World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1069

The beginning of the universe is a hair is graying, on the face old man of wrinkle, wears a snow white long gown, after hearing those words, his complexion sudden change, fierce fearsome, the body gushes out the potential, the long gown is waving all at once crazily, the earth shivers fiercely, the chap comes, his both eyes are red, the anger and murderous aura time cover under. Takes him, cannot make him die too with ease, I must suffer his 10,000 years!” The sound that the beginnings of the universe roar is similar to loses the sane wild animal. Bai Xing has to get rid at this moment, she summoned that small star before, has consumed many strength, she and Shen Xiang had not expected that this beginning of the universe meets suddenly to appear, she has not thought of strength unexpectedly of this beginning of the universe formidable to this situation. Walks quickly, here gives me!” Bai Xing to Shen Xiang sound transmission, turns into a white light dive, is wielding the palm to divide toward two elders who Shen Xiang attacks to that two are full of the strength of stars, bringing the strong murderous aura palm wind bone-chilling cold to attack, chops on the body of that two elder, hits them spits blood. You are not Purple Orchid Valley? Good, has not thought that your Purple Orchid Valley unexpectedly has killed my grandson, I will let be buried along with the dead.” Beginning of the universe both eyes are red, that shouted, arrived at side Bai Xing, the fist such as the crazy thunder, tore the space to hit to Bai Xing. Looks at this terrifying strength, Bai Xing unexpectedly is unable to avoid, her body unexpectedly by strength locking, she lowered the head looked that sees only own body to wind around by blood red light glow, saw when this fist must she destroys, at present in a flash, her unexpectedly breaks out of the fetter of that light glow! The beginnings of the universe are also one startled, because suddenly appears in his fist front unexpectedly is the big stone that breaks to pieces! Shen Xiang the headache wants to crack at this time, he displayed Form Displacement Shadow exchanges a moment ago Bai Xing and a stone, this consumption was too big, because the Bai Xing strength is very strong, when the Bai Xing whole body condense strength resistance outside, he displays this move to be difficult, but he achieved. Holds that brat, do not kill him! I had said cannot make him die too with ease.” The beginnings of the universe overran toward Bai Xing. That two injured elder plunges Shen Xiang immediately, they caused heavy losses one after another, cope with Bai Xing is very strenuous, but copes with Shen Xiang, they thought that they at this time see Shen Xiang's foundation, if the Shen Xiang's strength is very strong, did not need to avoid their pursuit a moment ago. Bai Xing has not restored, at this time she faces the beginning of the universe, strength that does not hit back.

Shen Xiang thought that during he was involved in Bai Xing this was troublesome, cannot make her be injured, said to Long Xueyi: Borrows me your Divine Power!” Afterward he is treading Earth Shrinking Step, avoided throwing of that two Taiyuan mountain elder to strike. After obtaining Long Xueyi's Divine Power, Shen Xiang displays Form Displacement Shadow immediately , helping Bai Xing avoid that beginning of the universe to attack once more fully. Sister Bai Xing, sorry, making you fall into this danger(ous)!” Shen Xiang is holding the hand of Bai Xing, leads her to shuttle back and forth directly the space. No problem!” Bai Xing did not blame Shen Xiang, she has been regarded as a good friend Shen Xiang, the friend had difficult, naturally must help. The beginnings of the universe see Shen Xiang and Bai Xing must run away, roar, the world is dim immediately, lightning flash thunder cry, but the Shen Xiang suddenly discovery is unable the shuttle space, this space unexpectedly to be blocked with powerful strength by the beginning of the universe. Do not want to escape from my palm!” The voice of beginning of the universe is low and deep and fearful, the uncombed hair flutters, he under the illumination of lightning, the appearance is very scary. The strength of beginning of the universe is truly fearful, Shen Xiang guessed that the beginning of the universe was away from Devil Lord that strength to be very close. Shen Xiang wants to use Primal Chaos Fire Token very much, but he learned from Lin Xiyi there that the Taiyuan mountain has been able to restrain the attack of Primal Chaos Fire Token, therefore he does not dare to attempt, in order to avoid misses the opportunity. The beginnings of the universe one step step to Shen Xiang nearby them, on Shen Xiang and Bai Xing were covered by that red multi-colored sunlight, cannot move. Ha Ha......” beginning of the universe is laughing wildly: I kill this female first, I want to take a look at your pain the expression.” Bai Xing clenches teeth tightly, but means do not have, strength of beginning of the universe was really too strong, moreover she lost many strength now, appears at the beginning of the universe now, they can also or be the miracles.

