World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1058
Late at night, in Heavenly Sacred City cold wind bone-chilling cold, but entire city actually still lively, compared with the daytime, especially around a tower of five story-high, many people are not looking at the tower top an above handsome youth. This youth Fan Yakun, he puts on purple magnificently dressed, is sitting cross-legged , in front of pill furnace that seems like crystal builds, he invests herbs, after pouring into the flame, inside herbs was burnt down by the raging fire, sends out dazzling azure light, looks at the tower next group of people to discuss. Shen Xiang sees in the distant place, in the heart said with a smile darkly: This brat likes showing off now.” That tower is the Lin Xiyi female opens, this female came from Primal Chaos Mountain, is the shop that her parents support and help she opens, then Fan Yakun and she on good , helping her look after this pills shop. It seems like I also really looked to the place.” Shen Xiang walked, just must step into the pills shop, only hears the thunderclap to resound together, outside azure light glow vanished. Who is!” The Fan Yakun anger shouted one, his treasure crystal alchemic furnace was divided by lightning a moment ago together, causing his explode pill furnace, alchemic furnace to damage seriously. Shen Xiang is the same with the people, is surprised, looks up the sky, seeks for that to attack the Fan Yakun person, makes such big move in this Heavenly Sacred City, this has violated the Heavenly Sacred City rule. Snort, all day shows off, your pills shops besides this ability, other what patterns?” A put on a high and mighty act handsome youth rides one to have the purple fire lion of wing to fly from the distant place. Who also thinks is, actually is your this grandson, you can make such matter not to be strange in secret!” Fan Yakun receives shattering crystal pill furnace, the double fist is gripping tightly. How is you, are you bothersome?” Lin Xiyi appears in the tower top suddenly, the white clothing is floating, elegantly beautiful eye-catching, had very big difference with before. Snort, your Lin Family quickly was expelled Primal Chaos Mountain, what are you rampant? Was inferior obediently marries me, although this brat a little ability, but he came to be weaker compared with me!” Rides has swept Fan Yakun that the man of purple fire lion is disdaining.

Fan Yakun coldly snorted: You are stronger than me, if compared with alchemy, you and I missed far, gave me some time, I can certainly surpass you!” Bang! A dull thumping sound transmits, purple fire lion suddenly of that flutter wing opens the mouth, sprays together purple lightning, hits on Fan Yakun. The purple fire lion that can fly is truly fierce, lightning hits Fan Yakun spurts the blood, if not for Lin Xiyi grasps him, perhaps flew the distant place. This makes all people not expect that this person of unexpectedly is so strong, not what kind, makes own mount attack others! Snort, the weak one is a weak one, this is the best proof! If you are expert, you will not make me bully you like this!” The man said very arrogant that afterward looks to Lin Xiyi: Tomorrow I will have the person to challenge your Xiyi Pavilion, I will move your advertisements personally!” Shen Xiang sees this, in heart is secretly angry, he can also see Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun back family obviously is game is as good as lost, otherwise such will not be bullied, he has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, quietly aims at that purple fire lion. With strongest Dragon Force, passes through the heart of that lion directly, this fellow always likes sneak attacking others, makes him taste the sneak attacked taste!” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, revolution within the body vigorous True Qi, will melt the turn into dragon strength, pours into Demanding Life Devil Bow. Although has the boundless energy to revolve at this time, is strong to the Shen Xiang's controlling force, moreover Demanding Life Devil Bow from now on also will become by Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue transformation very fierce, at this time 1 : 00 aura has not leaked. Do not blame me not to remind you, tomorrow I will bring very fierce alchemy Master Laiza your gathering place, Ha Ha......” that youth said with a smile crazily.

Is rampant!” The Shen Xiang intention moves, emits a very terrifying arrow secretly, this arrow massive Dragon Force compress condense, flies to shoot, exudes whistling sound from out of the blue, in that flash, all people felt a very intense oppression strength, in each individual heart panic-stricken incomparable. Whiz! Some insight keen people, see white light suddenly to flash through, are bringing very terrifying strength, the avalanche the space, flies to shoot toward that purple fire lion, penetrated the past from the base, after entering the body inside of that purple fire lion, wild Dragon Force exploded, making that purple fire lion blast out! The man cried out strangely, the body presented a silver-white light cover immediately, protected him in inside. Who is!” The man bellows, he who has kept aloof, acts in a self-serving manner nobody to dare to manage him in Heavenly Sacred City, now his unexpectedly had been sneak attacked, moreover explodes one group of meat to be broken his treasure mount. After this man just shouted, Shen Xiang has put an arrow, hits after that silver energy shield above, arouses shakes the intense airing, shakes to fly that man, but that man has not actually been injured, his body should bring very strong magic treasure. Snort!” This man knows that sneak attacks his person to be formidable, will otherwise not go into hiding such well, he is worried to continue again, he will be massacred, he flies away immediately, among very high a pinnacle toward Heavenly Sacred City flies. A moment ago wasn't that fellow the grandson of beginning of the universe? Has not thought that some unexpectedly people dare to his fight, who is?” This called the geomancy to transfer in turn, Hehe, looks at very satisfying, that purple fire lion very precious strange beast, unexpectedly was killed, did not remain beast core.”

Shen Xiang was aimed at that beast core to hit a moment ago, detonated inside inside! Fan Yakun also very much wants to know that is who is getting rid in secret, but his present wound is heavy, that purple fire lion strikes, strength is strong, now Lin Xiyi holds him to leave. Shen Xiang turns into a black butterfly, went to a hall with them, then changes the actually appearance. Lin Xiyi also again looks at the Fan Yakun injury, but Fan Yakun was crack cursed a moment ago that man. Brother Fan!” Shen Xiang shouted, frightens Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi one big jumps, sees Shen Xiang that mischievous smiling face, they relaxed, but on the face actually full is surprised. Shen Xiang arrived at Sacred Dan World to have one month, the matter that he presented once again was already known by Sacred Dan World, but nearby Heavenly Sacred City had many big influences, Shen Xiang unexpectedly also dares to come, moreover they also think a moment ago in secret person who attacked that man, was Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang, was you...... Fan Yakun had gawked a moment ago, then said while loudly laughing: Hits well, grandson depending on his grandfather's strength, here is domineering and tyrannical, how not to kill him!” Lin Xiyi shakes the head saying: You should not come, your present situation danger(ous), Primal Chaos Mountain inside formidable influence is looking for you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Not anything, if I must hide, must find me not to be easy!”