World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1070

On the White Tiger face brings anger, Small White Tiger of starry sky White Tiger clan almost to be killed, now at present this person of unexpectedly must make his obediently leave. „Haven't you heard? This was the matter of my Taiyuan mountain, if you do not want to do right with my Taiyuan mountain, hurried to leave!” The beginnings of the universe know that at present this look average middle-aged person is formidable, but he thinks should with his similar strength, if hits, he thought that he can defeat the opposite party. White Tiger knit the brows to look at Shen Xiang, asked: What thing was Taiyuan mountain? I have only listened to Primal Chaos Mountain! Right, what has to hate with him?” Shen Xiang said: Taiyuan mountain was in a Primal Chaos Mountain influence, wants to rule entire Primal Chaos Mountain! The grandson of this fellow, wants to kill me with the elder of Taiyuan mountain, I cannot hit them, then invited the helper.” Shen Xiang looked at Bai Xing , to continue saying: I have not provoked them, this is they must ask me to trouble, this person arbitrarily has usually been used , is always all right to pick a quarrel, you are not do not know.” Snort, kills my grandson, I must kill you, perfectly justified!” The beginnings of the universe shouted to clear the way coldly. Your grandson they must kill me, I to protect oneself to kill them, is perfectly justified!” Shen Xiang ridicules one: You should be have a liking for my Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, if I dig up to you, perhaps you die many grandsons not to matter!” Mixes in the center of circle a anger, both eyes stares, makes a palm toward Shen Xiang and Bai Xing, Primal Chaos Power turns into huge being in charge, they attacks toward Shen Xiang. White Tiger waves to emit together black light, covers that huge being in charge, then that is in charge gradually gloomily, then vanish from sight, this Law of Darkness strength really very much evil looking, having made the beginning of the universe startled anger, some unexpectedly people dare to prevent the homicide person again and again. I only asked you, do you want to kill them?” White Tiger asked. Bai Xing looks at the White Tiger back, she does not know why this person has warm feelings at present, but is having also a dignity, making in her heart awe, she looked at Shen Xiang, discovered that the Shen Xiang's wound does not have what to obstruct greatly, long relaxed. Right, must kill! But now looked like can only kill you first.”

The beginning of the universe fist grasps giggle to make noise, the vision is swift and fierce, bringing killing intent to look at White Tiger, that murderous aura is truly scary, what stands in him now is reluctant is true Slaughter God, but he obtained Law of Darkness profound bead, now is to use Law of Darkness strength attacks, can cover his status. Beginning of the universe violent anger rave gets up, body explodes lightens a silver multi-colored sunlight, then flies toward White Tiger rush over, seems a silver-white arrow. I also only then massacred you!” White Tiger lifts the hand, has drawn a circle before the body, immediately black Qi is steaming, the black hole that a jet black command will of the people trembles appears in him reluctantly. The beginnings of the universe see this, hastily stopped, he also feels the fearfulness of that hole, the speed that but he clashes is too fast, has not thought that White Tiger Law of Darkness strength unexpectedly can utilize so the situation, he cannot run away! „......” Beginning of the universe is startled to shout that his body was elongated, by White Tiger that black hole attracting, that black hole turned into one group of black Qi to diverge afterward, that black Qi brings Slaughter God to be in sole possession of the aura, this is his strength. His present unexpectedly can unifies together Law of Darkness strength of strength and his murdering, although his cultivation base has not promoted, his strength was more formidable. You are...... Who?” On Bai Xing that elegant face is bringing timid, lowers the head slightly, asked in a low voice, she only thought that at present this person should be related with her . Moreover the strength was very very strong, otherwise impossible three a few tricks beginning of the universe this so formidable old fellow extinguishing. Shen Xiang said with a smile: Sister Bai Xing, he is White Tiger.” Bai Xing is growing up the small mouth, suspected one misunderstand, she looks up White Tiger, sees only on the White Tiger face to have the gentle smile, nodded to her. Sacred Dan World also has me to fight the clansman of clan, I informed them to seek for you before, where although they know you, but has not come to look for you, because they know that you have the good life.” White Tiger touches her head. Bai Xing is anxious at this time, somewhat could not speak, was very excited, because she knows that in this world, was keeping the tribal group of same blood with her.

White Tiger stared Shen Xiang one: little brat, you make her help you intentionally, then brought in me massacres a moment ago that fellow?” Undeserved, I have not expected that fellow to appear! I truly planned that directs you, quite makes you meet!” Shen Xiang denied immediately. Bai Xing also helps Shen Xiang speak: Patriarch, Shen Xiang help me a lot, do not blame him.” This brat is this, was right, in your memory inheritance, there is your parents had gone to a place? The starry sky White Tiger clan vanished was so long, I want to know that they in have encountered finally any matter.” White Tiger asked. Has, but that in the Heaven World's star territory......” Bai Xing has not said that White Tiger on pulling she, suddenly was vanishing. I must be able to seek for the trail of starry sky White Tiger clan with her, goes to a star territory study thing for her while convenient! Therefore you are best these days honestly, when the time comes I come to save you without enough time.” In the Shen Xiang's mind is reverberating White Tiger sound transmission. Shen Xiang low snort|hum said: This fellow, unexpectedly was worrying that I did damage Sister Bai Xing? Am I that person?” Sees you likely is that person!” Su Meiyao giggle said with a smile. Shen Xiang leaves here with the quickest speed, rushes toward Purple Orchid Valley, he had suffered a fist a moment ago, injures heavily, the speed was slower. In mountain forest of piece of fine spring day, Shen Xiang eats up some pills, was been quicker the restoration by oneself, beginning of the universe that fist has poured into many Primal Chaos Power toward his within the body, so long as these Primal Chaos Power were suppressed by him, can be built up by him.

That little girl awoke!” Su Meiyao suddenly shouted: Hurries to make her, spoke with her!” Dongfang Jing they were looked after very well by Su Meiyao, has changed the clean clothes, Shen Xiang her puts from Hidden Jade Ring, she blurry is opening the eye, Shen Xiang her hugs in the bosom, smiles is visiting her. After seeing Shen Xiang, the Dongfang Jing eye socket was moist immediately, she has contacted the person are not many, but majority are the unprincipled people, although Shen Xiang in her eyes is also badly bad, but is very good to her. Dongfang Jing is holding Shen Xiang, by in the Shen Xiang's chest, is sobbing in a low voice, Shen Xiang sighed gently, is patting her show back, comforted saying: Jing Jing (quietly), all passed!” Um, the father told me, later only then I, I wanted to be strong!” The Dongfang Jing mewl said that although she said like this, falling that but the tears cannot stop on that thin and pale elegant face, looks makes the person love dearly. Shen Xiang smiled: Words that I, your paternal aunt, have not minded, I can be your elder brother, I will treat as the blood younger sister to regard you!” Snort, another younger sister, definitely does not have the peaceful good intention!” Long Xueyi low snort|hum said in Hidden Jade Ring.