World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1064

Shen Xiang before strength that restoring to consume, because he prepares the one breath to build up, even is builds up, moreover he also the huge harvest that requires some time to digest just obtained, this is breakthrough on a Realm, only then under the chance coincidence can promote Realm through the comprehension, may with not be possible to ask. Zhang Yan Qing and Hou Fei Shao see Shen Xiang not to move for a very long time, in the heart starts to taunt Shen Xiang, that ability unexpectedly appears briefly, withered all of a sudden. But Zhang Yan Qing relies on to have Heavenly Fire, pill who as well as own alchemy talent, each furnace builds up at this time is the quality is extremely high, this is also because Shen Xiang gave his pressure a moment ago, makes him have to force itself to promote. But he still needs two herbs to build up a grain of pill, moreover he cannot build up the root like Shen Xiang completely, many people understand that Shen Xiang grasped to build up the root knack. Suddenly, more than two double-hour pass by, Shen Xiang is still motionless, closes one's eyes to control one's breathing, but Zhang Yan Qing has refined more than 100 furnaces, altogether has 130 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill. A little time, can turn into that many to be mad Divine Pill herbs that these abandon, this allows many people to understand profoundly that an influence has this talent alchemy master is the how fearful matter. When Zhang Yan Qing and Hou Fei Shao are calm, Shen Xiang had to move finally, this unexpectedly took 20 belt roots unreliably fruit, but that alchemic furnace definitely could not fill these many, this made all people stare big both eyes carefully to look that wants to have a look at him to be actually what kind. However Shen Xiang only puts in ten, another ten stay outside, but he has not covered the alchemic furnace cover, his unexpectedly must turn on the cover to build up! If for the exposed status, Shen Xiang definitely cannot use quite big Illusionary Brilliant Furnace to build up, was more convenient than the present are many. The cover is for him dispensable, because he can change a transparent cover covers above, such will come not to make herbal Spirit Qi drain.

This time he still absorbs Immortal Qi to come, uses Heaven Refining Technique, turns into the raging fire Immortal Qi, integrates in his Universe Fire, making the flame stronger. pill furnace has not covered the cover, at this time inside herbs in the rapid dissolution, the multi-colored sunlight unceasingly spout, many alchemy masters can distinguish the degree that herbs melts from these light glow, but light glow becomes the rapidness, explained the speed of melting is also quick, this makes people be hard to believe that ten profound iron tree roots to be the same on the good photographic paper, melted all of a sudden. This cannot achieve including Zhang Yan Qing, Zhang Yan Qing has Heavenly Fire, he also tried to melt these tree roots before, although can melt, the time of requiring is very long! With flame incinerator these strange flowers different grass time, the strange flowers different grass can the instinct release strength resist, prevents the flame seepage interior, if the flame is too from the beginning fierce, the intelligential strange flowers different grass stops defending on suddenly, making the flame burn down oneself all of a sudden, when alchemy needs to the flame accurate control also to be this reason. But now Shen Xiang is lights a fire in these spirit herb interior directly, burns from the interior outward, this is because he can enter these spirit herb inside world, can carry on the mysterious exchange with them, making these spirit herb open the heart to him, when he burns down these herbs is easy! However is only at present restricted to be mad Divine Pill herbs, he does not know that uses this move of effectiveness for other herbs, does not know when facing rank higher spirit herb meets is what kind. Sees Shen Xiang to catch up once more, Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing pressure is big, especially Hou Fei Shao, he is concerned about face-saving, if defeats, is not only he is laughed, their Taiyuan mountain the perfection myth of talent alchemy master will also be broken. In a minute, Shen Xiang is very smooth that ten spirit herb refined into 30 grains of pill, this makes Zhang Yan Qing look at both eyes to be red, use factor high of Shen Xiang to spirit herb, ten can refine 30 grains, but Zhang Yan Qing needs 60 to leave 30 grains!

After alchemic furnace air/Qi Divine Pill of 30 grains of peak qualities draws a charge, pill furnace inside flame unexpectedly has not extinguished! After Shen Xiang is mad these Divine Pill puts in jade box inside, unexpectedly to a pill furnace side gently palm, side pill furnace middle the position has been puncturing a hole! Sees such one, in people heart shouts wildly, thinks that Shen Xiang fell insanely, unexpectedly spoiled own pill furnace at this time! Bang! Shen Xiang punctures a hole in the middle of other pill furnace side, afterward separately makes two holes in the pill furnace bottom both sides! The Shen Xiang's action makes all person doubts puzzled, but Shen Xiang told their answer quickly! pill furnace inside flame still in burning, although four holes, but inside fire Qi has not drained, sees only Shen Xiang to squeeze in unreliably some fruits and auxiliary herbs from the middle two side holes fast, meanwhile uses secret method, making Immortal Qi emerge in the pill furnace base two side holes fast, this can a quicker strong flame! Although on pill furnace has the hole, but was sealed up by Shen Xiang, at this time inside light glow sprays from these holes, when burns down these tree roots, waste sprays from the pill furnace mouth, scatters to the sky, this method truly very rapidness.

The people look are lost in thought that this tattered alchemic furnace, looks like has probably mysterious strength to be ordinary, crazy devour Immortal Qi works as the enhancement flame, but the speed that inside spirit herb melts is quick, these impurities spout from the place above! After pill furnace inside spirit herb melts, floods into the pill furnace upper formation, concentrates there slowly pill, but at this time Shen Xiang started to squeeze in spirit herb toward the middle that matter, his unexpectedly or interrupted makes pill! This was really too crazy, Zhang Yan Qing looked in the heart to be irritable, he wants to know that very much Shen Xiang used any evil strength, unexpectedly has been able such heaven defying, this alchemy technique was his first time has seen, before he listened not to listen. Hou Fei Shao this time look can kill people, on the face full envies and anger, this creates this because of his mentality purely, he is must not exposed to others be good! His strength is very strong, but in Sacred Dan World, the alchemy master is Wang Dao (The Way of King), but Fan Yakun alchemy technique actually compares to be much wiser, Lin Xiyi this female also has been strong his many, if not Fan Yakun is injured, the strength also went far beyond him. But now Fan Yakun and in the Lin Xiyi shop, unexpectedly has this type startled is the Celestial Beings alchemy master, displays builds up the Dan God technique to admire including Hou Fei Shao! Displays Heaven Refining Technique, transforms Immortal Qi as the flame biggest malpractice consumes Divine Power . Moreover the flame is not own, the need stronger control strength, the short time displays does not have what issue actually, if he could not endure for a long time! Although Shen Xiang's alchemic furnace full is big hole, but in has not actually revealed a wee bit but aura, entire alchemic furnace is very steady, this amazing.