World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1065
In alchemic furnace the fire intensity is intense, can see flaming is burning the raging fire from these holes, but all around Immortal Qi still unceasingly emerges in Shen Xiang's pill furnace. Shen Xiang knows shortly after own Divine Power support, if the time is long, his Divine Power will consume massively, by his present situation, he must maintain oneself strength when half about, can make him meet danger(ous) can avoid. Comes in!” Shen Xiang waves to pile spirit herb to that to grasp, void presents the great hand that white Qi mist turned into, was mad Divine Pill spirit herb to grasp these refinements completely, moved to his alchemic furnace by, then he started to squeeze in spirit herb toward alchemic furnace in crazily, simultaneously he seeped with Divine Power to the spirit herb interior again, making the flame burn down from the interior outward. Just entered pill furnace shortly after spirit herb, quick turns into Qi mist, light glow was intermittent. In an instant, Shen Xiang squeezes in more than ten herbs toward pill furnace, pill furnace inside congealing full herbal Spirit Qi, making these light glow more intense! light glow that shoots from pill furnace these holes was quickly weaker, because Shen Xiang congealing has become pill pellet, in pill success that instantaneous, light glow is very dazzling, spews out once more. Then, Shen Xiang can fast and uninterrupted congealing pill, this building up makes many alchemy masters almost kneel, so long as is the alchemy master, does not want to reach this level. Shen Xiang's alchemy technique was very strong, has the excellent talent, now he cultivates Heaven Refining Technique, once the innumerable mountain and a big vast lands refined into pill, refined to be mad Divine Pill to be for him simple at this time. Naturally, this is also his most peak alchemy level, must make him refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, he could not perhaps have refined, but he also planned that finds the time to attempt again, uses him to refine to be mad the Divine Pill method. Quality excellent air/Qi Divine Pill continually wells up from alchemic furnace, put in a jade box by Shen Xiang, looks at many people are the envy envies, obviously is spirit herb that abandons, but can still build up pill such to come, moreover can build up such quickly, this makes these that many alchemy masters were annoyed initially to discard abandon spirit herb. A double-hour, Shen Xiang that pile abandoning the fruit builds up unreliably, altogether 400, the complete success, leaves the pill 1200 grains!

I must buy grain of this air/Qi Divine Pill to go back to collect, after this person perhaps, becomes Pill Saint!” I must buy, it seems like he won, these were mad Divine Pill entirely to turn over to him! His paternal grandmother, who helps me calculate how many his these are mad Divine Pill value?” He...... Is he doing?” Person of suddenly is startled to shout. Shen Xiang arrived at side Zhang Yan Qing, unexpectedly takes up Zhang Yan Qing herbs, started alchemy with his crazy method a moment ago! In the rule has said that builds up herbs that person first, if the opposite party also has herbs, can take the opposite party builds up! However the people thought that builds up to be better to Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang has pill to be many . Moreover the quality be better than Zhang Yan Qing! This action is equal to maliciously is stepping on the face of Zhang Yan Qing and Hou Fei Shao, this makes in their hearts very angry, especially Hou Fei Shao, he has wants to lash out the Shen Xiang's idea repeatedly, but he knows, if such does, later he will be scoffed by the people. Zhang Yan Qing more than 300 have not refined, now completely by Shen Xiang at the maximum speed refined into pill! Also is a double-hour, Shen Xiang has consumed most Divine Power and True Qi, but actually refines more than 2000 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill, their herbs built up completely! Zhang Yan Qing looks own that few air/Qi Divine Pill, looked at air/Qi Divine Pill of Shen Xiang that big wicker basket, the double fist grasps, the heart wells up an envious hatred, his solemn Sacred Dan World future Pill Saint, the first young alchemy master, but actually defeats now that miserably!

Before, the victory and defeat branched out, therefore the people are not accidental at this time. You lost!” Fan Yakun somewhat excitedly said that Shen Xiang can spirit herb refined into more than 2000 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill that these abandon, this level takes a broad view at entire Sacred Dan World, perhaps is hard some people a worthy opponent. Zhang Yan Qing looks at Fan Yakun and Shen Xiang shamefully and angrily, especially Shen Xiang that light facial expression, making him angriest, has won him, but did not have a joy, probably won him is a not worthy of mentioning matter, he such had not been despised. In the Hou Fei Shao look full is killing intent, he went out of the sedan chair, the brow wrinkled: I had not heard your name, are you Xiyi Pavilion alchemy master? Does Fan Yakun today invite?” Shen Xiang said: I am only the nameless junior, you do not listen to be very normal. I three days ago just joined Xiyi Pavilion, so long as is the Xiyi Pavilion alchemy master, can accept the challenge on behalf of Xiyi Pavilion.” This did not keep a promise, you just came!” Hou Fei Shao eyes dodges, everyone can see in his eyes that to wipe the deceitful light, his unexpectedly must act shamelessly. Why didn't keep a promise?” Fan Yakun gets angry slightly. I acknowledged that I had underestimated your Xiyi Pavilion, I think your alchemy masters are one group of not popular fellows. I do not know that your Xiyi Pavilion has a such alchemy master, otherwise I will invite better alchemy Master to come today and you one high under.” Hou Fei Shao haughty smiles. Said that you make Zhang Yan Qing challenge our crowds not to be popular, is also telling us, isn't Zhang Yan Qing popular?” Shen Xiang sneered: I want a little horizontal alchemy masters to see a moment ago I first refine to be mad Divine Pill, moreover I also can only refine Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan high, the alchemy master who as far as I know, you invited can refine Heaven Level pill!” Zhang Yan Qing is angry, the tooth must bite the disintegration.

Hou Fei Shao complexion one cold, clenches teeth angrily said: Wild fellow, I beat your mouth today!” During the speeches, the Hou Fei Shao fist like lightning, above is binding terrifying golden Qi mist, seems that is a very fierce snare, some sharp long thorns on that snare, looks like very scary. Is harder than the fist?” In the Shen Xiang heart smiles, does not move aside, a unexpectedly fist moved forward to meet somebody . Moreover the imposing manner be arrogant than Hou Fei Shao. Hou Fei Shao suddenly lashes out Shen Xiang, in expected of many people, before Hou Fei Shao did many such matters, Fan Yakun has eaten such owing. The people saw that [gold/metal] thorn to fight with the fists a moment ago, thinks that Shen Xiang must be finished, but sees the offensive that Shen Xiang counterattacks fierce, unavoidably was frightened one, this seems like the delicate alchemy master, strength unexpectedly is so intrepid. Bang! Two fist clashes, shook dull thumping sound, earth trembled slightly, afterward resounded in pā lā the sound, saw only in Hou Fei Shao that arm to have the firecracker to be common probably, inside meat bone cuns (2.5cm) ruptured opens broken, the flesh and blood flew violently! „......” Hou Fei Shao called out pitifully, his pain startled shouted: Who is Primal Chaos Power...... you are? How you understood that uses Primal Chaos Power!”