World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1068
Bai Xing was not first gang Shen Xiang plots against the person, previous time in Heavenly Sacred City, she summoned very giant stars to constrain one crowd of expert, making Shen Xiang successful take these Primal Chaos Fire Token. I started, you paid attention.” Bai Xing urged one, then starts, in very high airborne, the strength of stars is crazily turbulent, one person size small star is braving red light, is dragging a very long red tail, falls from the upper air, strength of condense that very powerful stars in that small star, by very quick velocity shock, produces very terrifying restraining by force. In that instance, the star territory strength of massive stars, were gathered together by strength, then turns into a fiery red energy group, fires into small star that combustion crashes, speed rapidness, these two are in one, air wave that erupts, vibration most 18. That is anything!” Under the stars attack that two elders in that is fast, the feeling is clearest! Whistling hū! That small star is not big, but the might is very strong, crashes from the upper air, restraining by force that attacks, completely breaks off the big forest, in an instant, in this cover forest the big tree, completely was pressed a piece of broken wood, was covered afterward then by red light! The red such as light glow of blood, is having very high temperature, breaks to pieces the log to burn the raging flame, the earth cracks in the intense vibration. Be careful!” The elder shouts wildly, he perceived that the landing that thing is terrorist, they without enough time escaped now. Two elder fierce flying of jump, releases their vastly such as sea strength, rumbles a strongest fist to small star that” that is crashing, fist energy is similar to the turbulent current great river, exudes the intermittent flowing rapidly sound, the momentum is scary.

Bang! The fist energy bang of these two Taiyuan mountain elder that terrors hit on that scrap meteorite, in that flash, deafening crack was similar to with one wave light glow blows out, arouses incomparably wild raging fire astral wind, was sweeping away the trim earth, but the forest that Shen Xiang they were, has encountered the most serious damage, the lime soil of big piece was exploded, blew to fly. Here has the 1st Stage distance from Heavenly Sacred City, the Heavenly Sacred City people can know, moreover many big influences near Heavenly Sacred City, this earth-shaking sound, has also alarmed many Big Shot. „Are you all right?” Bai Xing has hidden the upper air at that time, she overlooks that to ascend steaming heat ground in confusion, keeps Divine sense in her Sea of Consciousness through Shen Xiang, gives Shen Xiang sound transmission following that Divine sense. All right!” Shen Xiang walks on the sores all over the eye earth, a matter does not have, because used Law of Space strength in him a moment ago, shuttles back and forth to one space that isolates with here, hides in inside. However he has consumed very many strength, can only hide very short time. The two elders of Taiyuan mountain were really fierce, not only the bang broke to pieces that small star, was good to preserve Zhang Yan Qing and Hou Fei Shao life, if were not they destroyed that meteorite a moment ago promptly, if smashed the ground, the might will be stronger. But they therefore were also injured. Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing sit down exhausted in the side of that two elder, the corners of the mouth are bleeding, silver-white the light cover on them, that protects their Immortal Cloth. This...... Is this that fellow makes?” The Hou Fei Shao complexion is pallid, he has not thought that his match unexpectedly is so formidable, the elder who unexpectedly can let these two Taiyuan mountains was injured. Should not be...... Because he disappeared, probably comes the meteor outside Zitian.” An elder also acts bashful erratically, but he chooses to believe that this is natural strength, otherwise that was really too terrifying.

Zhang Yan Qing relaxed, cannot help but said with a smile: Ha Ha...... The heaven looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes, dies well, dies well!” Hou Fei Shao also laughs: Skeleton not saves, soul destroyed, dies really miserably, this is I make to the fate.” When they laugh, the Shen Xiang shuttle space comes, suddenly appears in Hou Fei Shao behind, in that instantaneous, this that Shen Xiang appears just by the meteorite has devastated the burning hot earth on, suddenly was covered by intense murderous aura, causing between Heaven and Earth to blow one intermittently including the strong winds that the belt withers! The Shen Xiang's God Slaughtering Heart crazy beat, God Slaughtering Heart killing reading of certainly, making strength of his within the body turn into the strength of very terrifying murdering, is coordinating his Spirit Slaughtering Technique, making him have savage strength! Snort!” Shen Xiang is ordinary just like Slaughter God, murderous aura absorbs the person mind, after that White Tiger glove on fist overbrims the strength of murdering, making him at this time be similar to Slaughter God arrives. The two elders of Taiyuan mountain both were frightened retreat by this Slaughter Qi several steps, but when they responded, Shen Xiang that filled the fist of strength of murdering, dashes toward Hou Fei Shao that smiling face coagulated! Bang! The fist passes through the light cover that Immortal Cloth releases directly, pounds wild on the nose of Hou Fei Shao, pounds to collapse the entire face, at the same time, that incomparably boundless Slaughter Qi from the fist impact, pours into the whole body of Hou Fei Shao, destroys his fleshly body, turns into black Qi! After the fist energy bang has killed Hou Fei Shao, might does not reduce, still sweeps away all obstacles, changes into Qi Energy, the bang to that Zhang Yan Qing, after wearing out that silver light covers, hits in the chest of Zhang Yan Qing, instantaneously writing off, making it turn into black Qi!

After killing them, covers in between Heaven and Earth terror murderous aura, suddenly vanishes! In a moment ago, Bai Xing was startled unable to speak, making her suspect that Shen Xiang is they fights the Slaughter God regeneration of clan, she determined that now Shen Xiang and they fight White Tiger non- Changshu of clan ancestor, especially that technique, outstanding war clan perhaps could not display a moment ago. On the same day when White Tiger in that auction kills people, strikes to kill, makes into black Qi its fleshly body and soul. That two elders get rid not to be slow, after the Shen Xiang bang kills Hou Fei Shao and Zhang Yan Qing, they already merit, they, although is injured, but the strength is still very formidable, a person fights with the fists, that oppression strength makes the Shen Xiang heart startled, his hastily treads Earth Shrinking Step to avoid, while he just shunted, there turned into huge deep hole, the space already the avalanche, self- repair. Exactly what happened?” The airborne sound likes thunder reverberating in one's ears, is full of one to compel the imposing manner of person. Is the beginning of the universe!” Shen Xiang is panic-stricken, sees only the horizon the space avalanche to come, a person walked. „The strength of this beginning of the universe has promoted a big truncation!” Shen Xiang discovered that this beginning of the universe be more formidable than before. Great Elder, your grandson was killed, is this person does.” An elder gets angry the sound track.