World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1059
Shen Xiang is nosing the body of Fan Yakun, discovered that Fan Yakun within the body has many wounds, this causes the reason that Fan Yakun cultivation base bogs down, he can also have such high level in the alchemy aspect , because he has the Netherworld Fire Spirit reason together. „Does your wound create? This strength probably only then Primal Chaos Mountain inside person can use, your years continuously and does the Primal Chaos Mountain person do right?” Shen Xiang knits the brows, the wound in Fan Yakun within the body, remaining strength is Primal Chaos Mountain these expert can use. Lin Xiyi is nipping the red lip, sighed one lightly: Me! He had been injured by the beginning of the universe, beginning of the universe is in Primal Chaos Mountain, one of the Primal Chaos clan elders, a Primal Chaos clan has many branches, our Lin Clan is, but is suppressed by a Primal Chaos clan most powerful Taiyuan mountain now, declined, in abundance left Primal Chaos Mountain.” Taiyuan mountain was some thinks that a person of commander entire Primal Chaos clan established, was beginning of the universe that gang!” Shen Xiang traces the wing of the nose, said: I remember that in the past was this asks the fellow of beginning of the universe to attack my! But why does he want to injure Brother Fan?” This is...... Because of me, his grandson Hou Fei Shao wants to marry me, then......” Shen Xiang understood immediately: Relax, in any case I and this beginning of the universe have a grudge, this grandson gives me! Right, is the beginning of the universe what kind of person?” Beginning of the universe is only his given name, his real name nobody knows that he can use Primal Chaos Power of Primal Chaos clan, is Asian Kun Within the body remaining that strength!” Lin Xiyi sighs with sadness: „Since having suffered that palm, he has bogged down, moreover our two both do not have the means to process.” Shen Xiang presses firmly between the fingers the Fan Yakun wrist|skill, said: I try.” He displays Engulfing Devil Art, locks these remaining Primal Chaos Power, then inhales own within the body, regarding Engulfing Devil Art he brought to the point of perfection, has not needed to be worried about to swallow Fan Yakun.

Felt that Primal Chaos Power in within the body is escaping, Fan Yakun occurred simultaneously pleasantly surprised, stares greatly the eye, looks at Shen Xiang saying: Shen Xiang, you are really fierce, joy her parents take this not to have the means that your unexpectedly!” Not anything, but you should better disguise this, quite makes others despise you, but you in secret are actually promoting the strength, later will certainly have very big help to you.” Shen Xiang said with a smile cloudy. Was right, Sacred Dan World exactly what happened? How everywhere is Primal Chaos Mountain inside person?” Shen Xiang asked that he came to here to also understand these. Was Primal Chaos Mountain inside Taiyuan mountain comes out, wants to dominate entire Sacred Dan World, but some Sacred Dan World good and bad also many powerful influences, therefore too Wonsan had not succeeded, added on any Saint Devil and Saint Demon World and Sacred Dan World fusion again, the plan of Taiyuan mountain is broken completely.” The Fan Yakun complexion was better, these Primal Chaos Power look like some poisonous insects in his within the body, making his these years suffer greatly, now he has been extricated finally. I know that beginning of the universe that old bastard kills undying you! You returned to Mortal Martial World, has not thought that you and Du Yanyao unexpectedly disguises as unmarried husband and wife, was really a pity.” Fan Yakun said. Mortal Martial World also had many matters! Yanyao now how?” Shen Xiang asked that Du Yanyao entire Sacred Dan World, was an unusual female talent. „Like me, stared by Taiyuan mountain the grandson of Big Shot.” Lin Xiyi sighed: She hides in Purple Orchid Valley now.” Her grandfather Du Hai? This old fellow very strong, how can be married by own granddaughter?” Du Yanyao was regarded as by Shen Xiang is own good friend, he extremely cares about this matter.

Du Family civil strife, Du Hai by the Taiyuan mountain Dean severe wound, missing! Son Du Kangsheng tragic death...... If not for Du Yanyao with Zilan Immortal Woman, has obtained the asylum of Sacred Dan Sect, otherwise was already married.” The Lin Xiyi words make Shen Xiang shock, the Du Hai unexpectedly severe wound is missing, the Du Yanyao father was killed! Remembers in Hidden Jade Ring that still in lethargic sleep Dongfang Jing, Shen Xiang reluctantly heaves a deep sigh. Before Shen Xiang, lets Huang Jintian and Li Baojun they looks for Du Hai, has not thought that Du Hai has encountered the so big accident. Tomorrow that Hou Fei Shao will also come, he lives up to one's words, tonight my wound can be restored to health completely, I must let his disastrous defeat.” Fan Yakun clenches teeth to say. Shen Xiang is still absorbing Primal Chaos Power of his within the body at this time, his hurriedly said: „It is not good, your within the body and Primal Chaos Power were attracted by me, but you at least must rest for 2-3 months to be restored to health completely, tomorrow will give me!” I asked a matter, who that did stronger marry the Yanyao person is? What background? Although Yanyao with me is false husband and wife, but she is my good friend, I must help her solve this fellow.” Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi complexion slightly changes, has looked at each other one startled. That was the Taiyuan mountain Dean grandson, although was usually arbitrary domineeringly, but the strength of this fellow was very good.” Fan Yakun has not known the Shen Xiang present strength. Moreover they had found to cope with the Primal Chaos Fire Token method, you also saw a moment ago, when you attack them, their bodies will present a light cover, you fuse Primal Chaos Fire Token again, or is uses Primal Chaos Fire Token inside flame to attack them, will not have the effect. Naturally, this is only aims at these honored Primal Chaos clans, does not have this magic treasure like us.” Lin Xiyi said.

This you do not need to be worried that I will solve, if not good, I will make the friend of mine help me.” Although Shen Xiang they dispersed with White Tiger, but, definitely will again gather. I disguise am your Xiyi Pavilion alchemy master, tomorrow will cope with these person who by me visits to cause trouble, if they are concerned about face, should be able to compete with the alchemy method to smash the field, I will also counter-attack them with this gentle way! But if they are not concerned about face, I make them assign cannot want!” This lets Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun is somewhat alarmed and afraid. I said you, what does this have to be good to fear? Isn't loses a pills shop? Depending on your talents, did not have this pills shop still to cross well.” Shen Xiang said: What moreover gets rid is I, is not you.” Relax, if they are compete alchemy, I compare with them! If not, I kill them by my true colors! In the past his grandfather had almost killed me, I want to kill his grandson am very normal matter!” Shen Xiang thinks, because this will possibly cause the Taiyuan mountain and Fan Family and Lin Family great war, will kill many people. Fan Yakun knows that Shen Xiang was certainly formidable, will otherwise not say that Hou Fei Shao well kills.