World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1061
The refinement is mad Divine Pill herbs to be very special, although is a fruit, but actually ties in the root . Moreover the root is very long, is also very easy to have the problem in the process of growth, causing herbs that abandons to be many. These that now piles up abandon herbs, majority are unreliably the fruit that almost maturity for various reasons causes unable to plant, each fruit is linking a wrist|skill big tree root, but the fruit only then the fist of child is big, seems like the wrinkled apple, blushes slightly, is passing faint trace weak Spirit Qi. Zhang Yan Qing sorts two quality good unreliably fruits quickly, loses into pill furnace, started to refine! Because these unreliably fruits are the quality are very bad very bad that therefore gathers two, herbal Spirit Qi will be fuller, but if no a level, the general alchemy master is very difficult to gather the together refinement like two. This a difficulty to Shen Xiang does not have, let alone two gather, even if ten, hundred he is a cinch. Unreliably the fruit is the refinement is mad Divine Pill only main herbs, piles these to link a section of tree root, but this tree root is not very simple, so long as is linking with the fruit unreliably, can absorb the outside Spirit Qi Immortal Qi, can make the fruit be insufficient dead unreliably fast. Really is the waste, unexpectedly discards this section of root, this section of root and fruit equally is unreliably important!” Su Meiyao sees that Zhang Yan Qing processes herbs the time with Divine Sense, unreliably the fruit and tree root separation, then discards the tree root, this makes her feel that was a pity. Shen Xiang takes up a section of tree root, can induce to that section of tree root inside implication strange Spirit Qi clearly, truly is very important thing, but this tree root is also very unusual, unexpectedly stiff like iron, moreover many impurities. „The fruit tree has absorbed massive Spirit Qi after unreliably, transports the tree root, lets tree root adolescence, but the tree root very is long long time, like iron stiff, then gives birth to unreliably the fruit, fruit inside herbal Spirit Qi, is transformed unreliably by this section of tree root. Therefore this section of tree root is containing and unreliably in the fruit equally unusual herbal Spirit Qi! If you can smelt this section of tree root, and separates these impurities! The quality of this unreliably fruit like normal complete.” Su Meiyao said.

This does not have what difficulty for me, I have built up entire crystal stones mineral lode, has built up the innumerable mountains, does this thing have what Nan?” Shen Xiang throws into that section of tree root unreliably fruit pill furnace directly, he slightly processes the trash part that some have been able to remove. „Can't he understand alchemy? Fruit that section of root unexpectedly lost unreliably together, he in refiner or in alchemy? That section of ratio iron is difficult to smelt!” Although in that section of root has many herbal Spirit Qi, but must build up pure this section of root incomparable, is difficult! Zhang Yan Qing has Heavenly Fire, such has not done, his flame seems like every fire.” Do not laugh at others, if you loses such a section of tree root, now feared explode pill furnace! You have a look at others, well organized, fire intensity greatly suddenly is suddenly small, the fire intensity transformation is fast, but is not chaotic, is orderly.” old man stroked to steadily. The Xiyi Pavilion entrance has many people to watch this competition, the alchemy master are also many, but can see the alchemy master who a way are not many, so long as is the alchemy level quite high alchemy master, can see that the Shen Xiang's foundation of basic skills is very abundant, that Zhang Yan Qing has to from regard at present this person newly. According to inducing Shen Xiang alchemic furnace inside fire intensity changes, the alchemy masters of few part know that Shen Xiang is first time refines this pill, could see that Shen Xiang is displaying Refining Simulation Technique to carry on repeatedly wrong correction, if this makes other alchemy Master to come do, perhaps first time has been thrown into confusion, but Shen Xiang does not have, must know that he firm tree root together builds up.

Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun know the Shen Xiang's skill, they had been defeated by Shen Xiang in the alchemy aspect, Shen Xiang took in Sacred Dan World in the past first, therefore they highly believe Shen Xiang now, they were anticipating Shen Xiang to the pleasant surprise that they bring. Air/Qi the Divine Pill refinement difficulty not to be truly big, but if that section of tree root refines, became somewhat difficult, regarding Shen Xiang, must build up that section of tree root not to be difficult, what was difficult was in time, because the time was limited, only then day, but the opposite party was also the unusual skilled talent alchemy master who refined this pill, Shen Xiang guessed before Zhang Yan Qing, definitely had has refined to abandon the experience of herbs repeatedly, can the alchemy master who abandoning herbs turned into pill, which influence was popular, but the alchemy master like this were not many. Really, Zhang Yan Qing built up a furnace quickly, but refined one grain, the final result was the competion builds up pill's quantity, but after Shen Xiang the tree root built up, he has the confidence to build up two grains! Heavenly Fire is really fierce, is fiercer than my Universe Fire!” Although Shen Xiang closes one's eyes, but Zhang Yan Qing pill furnace inside situation very clear emergence in his mind, as cultivate Spirit, he uses formidable Divine Power to be very easy to spy on, let alone opposite party pill furnace is ordinary achievement. The flame is stronger, burns down the spirit herb speed to be quicker, many high level spirit herb are unusual stubborn, is not only the material is hard to cremate, inside herbal Spirit Qi very barbaric, if there is an enough strong flame, these herbal Spirit Qi in the suitable intense flame, will become gently. Has the formidable flame, does not mean to make an effort to burn, but must act according to the experience of alchemy master, controls the heat degree of flame, suppresses herbal Spirit Qi, will otherwise cause alchemy to be defeated. This has anything, his Heavenly Fire adolescence space is not big, to become Primal Chaos Fire, but after your Universe Fire evolves Universe Heavenly Fire, that approached the principle, Primal Chaos Fire was strong, still in principle.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang wholeheartedly multipurpose, is carrying on dual Refining Simulation Technique, refines oneself that furnace gas Divine Pill, while is spying on Zhang Yan Qing pill furnace inside situation, studies the Zhang Yan Qing alchemy technique, makes up for one's deficiency by learning from others'strong points, this makes him obtain very big harvest.

Zhang Yan Qing refined a furnace, the speed rapidness, let feel ashamed of one's inferiority in the old alchemy master of watching, many people estimated that Zhang Yan Qing possibly only used the half-day time, can refine his pile of air/Qi Divine Pill herbs, then can also build up Shen Xiang's herbs! Even if, Shen Xiang is still so calm, does not have slightly the tense color, such mood also quite makes the person admire, but many people do not favor him. In a minute, Zhang Yan Qing was also good to build up a furnace . Moreover the speed was also faster than before, making many alchemy masters exude the unbelievable whoa, now many people understand why this Zhang Yan Qing was called future Pill Saint!