World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1062
„The fellow also 520 unreliably fruits, according to him at present the quickest speed, a double-hour should be able to refine 50 furnaces, his furnace refines two, only needs 260 furnaces to build up his herbs, needs five double-hour probably!” Long Xueyi said: His each furnace can only have a grain of pill.” Shen Xiang still at a moderate pace is building up his pill now, had not been affected slightly by opposite party that terrifying speed, because he is confident regarding himself, so long as he can refine air vent Divine Pill familiar, he will integrate inside Heaven Refining Technique inside method, that is Su Meiyao is also curious. If according to the current circumstance, Su Meiyao even though understands the Shen Xiang's ability, but does not know how he will win, but she knows that Shen Xiang when the time comes definitely will use Heaven Refining Technique inside heaven defying method. Others built up ten furnaces, his furnace has not built up!” Hehe, he builds up this furnace evidently, others build up own herbs, then builds up his, he was loses evidently.” He lost did not have what loss, was makes the Xiyi Pavilion reputation be damaged at most.” According to his present speed, is hopeless to win, but is he so why calm?” Shen Xiang now already links together own consciousness and alchemic furnace, and seals up to the relation of outside, lets in his mind, only then he and alchemic furnace exists, as if this world only then he and alchemic furnace, because of him now to the most crucial time! My Universe Fire is not absolutely weak in Heavenly Fire, I before crossed thousand people of great tribulation, devour that grain of Tribulation Force condense fire seed, that should be day fire seed is unmistakable! Reason that I now have not played the Universe Fire might , because my innermost feelings told themselves, if after Universe Fire evolved, will cause very big damage to me!”

Shen Xiang felt that inexplicable moving restlessly, he in sane told itself, now not the Universe Fire release time, once because released, his Universe Fire might the evolution is Heavenly Fire, depending on his present strength, cannot suppress that type of terrifying flame. He has this idea , because he experiences Li Baojun Heavenly Fire to be formidable, now clearer seeing and he competes with the alchemy talent to utilize the Heavenly Fire convenient place, making his innermost feelings long for very! I am very clear, my present fleshly body is unable to withstand my Universe Fire to evolve later strength, I am Immortal Devil Body great accomplishment, but is unable to withstand that type of flame! Only can explain, not only that type of flame absolutely Universe Heavenly Fire is so simple! What flame can that be?” Shen Xiang depresses the impulsion in heart, becomes by oneself sane, otherwise he will become confused because of the hope of innermost feelings, creates mistake that is unable to make up. Universe Fire was very fierce, but I have not used completely.” Shen Xiang releases formidable Divine Power, making Divine Power drill into these herbs, looks at clear these herbs inside organizations, then again leads into the flame, seeps to these herbs in slight the spot, the different places, the heat degree of flame is different. This is the first time enters these herbs interior completely, inside is a vast world, but in this world has the gorgeousness, will therefore send out very beautiful multi-colored sunlight! Inside world is vital, will therefore have the air/Qi of unusual life, after the person takes, has other effects! Shen Xiang understands that now flowered world these words, he knows himself at this time, although with flame incinerator these herbs inside world, but that is not actually destroying them, but lets them own internal beautiful world blooms gorgeously! In that flash, was hard unreliably the fruit and that section of tree root that smelts, turns into one group of brilliant gentle light glow instantaneously, the brilliance flash item. Shen Xiang does not have to think own unexpectedly makes this breakthrough, moreover when his alchemy is thinking destroys herbs, suppresses herbs, surrenders herbs, burns refined into herbal Spirit Qi them.

But after he saw in these herbs inner-worlds a moment ago, he is thinking must enable these herbs internal world by best way withering away, shocks beautifully, is similar to the meteor like that! He has understood the world of these fruit and flowers, has carried on very marvelous exchange with them, thus makes these herbs give up resisting, coordinates his Universe Fire, melts for colorful herbal Spirit Qi! I have not thought that so was mistakenly long!” Shen Xiang opens the eye, took a deep breath. He already receives completely Divine sense and flame, many people see him so, to think that he failed, gave up. But at this time alchemic furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi already gradually and herbal powder fuses, then turns into one group of cyclones fast, along with the Shen Xiang's regard, Qi ball is divided into three, turns into three Qi ball, the rapid rotation, Qi mist is extruding to the interior, gradually condense to become pill! Most essential, the most difficult congealing pill stage, his unexpectedly anything has not done, but many people actually very much ravelled he to make anything, unexpectedly made pill furnace inside herbal Spirit Qi be similar to has the self- consciousness to be ordinary, congealed voluntarily pill! Many alchemy masters saw Shen Xiang a moment ago, when concentrates pill not to complete, received oneself all strength, no longer controlled pill furnace with the flame and Divine Sense, but he actually congealed the pill success merit. Su Meiyao does not know how Shen Xiang achieves, she guessed that is Heaven Refining Technique inside method, but actually some not like. Shen Xiang turns on the pill furnace cover, sees only the pale-green multi-colored sunlight to spray together, as if treasure is born general, making the person look dumbfoundedly, what is more surprising, floats that three grains of pale-green pill pellet that from alchemic furnace! unexpectedly congealed three grains of air/Qi Divine Pill . Moreover the quality has reached the peak, these three grains of air/Qi Divine Pill were winding around all over the body air/Qi of very strange life, making people think that these three grains of pill were three small lives seem to be common, but that pill was fragrant, was similar to the spring breeze general, proliferated toward the four directions gently, the intermittent delicate fragrance passed the will of the people spleen, obviously these three grains of air/Qi Divine Pill qualities were high how!

Has to refine, unexpectedly can build up three grains, but unthinkable, because uses completely, the quality highest fruit refines unreliably, supports is only three grains of qualities is also ordinary, at present these three grains of air/Qi Divine Pill, are similar to the treasure is ordinary! After some people have planned competed with end, buys at a high price these to be mad Divine Pill, did not say brings to eat, brought to collect the demonstration is very valuable. Hou Fei Shao sits in the sedan chair, looks at both eyes to be red, in the heart is full of the envy, he naturally saw that this alchemy master is unusual, he thought that this talent alchemy master, either is wins over, either massacres! In the Zhang Yan Qing heart also secretly envied, although he built up more than ten furnaces, but he knows, if compared with value, more than ten grains of air/Qi Divine Pill that he built up were well below Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang has used herbs, he was actually ten, high under stood sentences!