilderness, a youth grins fiendishly, while is dragging the clothes, but the Dongfang Jing clothing is tattered, on the face full is the teardrops, both hands ties their hands behind the back after behind, correct use that pair of tearful eyes are looking angrily at that youth. That youth not far away also has two purple robe old man, shouted: brat, a bit faster handled matters, we must hurry along!” Quick, I must make this little girl die comfortably, Ha Ha......” that youth loud voice is grinning fiendishly. Shen Xiang sees this, in heart to be angry, immediately the shuttle space, appears in that youth behind, displays Angry Dragon Cut, emits one sound that gets angry Dragon to roar, from airborne chops a blade slantingly, hews two halves that youth. Jing Jing (quietly), do not fear!” After Shen Xiang Dongfang Jing deregulates, Dongfang Jing immediately weeps bitterly, puts out a sword, the clenching teeth jade tooth, to the corpse of that youth chops randomly, while is howling, on the face full is the grief and indignation. That two purple robe hears that to get angry Dragon to roar, immediately has caught up. You are...... Shen Xiang!” old man sees Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand, has called out in alarm. This old man Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person, strength is not very strong, crossed Nirvana six tribulation this, but another strength is very strong. Jing Jing (quietly), sleeps first well!” Shen Xiang knocks down Dongfang Jing, puts in Hidden Jade Ring, he knows that Dongfang Jing definitely received very big stimulation, moreover she comes with Dongfang Chaoqun, currently Dongfang Chaoqun side her, very much may not be killed.

Dongfang Lingyun!” Shen Xiang recognizes old man, unexpectedly was past Dongfang family Great Elder, Shen Xiang and his enmity very big. Dongfang Lingyun sees Shen Xiang, on the face also full is the angry look, he has a dream wishes one could to kill Shen Xiang. brat, you died!” The Dongfang Lingyun complexion is fierce, puts out a long sword, such as the lightning kills generally, another old man also got angry, the youth who because ground that died is his son. Shen Xiang at this time filled with fury, shouted: What dying is you!” During the speeches, he stimulates to movement these preserves in Devil Decaying Death Qi of his within the body. colorless tasteless Devil Decaying Death Qi was released by light breeze by Shen Xiang, covers around him, saw only ground that corpse suddenly to turn into the purple black, but Dongfang Lingyun that old man also immediately realized anything! Is the demon spoiled......” Dongfang Lingyun complexion big change, immediately revolves all strength to prevent Devil Decaying Death Qi to proliferate in his body. His words have not said that Shen Xiang chops to fall his head on a blade. Moreover that old man complexion blanch, the whole body is shivering. Starting off!” Shen Xiang dodges to him , a blade cuts to his nape of the neck, persons head falls to the ground, the body turns into the purple black immediately.