World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1063
Shen Xiang in the people shocking look, calm puts in that three grains of air/Qi Divine Pill a spatial jade box, then piles in herbs to take out ten from that at will, is including root unreliably fruit! After joining some auxiliary herbs, his unexpectedly squeezes in these ten herbs that pill furnace, today must refine ten, moreover brings the root, must know that is equal to ten profound irons, does he plan to refine? Many old alchemy masters were daunted, this alchemy technique will shock everybody, moreover many old alchemy master suddenly thought that at present this person has to plant very familiar feeling. On the same day when Shen Xiang in Sacred Dan World attended that alchemy big game, is technique startled four, Lin Xiyi and Fan Yakun still have a vivid memory at this time, now can see the technique of Shen Xiang this strange its technique again, making them exclaim in surprise. Before many people think that Shen Xiang lost, thinks that Zhang Yan Qing will certainly make Shen Xiang end the defeat by very good result, but is very difficult saying that when Shen Xiang alchemy did not refine according to the common sense, when broke through many alchemy iron gauges completely. Shen Xiang after had been sensing that method a moment ago, now attempts once more, he does not process herbs, after putting in pill furnace inside, emits Divine Power, spies on these herbs inside world! Before he used Heaven Refining Technique to clear off vegetation from a hillside and build up, including crystal stones mineral lode, these things were very large-scale, can let he saw these things very much intuitively „the world, but Heaven Refining Technique can build up the world, so long as he completely understood something, can put the produce fire flame, according to Heaven Refining Technique inside method, then made the flame seep to the interior of these things, can burn to build up the myriad things, thus had to build up the Heaven Refining place strength. Heaven Refining Technique can refine large-scale thing, was to rely on between Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi turned into the intense flame, but now Shen Xiang already quality of being worth looking at these herbs interior, in these strange flowers different grass also stretch of world, but this stretch of world was unknown, so long as he can establish the marvelous relation with these strange flowers different grass, can like a moment ago, making these herbs temperate, relaxed congealing pill. Now he must use Heaven Refining Technique, the flame that but for strengthened, making him burn down these herbs fast, burns down from the interior! At this time in the Shen Xiang's mind presented many world, is these herbs world, before him similar that sees, unknowingly, he introduces the flame, seeps, but the speed is not very fast, although his Universe Fire was very strong, but actually cannot achieve dissolves these herbs situations instantaneously.

Now he must do simultaneously refines ten herbs in pill furnace, is equal to refines ten furnace pill in inside! This is also in Heaven Refining Technique Great Ten Thousand Refinements Technique, but simultaneously emitted ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in the past, but now emits ten Illusionary Brilliant Furnace in pill furnace. Naturally, because inside space pushes, therefore this is very difficult to achieve, he can only burn down first completely these ten herbs, then branches out 30 groups of cyclones! If now is not the competition, he can also concise become a grain of pill these ten herbs, but that requires a lot of time. Flame was insufficient! The root of this fruit is very unreliably difficult to melt! Clears off vegetation from a hillside me is more difficult.” The Shen Xiang heart said that but he also knows Spirit Qi that in these mountains contains to be limited, moreover disperses, makes the root of fruit not result in this unreliably compares, he also built up many mountains, is concise a grain of quality very high pill. 18 th of Heavenly Sacred City in Sacred Dan World, here very high, moreover Immortal Qi of this city is very rich, Shen Xiang has not tried to change into the flame Immortal Qi is what kind of! He uses Heaven Refining Technique inside method, start makes that alchemic furnace absorb massive Immortal Qi, with alchemic furnace inside Universe Fire fusion, changes into a very strong flame, that fire Qi unexpectedly can compare favorably with Heavenly Fire! At this time those present can see several Qi mist to drill into Shen Xiang's pill furnace, but Shen Xiang pill furnace inside fire Qi is also getting stronger and stronger, with equally matched of that Zhang Yan Qing, unexpectedly borrows the Immortal Qi enhancement flame, this method makes many alchemy masters yearn. Hou Fei Shao looks clenches jaws, this type so has the alchemy master of talent, unexpectedly in Xiyi Pavilion, at this time he somewhat regretted that made Zhang Yan Qing smash the field, because this will certainly affect Zhang Yan Qing, perhaps also will make in the Zhang Yan Qing heart have the shadow since then, ruined this talent.

Zhang Yan Qing this time pressure is also very big, three grains of peak qualities air/Qi Divine Pill that especially Shen Xiang built up a moment ago, deep attack he , he although is arrogant, but also had self-knowledge, he built up 20 furnaces now, congealed successfully 20 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill, but these 20 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill added that making people think that was inferior that three grains of perfect air/Qi Divine Pill that Shen Xiang built up! Shen Xiang this time condition is good, the whole body fills cleanly, pill furnace inside these herbs with were the same a moment ago, among suddenly immolates oneself, burns down from the interior, quick dissolves gentle herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder, then both mutually twine, the fusion, merges together finally, forms very big Qi ball, Shen Xiang attentively is thinking at this time, that Qi ball voluntarily turns into 30 small groups. A furnace concentrates the pill 30 grains, he had not done before, must know that present alchemic furnace does not have what special function, if Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, inside space is very big, moreover there is a time to accelerate, but at this time his useless Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, he can achieve this situation! The people looked scared, especially Shen Xiang received a moment ago completely strength! But the pill furnace internal activity is fierce, many people had guessed correctly that Shen Xiang unexpectedly planned a furnace builds up 30 grains! Now Shen Xiang stopped, but pill furnace gradually was also tranquil, he refines a speed of furnace now, unexpectedly nose Zhang Yan Qing was quicker, must know that he was building up ten herbs, moreover was bringing such as the profound iron tree root! The pill furnace cover opens, the green multi-colored sunlight that spout such as the dragon goes to sea, howls, passes through the cloud layer, seizes the eye dazzling, shakes the person heart and soul! „Is this person?” Many person hearts suspected that at present this person possibly is existence that in Legend transcends the mortal world, when extremely rare Pill Saint rank, alchemy will have the potential of this Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering.

30 grains!” People suddenly thought that whole body one soft, furnace 30 grains, the quality is extraordinary, to went to that Zhang Yan Qing distant flinging at the same time, Zhang Yan Qing now is more than 20 grains, and has used more than 40 herbs. At this time the people thought the necessity that has not been inferior, the victory and defeat has decided that especially the Zhang Yan Qing present condition was greatly affected. Hou Fei Shao looks clenches jaws, is pinching the fist tightly, he wishes one could to destroy completely this Xiyi Pavilion talent alchemy master, because he knows that this alchemy master is very at present difficult to win over! Zhang Yan Qing inspires fiercely, at this time he also congealed pill, sees only in pill furnace to present a grain of quality under not to be mad Divine Pill in Shen Xiang's, this made him have the confidence immediately, in this competition, truly can let a level aloof display of alchemy master. Shen Xiang has closed the eye, his unexpectedly immediately alchemy, evidently likely in restoring Yuan Qi, this lets Zhang Yan Qing and in the Hou Fei Shao heart likes, they think Shen Xiang because a moment ago consumed oversized, therefore has to rest now. Many people also thought so, but is really this?