World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1057

Looks at the corpse of tread, Shen Xiang aspirated slightly, although Devil Decaying Death Qi is fierce, but can only cope with about Nirvana Ninth Tribulation the person of strength, if looks like Holy Dragon Crown Prince this fleshly body formidable dragon, suddenly is unable to kill by poison, will run away by him, therefore he does not dare to use Devil Decaying Death Qi to these people, otherwise meets exposed this matter. Shen Xiang emits flame, burns down the corpse of ground, after the corpse was fired the powder, he actually sees yellow beast skin that folds! unexpectedly had not been burnt down by his raging fire, and has not occupied Devil Decaying Death Qi, obviously this beast skin is not every thing! He picks immediately, launches looks, discovered that this is a map! Purple Moon Sacred Realm's expert basically died, only then these fellows come here on behalf of Purple Moon Sacred Realm, on this map records is the Purple Moon Sacred Realm these ancestor hidden treasure places?” Shen Xiang is somewhat excited, carefully looked, has remembered the general position, then puts in this beast skin Hidden Jade Ring, but beast skin in his hands, unexpectedly has not actually entered Hidden Jade Ring! Good strange map, unexpectedly is unable to put in Hidden Jade Ring!” Shen Xiang has been startled being startled, has tried again several times, is still not good. Possibly is inside has fierce spirit pattern of stealth, cannot put in storage equipment! Otherwise these people will not be bringing along!” Su Meiyao said that at this time she and Bai Youyou shine directly in look at that stupor Dongfang Jing. Shen Xiang rushes toward the storehouse object point that the map marks, nearby this. That was little girl all right?” Shen Xiang asked. Internal injury is very heavy, but after eating up Life Returning Pill, slowly is restoring, she received very big attack evidently!” Su Meiyao sighed gently, has traced Dongfang Jing face.

She woke up I to comfort her again, then leads her to look for Xinyue, that was her only family member.” Shen Xiang sighed, thinks that this good pure Dongfang Jing in chopped the corpse of that youth with the sword a moment ago randomly, can see hate in her heart. Shen Xiang walks according to the map, he must a bit faster find this place, then brings Dongfang Jing to look for Dongfang Xinyue, he hopes that Dongfang Xinyue they can according to look for Purple Orchid Valley that he said that otherwise Sacred Dan World is so big, if he wants to find them not to be easy. Has not met danger(ous) all the way, actually here topography unusual bad risk, but regarding him is not anything, map above is indicating that thing on conceal in a mountain. „It is not anything rises suddenly evidently likely, this thing appearance probably very small altar!” Shen Xiang arrives at that mountain outside, looks at the map, is looking to enter this entrance. „Can this small altar lead me to go to another place?” The map above is indicating, in that mountain has with the chart that Saint Altar looks like very much, looks like looks like a small altar. This mountain has formation, for many years this mountain was being protected by this large formation!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has also discovered that moreover he also saw that this large formation is not very simple, must break is not easy. He launches that beast skin, is walking around that mountain. suddenly, beast skin sends out purple light glow, his intention moves, with that beast skin to that large formation, is seeing only the entire mountain to shine purple light glow, that large formation vanished. After he approaches this mountain, shoves open a giant stone, sees a leaf of purple front door, then opens this sliding door with that beast skin.

This Purple Moon Sacred Realm's ancestor is very fierce, beast skin makes such fiercely!” Shen Xiang praised, he walks on passage, four walls send out the gentle white light. Not long, he comes to a stone chamber, really small altars in this stone chamber, but was really too small, was is not used to transmit likely, only then an ordinary round table was so big, but above had a shallow scoop channel of square shape. Shen Xiang that beast skin has compared, discovered that beast skin is the same with that scoop channel size, just can come up the beast skin shop. After the shop is good, on beast skin presented one circular chart, is similar to round Purple Moon, sees only that small altar to revolve slowly, afterward explodes lightens purple light, together the flake of purple square shape float, looks like, only then palm of the hand general size, but Shen Xiang brings, actually felt that is heavy. In this quick stone has Heavenly Emptiness Stone probably, is this buried treasure?” Shen Xiang carefully watches this purple flake, then seeps Divine Power, sees only this flake suddenly to increase, above unexpectedly presented a map, this makes him more excited, he thought that this map is true hidden treasure. The beast skin map cannot load storage equipment, is hard to cremate, such comes to spread, can find this place. Shen Xiang puts in a big way that flake, only then a bed is so big, he carefully looks at the above map, discovered that this map is only one whole piece in which one piece! „Does the complete map need many such flakes?” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks of anything: These ancient influence ancestors separately are hiding a such flake, the thing that they hide is really together, moreover needs all ancient influence unions to be good, indispensable!” But now, he obtained the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's flake, means that if has been short of him, these ancient influence will waste time.

You wear out iron shoes in hunting round, must come not to be all time-consuming, Hehe......” Shen Xiang received that flake Hidden Jade Ring, this flake can put in storage equipment, not like former that beast skin. Shen Xiang leaves here, once more toward 18 th hurrying. „Did that stupid girl awake?” Shen Xiang asked. No, she looks like very tired, moreover restores the injury again, her spirit also received very serious wound, could have a good sleep some days.” Su Meiyao said. Does not know that she experienced anything, this degree of wound is not Purple Moon Sacred Realm these people creates, scar that especially her Sea of Consciousness is damaged, that has encountered the spiritual attack, moreover she did not have a flesh wound! The internal injury was not created by True Qi this strength, but was similar Divine Sense such strength to attack.” Long Xueyi said. „If not her within the body has that family Blood Spirit, perhaps she already died, it seems like Dongfang Chaoqun integrated her within the body family Blood Spirit, making her live! She and her father has certainly met any fierce thing, finally only then she ran away, but actually falls into the hand of Purple Moon Sacred Realm that group of fellows.” Long Xueyi said. Dongfang family family Blood Spirit can let have the person of pure Dongfang family bloodlines to cross Nirvana Tribulation smoothly, is very existence of heaven defying, in the past Dongfang Lingyun for this, planned Dongfang Chaoqun and Dongfang Xinyue. I must a bit faster find Dongfang Xinyue, this little girl affirmed that now passed sadly, Dongfang Xinyue is her paternal aunt, sees the family member, she should be better.” Shen Xiang picked up the speed.