World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1071

Dongfang Jing is pure likely a child, has cried, sad, lay down in the Shen Xiang's bosom has fallen asleep peacefully, Shen Xiang knows that later Dongfang Jing truly will certainly grow up, this world was brutal, although she has wanted to stand aloof from the world, but for many years, she compelled to have no other choice but to contact this world heavily to be dangerous. Makes her stay in Purple Orchid Valley, like this type pure such as the girl of water, was rarely seen, is living very well.” Bai Youyou cannot help but emotionally said. She and Su Meiyao, although is the female, but experienced many matters since childhood, became once moved a side female expert, they now in Hidden Jade Ring, although did not contact the outside, cannot bathe under the sunlight, moreover inside was very lonely, they now not formidable strength, but has saying that these days was actually they crosses with ease. Dongfang Jing rested several double-hour to wake up, she does not have to sob now, but in the look brought to wipe sadly, but regarding her such female, she was strong, can such quickly restore. Elder brother...... This clothes are really nice.” Dongfang Jing looks own that wrap very attractive white skirt, blushes to ask. cough cough, this is I makes several elder sisters help you trade, at that time you fainted . Moreover the body also has the wound, the whole body is the blood.” Shen Xiang shameless one red, initially he peeped others to take a bath, but can have such a good younger sister, makes him very happy. Dongfang Jing leaves the Shen Xiang's bosom, arrives by a rill, holds the clear water to clean oneself that to bring the tear stains jade face with a pair of white and tender small hands, then transports the merit to adjust own body, was restored blood energy by oneself that simple-hearted cheek, although she looked like with before is the same, but she actually became strong. Shen Xiang has visited her, cannot help but before remembering this pure adorable younger sister, goes crazy to divide to chop that corpse the appearance, this makes him somewhat be worried that was worried Dongfang Jing will lose because of the hatred, turns into a female devil. However he discovers his worry quickly unnecessary. Elder brother, does not need to be worried my, later I can certainly look after itself, you are actually worrying.” The Dongfang Jing show face smiles, sees on her face the light smile, this makes the Shen Xiang's mood inexplicable good. Dongfang Jing is taking the cloth and silk of soaking, arrives at side Shen Xiang , helping him insert the dust and perspiration mark on face gently.

Elder brother, you want to know that what matter very much I have come across?” Dongfang Jing asked in a low voice, then sat side the body, lowers the head. She resembled turns into the Sir from the child overnight generally, mental became maturity. Do not think that is living well!” Shen Xiang knows that Dongfang Jing and her father have definitely come across other matters . Moreover the Dongfang Jing present strength also becomes very strong, because she fused Dongfang family family Blood Spirit. Um!” Dongfang Jing nodded: Elder brother you are really fierce, you come across these many important matters, had been besieged by these many powerful people, moreover was discredited by many people, gives scolding, but you actually.” Shen Xiang smiled, feels her face, said: „It is not fierce, can I be your elder brother?” Elder brother, you are careful in Sacred Dan World, I and father run into a very fearful fellow, is they my father...... Killed.” In Dongfang Jing eyes flashes through wipes sorrowfully: My father integrates my body family Blood Spirit, then blocks these fierce fellows, delays the time to me, making me run away, I runs into Purple Moon Sacred Realm these people on the road, Dongfang Lingyun.” Shen Xiang hugs her, is stroking her beautiful hair gently, said: Passed, these fierce fellows give the elder brother! Are they what kind of?” They said that they are Fiendgod Cult, because our Dongfang family family Blood Spirit is the thing that Fiendgod Cult cannot Rong allow have, therefore they must kill us.” Dongfang Jing said. I will remember this name!” Shen Xiang patted her to carry, said: I lead you to go to a place, I thought that there is very suitable you.” Dongfang Jing also knows one cannot always with Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang must achieve the great accomplishment, but her strength is too weak, the root local guild does not arrive at anything, will only implicate Shen Xiang.

The Shen Xiang's wound was much better, having Dongfang Jing starting off not to have what issue. Elder brother, Leng Youlan is also your sworn sister, said that she is my elder sister?” Dongfang Jing is pulling the Shen Xiang's arm, moves toward Purple Orchid Valley with Shen Xiang leisurely, at this time she open many. This is natural, although your this elder sister's temperament very fiery, moreover is also quite overbearing, but you will certainly be good to you! Hehe, she is the same with you, somewhat is stupid.” Shen Xiang knows that Leng Youlan is also a muscle, but the story be richer than Dongfang Jing, is very experienced in fight, but murder time is savage must make the men blush with shame. On the same day three territories discuss time, Dongfang Jing also sees Leng Youlan this noticeable white hair to ice cold beauty, looks like is not very truly weak, this makes her cannot help but want to see this elder sister. Naturally, Xue Xianxian this elder brother's wife. little rascal, has not seen you to me such gently, humph, humph!” Long Xueyi is not feeling well. Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, were you jealous?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Who said me gently not to you? Previous time...... I am very gentle to you.” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted, no longer responds Shen Xiang, previous time she and Shen Xiang Divine Soul union time, Shen Xiang is truly gentle to her. With beginning of the universe great war that place, coming many people to examine, but did not have what clue, but the beginning of the universe missing matter was related together actually. Five day of accident later, Shen Xiang and Dongfang Jing arrived at the Purple Orchid Valley entrance, Dongfang Jing already cheer up, with arriving Purple Orchid Valley that Shen Xiang is merry all the way. Some people step into Purple Orchid Valley, protects Purple Orchid Valley Yun Zhu to appear immediately, but she has not recognized is Shen Xiang.

Yun Zhu puts on one set of purple packing up, the looks are beautiful, the stature is abundant. Two, here is Purple Orchid Valley, you are look for our Valley Master?” The Yun Zhu sound so is still gentle, although she is Fire Wolf, but is more like a sheep. Sister Yun Zhu, I am Shen Xiang!” Shen Xiang spits the tongue. Really is you?” Yun Zhu said pleasantly surprised: Sister had said before you will possibly come, thinks you come here 2-3 days ago.” Who is this attractive young miss? Is your wife?” Yun Zhu eats says with a smile, this makes the jade face of Dongfang Jing reappear wipes ruddily. She is...... My sworn sister, went in said again!” Shen Xiang hastily answered. After Shen Xiang lets Dongfang Jing and Yun Zhu knew mutually, then Shen Xiang gives Yun Zhu sound transmission, before telling Dongfang Jing, pitiful bitter experience, this made Yun Zhu have the heart of loving tenderly to Dongfang Jing immediately, complying Shen Xiang that was glad, looked after Dongfang Jing well, because she did not have the orphan of father non- mother.