World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1067

Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing somewhat cannot endure this fast pursuit to move, too consumes strength, moreover pursued, is so long, they occasionally can glimpse the Shen Xiang's shadow, making them very impatient. Shen Xiang just refined these many to be mad Divine Pill, now happen to applies, eats up one grain to restore True Qi and Divine Power, even if he facing powerful old fellow, can depend upon Law of Space strength, is shuttling back and forth the space, in forest around circle. The elder of that two Taiyuan mountain in the heart was not feeling well at this time, they have not displayed the quickest speed, because this arrogant Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing could not follow their speeds, but if cast off Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing, they worried that these two juniors were plotted. Now they are in a dilemma, the withdrawal definitely was incorrect, because their motions had been discovered that if cannot take at present this person, the ghost knows that he will have what kind of retaliation? These two old fellow lived was so long, can definitely be able to see the person who their pursued had the background very much, will otherwise not have that extraordinary alchemy technique, as well as linked Primal Chaos Power that they could not practice. Shen Xiang and Hou Fei Shao their four people have socialized more than half double-hour in this forest, making that two old fellow wish one could to fall this forest bang, but they cannot guarantee whether can massacre Shen Xiang, their initial goals grasp Shen Xiang exactly, forcing Shen Xiang to say these alchemy secrets, but they did not have that thought now, only wants a bit faster to massacre Shen Xiang. „Hasn't elder, why he left the forest? Does here cheat?” Some Hou Fei Shao said worriedly, he has panted, he and Zhang Yan Qing exhaust strength, can only follow these two elders reluctantly. „It is not, he does not know that we track him, but afterward knows that he socializes with us in this forest, wants to find the opportunity to massacre you!” The words of elder frighten the Hou Fei Shao complexion big change. Was inferior that we walk!” Hou Fei Shao clenches teeth saying that although in the heart wants to kill Shen Xiang, but his suddenly felt that own poor life was threatened, cannot help but is afraid. He was hit an arm by Shen Xiang remnantly, very clear that elder is not the alarmist talk peak. His arm also restores under some precious pharmacological treatments, now he sees at present this person so formidabe, two elders both cannot it taking, in his heart be timid.

Cannot walk, our certain that massacres him, this person of undying words, we later have the trouble, he now and we socializes, has not used the quickest speed, moreover his concealment ability is greatly strengthened, if makes him leave today, once you later left the Taiyuan mountain, the trouble was big.” The elder said. Another elder also nods assent: This person maintains own condition is in the peak frequently, he has staked inside two.” Zhang Yan Qing complexion one white, is gripping tightly the fist, clenches teeth saying: Elder, said that he in socializes with us intentionally , because can kill our two?” Right! But you do not need to be worried, so long as you side us, he are hard to have the opportunity, moreover on you have immortal armor to protect the body.” Shen Xiang can calm down, moreover he also has the same idea with opposite party that two elders, he must pursue his four people to kill this, otherwise the trouble of later Fan Yakun was big. Related that small white cat, she just left Purple Orchid Valley, does not know that can do? I subpoenaed to her with your sound!” Long Xueyi said: She approached here, can talk with her.” Shen Xiang has the graciousness to Bai Xing, making this lonely starry sky White Tiger clan know one are not the unlucky star, knows one is a formidable race, moreover helps her obtain very formidable strength, she naturally must help Shen Xiang at this time, therefore she caught up with the quickest speed. Here is very far from Purple Orchid Valley, but Bai Xing is the starry sky White Tiger clan, naturally has her heaven defying ability, making her turn into a meteor, flies to catch up in upper air China , North Korea this forest.

Shen Xiang constrains this crowd of person more than half double-hour, but at this time Bai Xing entered this forest, Divine sense that Shen Xiang patrols saw Bai Xing, immediately gives her sound transmission: Sister Bai Xing, quickly goes into hiding!” Shen Xiang, has not thought that you come Sacred Dan World to make such big trouble! Felt relieved, you had such big benevolence to our four sisters, I will certainly not make you have an accident.” Bai Xing that sweet sound conveys. Four sisters?” Shen Xiang doubts asked that he remembers that has Yan Zilan, Yun Zhu and Bai Xing these three sisters! Yanyao, she now is our one!” The Bai Xing chuckle is returning saying that but in the laughter actually passes one to sigh quiet, because Du Family just had the major accident, Du Yanyao also came under very big attack. After Bai Xing arrives at the forest, immediately goes into hiding, she knows that the Shen Xiang true strength is not very strong, but the potential is very huge. On the same day they thought Shen Xiang dead, wished one could killing the beginning of the universe, now knew that Shen Xiang was also living, moreover made not the small noise, they were very happy. Now chased down my person to have Zhang Yan Qing, Hou Fei Shao and elder of two Taiyuan mountain, Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing I can solve, was that two long old woman troubles.” Shen Xiang to Bai Xing sound transmission, but Bai Xing also gradually approaches them. The starry sky White Tiger clan is the White Tiger Fighting Clan branch, in the memory inheritance definitely has Heaven Slaughtering Technique, can walk sideways in the star territory, initially White Tiger also said that he obtains Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique time, but very generous apportions other formidable fellow studies, making everybody choose most appropriate one to finish, then inherits. Naturally, at that time White Tiger passes to his friend, but descendant of his these friends were very afterward unfriendly to White Tiger Fighting Clan, the conflict were also many, the strength was equally matched.

Really is this little rascal? This is the grandson of beginning of the universe, talent is good, if massacres him, the beginning of the universe will be very definitely angry!” The Bai Xing sound is having the mischievous happy expression. „It is not I asks him to trouble, is he asks me to come.” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Bai Xing, you summoned a small star to get down that's alright, so long as diverted that two old fellow attention, won the little time to me, I can destroy completely that two little brat!” Small star? Is that? The words said that I have not used, according to my inheritance memory, that move very strong, I worried that can affect you!” Some Bai Xing worries. If summoned the normal giant stars, took 500 years to be every other good, the Bai Xing previous time had summoned one time, but in Shen Xiang mouth small star can summon frequently, because that was very small. But the might is not weak, is a starry sky White Tiger clan very formidable secret. „, Will not feel relieved that with was good!” Shen Xiang also knows that small star the destructive power, he draws out the matter of many starry sky White Tiger clan from the White Tiger mouth.