The beginnings of the universe look at Bai Xing that elegant jade face, said with a smile mean: I first beat your face!” Bang! The beginnings of the universe knocked out the fist, dodged when that instantaneous a golden light, Shen Xiang displayed Form Displacement Shadow, let Bai Xing and he exchanges the position, simultaneously emitted Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, the fist hits, when his head, Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor released very strong resistance strength, kept off that fist! Shen Xiang was hit to fly, he held on the Bai Xing wrist|skill at that time stubbornly, was also exited with his simultaneously fly by Bai Xing of anchorage. unexpectedly is Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor!” The beginnings of the universe were shaken retreat by that strength, on the face full is astonished, in eyes emits more frantic light glow. That two elders do not have fight at this time, they do not dare to meddle, otherwise this beginning of the universe Great Elder gets angry does not joke. This beginning of the universe unexpectedly recognizes this Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to come, Shen Xiang is somewhat surprised, knows that the Four Beast's Divine Weapons person are many, but knows that what person Four Beast's Divine Weapons are not many. Shen Xiang has suffered that fist, injures heavily, he thought that his body must melt to be the same, beginning of the universe that powerful Primal Chaos Power is still scurrying about in his within the body. You how?” Bai Xing hastily helps up Shen Xiang, seeing Shen Xiang to have a very terrifying armor, she is also very surprised. Cannot die!” Shen Xiang bah, has put out a blood, is gripping tightly the hand of Bai Xing, he planned that with final strength, sent off Bai Xing first said again, he had planned used completely oneself all moves, died to knock with this beginning of the universe. You kill that female!” Beginning of the universe suddenly thought that died a grandson not to have anything, because can make him bump into this Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, this is one of the Four Beast's Divine Weapons, very fierce divine armor. That two elders overran, in hand is holding the sharp sword, moreover Immortal Sword, punctures toward the Bai Xing illness, very very ruthless.

The beginnings of the universe also launch the offensive at this time, he thought that three people collaborate, these time can definitely take the opposite party. When Shen Xiang just planned that with secret method Bai Xing sends off, familiar aura suddenly appears, at this moment he long relaxed, because White Tiger came! At the same time that the beginning of the universe three people clash, the earth trembles, he imprisons the space strength suddenly to be broken, moreover several black light shoot toward them. Who are you?” The beginnings of the universe are startled to shout one, avoids with toward black light that he shoots, on his fierce shamelessness full is the startled color, but the after elder of that two Taiyuan mountain pierced black light, entire body suddenly becomes jet black, gradually was then gloomy. Law of Darkness!” The beginning of the universe voice is panic-stricken, retreat several steps, in front of Shen Xiang and Bai Xing presented a shadow, afterward this shadow gradually turns into a look average middle-aged man. Shen Xiang receives Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, coughs several blood, said with a smile: Old Ancestor, you came finally, we were almost finished!” Young bastard, waits for with your calculate, unexpectedly to bring this little girl create a mess again!” White Tiger low snort|hum, but he can see the clansman of this starry sky White Tiger clan now, in the heart is very happy, moreover he sees Bai Xing is not the common starry sky White Tiger clan. White Tiger strolled when Sacred Dan World, knows before Shen Xiang, here has annoyed the big matter, but may be good now, unexpectedly also brings Bai Xing to be together noisy, fortunately he with enough time, otherwise this rare starry sky White Tiger clan must become extinct. „Who are you? Did with our Taiyuan mountain to not having what advantage, the words that you were tactful left on obediently!” The beginnings of the universe said.