World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1066
That a wee bit Primal Chaos Power of Shen Xiang use is he these that attracts from Fan Yakun within the body, although is little, but mixed in Dragon Force inside after by him, unexpectedly will have the unexpected effect, has blown this Hou Fei Shao directly. Protects Hou Fei Shao that several expert hastily to go forward, but was actually drunk by Hou Fei Shao hastily: We walk!” Can use the Primal Chaos Power person, cannot annoy absolutely, although Hou Fei Shao is arbitrary, but his grandfather such has urged him frequently, person who especially meets some nameless non- surnames! Before Shen Xiang , the temporary alchemy ability, where can Hou Fei Shao be able to forget? Primal Chaos Mountain is very big, although now is very chaotic, their Taiyuan mountain alone big, but in Primal Chaos Mountain still some unknown expert, especially some alchemy big alligators, Pill Saint Dan Immortal anything. In Primal Chaos Mountain, can use Primal Chaos Power, known very well also only then that some, therefore Hou Fei Shao suffered a loss at this time, cannot continue again, if annoys to the terrifying character who his grandfather said that perhaps the entire Taiyuan mountain will be destroyed completely. Zhang Yan Qing and Hou Fei Shao leave under escorting of these old man, just before leaving, that Zhang Yan Qing looks at the Shen Xiang's look, making in all person hearts tremble, but Shen Xiang closes with a smile. The Xiyi Pavilion crisis melted finally, Shen Xiang has given Fan Yakun 1000 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill, but Fan Yakun does not take something for free Shen Xiang's, has given Shen Xiang many herbs and advanced pill, for example Earth Level High-Grade Life Returning Pill and Five Elements Profound Dan have many. Shen Xiang Xiyi Pavilion has rested now for day, leaves Xiyi Pavilion, after going out of town, rushes toward Purple Orchid Valley, he just before leaving also urges Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi must frequently vigilant Hou Fei Shao, has right, does not run away immediately, keeps green mountain not to worry not to have the firewood fever. These fellows are really annoying, I know to be able like this!” Shen Xiang has not changed the appearance, competes with the alchemy appearance to go out of town when by the same day and Zhang Yan Qing, therefore he will be tracked. But this is actually Shen Xiang intentionally such does, if he must go out of town quietly, definitely will not be discovered that with is the same, Zhang Yan Qing and Hou Fei Shao that he expects came, his disguise change appearance, follows in two old man.

They have not plotted against your meaning evidently probably!” Long Xueyi said. They must determine that you leave Heavenly Sacred City, then starts to small husband and wife to that?” Bai Youyou coldly smiled: This is an opportunity, kills them, avoids the future trouble!” Shen Xiang is having this intent, therefore he invariable appearance, completely will direct them, but he thought that Hou Fei Shao they track him, should have other goal. These two old fellow that this Taiyuan mountain really a little strength, they sent, the strength was not weak, should be able to compare favorably with these Sacred Realm Heaven World expert, you did not use the Devil Decaying Death Qi words, killed undying radically they.” Long Xueyi said. Very is truly strong, if I leave Heavenly Sacred City to be farther, they can my fight?” Shen Xiang does not dare to be negligent in Sacred Dan World, although he now is another status, but if he uses Devil Decaying Death Qi to be discovered that may harm miserable Fan Yakun they. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, turned into Soul Body that cannot see by own Divine sense, drifts away, close rear area these track his person, listens secretly their talks. After being far away from Heavenly Sacred City, tracks his Hou Fei Shao and the others suddenly to pick up the speed, is approaching him! This fellow is not our Primal Chaos Mountain person, Primal Chaos Power that he uses is not authentic, two elders can look luckily, then we can feel relieved starts to him, compelling him to hand over that alchemy method!” Hou Fei Shao said with a smile cloudy: Has solved, did not fear that Fan Yakun that brat, the forest young girl sooner or later is my.” When the time comes makes me massacre him personally!” After Zhang Yan Qing that attracted much attention loses to Shen Xiang, the fame suffers a disastrous decline, this makes him hate to Shen Xiang.

Your fight wants to be quicker, do not forget us also to attend a meeting, your beginning of the universe Great Elder is waiting for us!” An elder said fainily. „Is that conference very important? When the grandfather subpoenaed, the sound was serious!” Hou Fei Shao said. Is very important, that is in buried treasure the matter about Primal Chaos Mountain, you should know that a while ago one crowd of person suddenly came from other world, the expert strength of that group of people is very weak, Big Shot of their each influence have a remnant chart.” An elder said. It is said that once gave us Primal Chaos Mountain to cause the heavy loss Shen Xiang at that time to come, he also cut to kill our Taiyuan mountain many people. Snort, this fellow I must cut him personally, heard that Du Family Du Yanyao is his good friend!” On the Hou Fei Shao face cannot help but reveals color of the envious hatred: But had a liking for by the Dean grandson, this fellow is not willing to make concessions, must snatch with me actually!” After hearing they talked, Shen Xiang immediately can guess correctly that remnant chart was in his hand that flake, that flake was the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's founder hides in Sacred Dan World, but now falls on him, means that crowd of ancient influence obtained the complete map. In front fight!” Hou Fei Shao said. After Shen Xiang hears this, quickens pace, sneaks into a nearby forest, this makes Hou Fei Shao they greatly anxious. Cannot see the Shen Xiang's time in them, strength of Shen Xiang stimulation of movement within the body, uses the strength of Law of Space, shuttled back and forth in the space by oneself, is far away from Hou Fei Shao they. However, patrolling that he released before read the body still in staring at Hou Fei Shao they, Hou Fei Shao had so heavy killing heart to him, moreover planned that under them cruel methods to Fan Yakun, they cannot make Hou Fei Shao live departure!

He in the forest, here has his remaining aura, this person is vigilant, it seems like we were discovered that pursues!” Elder anxiously said. This is aura that Shen Xiang leaves behind intentionally, he to constrain them. dragon brat, you a bit faster display Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, arrives at Purple Orchid Valley with the quickest speed, by Bai Xing sound transmission, being made her a bit faster come to here to help me!” This is means that Shen Xiang suddenly thinks, Bai Xing is the starry sky White Tiger clan, after the awakening memory inherits, the strength becomes very powerful, if she arrived here, even if hits that two elders, but if she summoned the stars, certainly will be detected by White Tiger. So long as White Tiger arrives, he does not have what to be good to fear. Does not know that the big white cat can induce.” Long Xueyi knows the Shen Xiang's thoughts, whispered, immediately defers to does, her Divine Power that Shen Xiang said be stronger than Shen Xiang, Nine Heavens Mental Exploration is also fiercer than Shen Xiang. Taiyuan mountain old man to Shen Xiang shouted: Do not run, we are well-meant to you, but wants to ask your such character to go to our Taiyuan mountain to be a guest, we treat as the honored guest you absolutely!” Fools do not believe you!” The Shen Xiang heart said that continues to flee in all directions in forest, as far as possible the protracted time, making Long Xueyi find Bai Xing.