World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1060
Heavenly Sacred City had taken over control of by the Taiyuan mountain, after Hou Fei Shao was sneak attacked, the entire city was blocked, only allows to enter, does not permit . Moreover the sky has powerful old man to lead one team of people to fly frequently, is searching for the suspicious person, but they definitely will have achieved nothing, because their clue does not have. Next day, Xiyi Pavilion just opened the front door, that Hou Fei Shao rides a luxurious big sedan to arrive, behind also follows one in him is looking like very fierce alchemy master, is a very young man. „Was this Taiyuan mountain that is known as future Dan God? Really is very young, heard that young was one can refine the Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan alchemy master.” Hou Fei Shao invited him copes with Fan Yakun, this radically in oppressive families? Who does not know that Fan Yakun was injured yesterday evening, moreover many years of internal injury has not recovered, clarified has bullied the person!” Many people in a low voice were discussing in the distant place. This brat named Zhang Yan Qing, has Heavenly Fire inborn, moreover later very much may be able to practice Primal Chaos Fire to come, attainments very high in alchemy aspect, in Sacred Dan World young generation, unmanned energy enemy.” Fan Yakun gives the Shen Xiang biography: What rank pill can you refine now?” Earth Level middle-grade!” Shen Xiang returns to say. Was also good, the progress is very fast, enters into Earth Level High-Grade is a ridge, many alchemy masters are very difficult to step.” Fan Yakun said: I will make them define that rule in Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, they have this talent alchemy master, the condition should be more loose.” Hou Fei Shao sits in the luxurious sedan chair, moreover is also protecting outside several powerful old man, it seems like it is was worried that he was sneak attacked like last night again. Long time heard that your Xiyi Pavilion alchemy masters are very fierce, our Taiyuan mountain alchemy Master Xiang and you one high, with is also to his one experience.” The Hou Fei Shao sound is having the loathful arrogant expression: Hands over your fierce alchemy masters, do not come out disgracefully!” Why can accept your challenge?” Fan Yakun is very angry, thinks that rush over destroys the nose of this fellow: You injured me last night, I also not with your calculate!”

I remember that Heavenly Sacred City pills shop every ten years, must accept least unconditional challenges, otherwise gets the hell out!” That Hou Fei Shao said with a sneer. Good, how can you ratio?” Fan Yakun depresses the anger in heart, asked. Zhang Yan Qing goes forward one step, put out many tattered herbs to lose in the ground, looked at these tattered herbs, many person took a deep breath, because these tattered herbs were precious, but Taiyuan mountain unexpectedly had these many. The Xiyi Pavilion entrance has piled quickly up with many abandoning herbs, these herbs for various reasons cause unable to plant, but if in the splendid alchemy master hand, these herbs can refined into pill. You should know these herbs!” Zhang Yan Qing coldly asked that the young generation most has the alchemy master of talent as Sacred Dan World now, he naturally has an arrogance. Air/Qi Divine Pill!” Fan Yakun long implored the one breath: Air/Qi Divine Pill is one type can simultaneously have the helping other to practice True Qi and Divine Sense Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, even though in Sacred Dan World, herbs also already vanished, has not thought that your unexpectedly will have these many abandoning herbs.” Good, is mad Divine Pill is Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, because is too easy to refine is included Earth Level middle-grade, but the time use can become Earth Level High-Grade! But if with abandoning herbs refines, the difficulty will enlarge many!” Zhang Yan Qing said that continues abandoning air/Qi Divine Pill herbs takes, piles likely is two person of high hills , if complete herbs, can refine many furnaces! The Zhang Yan Qing look is having a provocation, said: I know that you are the good alchemy masters, in young one generation, can abandoning the herbs refined into pill's alchemy master.” Abandoning herbs refined into pill this is very indeed difficult, tests the level of alchemy master, although these herbs have abandoned, herbal Spirit Qi that but inside contains also suffices to congeal pill, moreover many gather, can reduce the difficulty. „Do you come? Do you come?” Zhang Yan Qing looked at Lin Xiyi, then looked at Fan Yakun.

I come!” Shen Xiang walked, he turns into one looks like a common young man, puts on very simply, likely is not the alchemy master. Shen Xiang stands at that moment, many people frowned, looks like from the semblance the words that is not very truly popular, but the people see Fan Yakun not to have the meaning of stop, knows that this person of deep conceal does not reveal. You?” Zhang Yan Qing disdain looks at Shen Xiang. Said the rule!” Shen Xiang were not many says anything. Air/Qi Divine Pill that two piles of air/Qi Divine Pill herbs of abandoning, your I respectively one pile, day of time, who refines are many, who wins, moreover is mad Divine Pill to turn over to who! Also, if my herbs refined, but you also had, the time has not arrived, I can refine with your herbs.” Zhang Yan Qing looks down upon at present this youth, he thought that competes with this person at present, reduces own status Shen Xiang nods, said: If I build up my this pile of herbs first, but the time has not arrived, some of your also many herbs, I can also take your herbs to refine right!” Right, but you do not have that possibility!” Zhang Yan Qing laughs at one. Other what rules?” Shen Xiang also asked. pill furnace of use is we are specific. pill furnace blasts is the failure.” Shen Xiang nodded, the herbs refinement that can with abandoning is mad Divine Pill, making him cheer up secretly, because he must unable to find to be mad Divine Pill herbs, Su Meiyao had said this pill's mystery, is only a grain of pill, but has two pill's effects!

He takes pill furnace, has inspected, this pill furnace had not gotten up to any tricks, the quality has also calculated going, it seems like that Hou Fei Shao plans directly and honestly defeating Xiyi Pavilion. Naturally, that Zhang Yan Qing also disdains in using the trick defeats others. „Do you plan to win? This brat is not the lamp of province oil!” Su Meiyao asked. First builds up 12 furnaces, after being familiar, my one breath built up an entire pile again completely!” Shen Xiang had a complete plan, he obtains that Heaven Refining Technique, making him have very big progress in the alchemy aspect, moreover many methods are used to assist alchemy, picks up the alchemy speed. Oh? the new method of Heaven Refining Technique just learning?” Su Meiyao eyes one bright, very anticipates Shen Xiang big show skill the moment. Good elder sister, I not to disappoint you.” That Zhang Yan Qing has put out some auxiliary herbs, Shen Xiang saw that these auxiliary herbs qualities are extremely high, this is helpful to making up for these to abandon the herbs insufficiency, this point is also he must do, before he such did, in the refinement abandons herbs is very relaxed. Shen Xiang also puts out auxiliary herbs, although looks like with Zhang Yan Qing has very big disparity, but these auxiliary herbs make with Soul Creation Fluid, inside it can be said that is containing mysterious strength.