World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1072
After entering the mountain valley, Shen Xiang and Dongfang Jing see a noble solemn purple skirt female immediately, sits on a stone stool gracefully, in the white hands is holding a book, looks wholly absorbed, if the willow eyebrows of moon/month are slightly pressed, obviously has met puzzled, but this makes her look like has a different kind flavor. Eldest sister, whom did you look at to come?” Yun Zhu shouted one lightly, Yan Zilan has turned head immediately, after seeing Shen Xiang, her beautiful face full was the pleasantly surprised color, afterward was similar to light breeze, was bringing an intoxicant fragrance, arrived at Shen Xiang to be stronger. Your this little brat, initially elder sister was worried about you!” Yan Zilan is walking the nose, touches the Shen Xiang's head, although the expression is having the blame, but she is very happy, initially she witnessed Shen Xiang by the beginning of the universe becoming integrated with blood fog. Dongfang Jing is also appreciating at present this beauty at this time, her smiles frowns that beautifully, although her paternal aunt Dongfang Xinyue is also a peerless beautiful woman, present Yan Zilan is her first time sees, appears very shocking. Bai Xing had come back in the past few days, she said that must leave a period of time. Right, why did you only call her to go at that time? Didn't call us?” Yan Zilan blamed was saying. This...... Sister Bai Xing with the words that move sneak attacks, will be quite better.” Shen Xiang has not told Yan Zilan the matter that the same day has, because Bai Xing had not said that this matter influence is really too big, Great Elder of Taiyuan mountain was killed, moreover is related with Bai Xing, this will implicate Purple Orchid Valley and Sacred Dan Sect. Sneak attacks anything, the eldest sister and sister also very much excel!” Du Yanyao is gripping ponytail, wears soft armor, on the face brings a weariness, the corners of the mouth to reveal frank smiling, this was not initially that iced cold Du Yanyao. After her Du Family has experienced the accident, made her have the huge change! Purple Orchid Valley four sisters, Yan Zilan biggest, Bai Xing second, Yun Zhu third, Du Yanyao fourth, but Shen Xiang knows that they must have Fifth Sister quickly.

Dongfang Jing knows why now Shen Xiang said here suits her, she discovered that here females are formidable, moreover has very rich experience, this is also she lacks. You are my fiance, initially such ran, is really not the thing!” Du Yanyao happily said with a smile, after she sees Dongfang Jing, hastily asked: This is you have mentioned, then in the Mortal Martial World wife?” Yan Zilan said with a smile lightly: This is others genuine wife, you are only a vacation!” This was my sworn sister...... she just encountered the accident, was almost spoiled, I saved her promptly, my present situation you know that cannot lead the side her.” Shen Xiang said. Three females hear the Dongfang Jing bitter experience, finds Dongfang Jing this looks like the pure elegant appearance, the heart lives to love tenderly, especially Du Yanyao, her feelings are more profound, but Dongfang Jing looks like, although delicate, but in the look is actually passing the strong ray, lets in three female hearts the secret nod. „Does Jing Jing (quietly), what person in the family have?” Yun Zhu asked. „A paternal aunt, she also arrived here, but we dispersed.” Dongfang Jing looked at Shen Xiang: Elder brother.” Shen Xiang will not tell them, the Dongfang Jing paternal aunt is his female slave. Quick, the Yan Zilan three females become with Dongfang Jing very intimate, the place that Shen Xiang interposed did not have, he saw this, a heart matter was solves.

He finds from Fan Yakun there that Yan Zilan has no longer helped Sacred Dan Sect handle the business, this makes him cannot help but want Yan Zilan turns his Subduing Dragon Sect to go together with Bai Xing, Yun Zhu and Du Yanyao completely. Naturally, he knows that Du Yanyao will not walk, because Du Hai is now missing. If he can find Du Hai, one and turns Subduing Dragon Sect Du Hai, Du Yanyao can also pass, although there does not have Immortal Qi temporarily, but there sooner or later will become Emperor Heaven, will depend upon that Dragon Vein, will not need to be worried about these issues. Liu Meng'er they have not arrived here, this makes Shen Xiang somewhat be worried about them, if their strengths place present Emperor Heaven, is not too weak, but is not here good, here Immortal are many. Yanyao, you know where your grandfather will go to?” Shen Xiang asked suddenly. Is receiving the smiling face with Du Yanyao suddenly that Dongfang Jing chatted, shook the head: Does not know, he in former frequently this, previous time , if not you, where we do not know him!” But I thought that he should in Primal Chaos Mountain, on the same day after Dean of Taiyuan mountain killed my father, he went to the Taiyuan mountain, it is said erupted very frigid great war in inside, Taiyuan mountain Duiwai declared that my grandfather severe wound ran away.” Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao were very ripe, seeing Du Yanyao to change at this time is very big, especially transformation on disposition, therefore does not fear to stimulate her , to continue to ask: I want to know why your Du Family will stare by the Taiyuan mountain, this No problem!” All right!” Du Yanyao knows that the Shen Xiang ability is big, Shen Xiang must ask about these matters, explained that Shen Xiang must help her, even if Shen Xiang did not say that she will also make Shen Xiang help her. Taiyuan mountain just started is makes our Du Family pledge allegiance to them, but my grandfather is not willing, then the Taiyuan mountain in secret to our fight, to assassinate our Du Family many skilled people, finally linked my fathers to find the evil behindata-titlehe-scenes manipulator! After my grandfather went to Taiyuan mountain, my Du Family some elders have actually governed entire Du Family, pledged allegiance to the Taiyuan mountain, kills the clansman who grandfather's trusted subordinate and some did not agree with completely.” Du Yanyao grips tightly the jade fist to say. Shen Xiang guessed that Fan Family has also come across the same matter, but Fan Family has probably not pledged allegiance to the Taiyuan mountain now.

Fan Family now fortunately is why good, I have spoken Fan Yakun and Lin Xiyi, although their back families were suppressed, but had not been governed probably.” Shen Xiang asked. Because they already obtained the thing that they wanted from Fan Family and Lin Family! Lin Family and Fan Family a number of expert were killed, cannot raise any storm. Although Du Family these evil livestock have sold entire Du Family, but the Taiyuan mountain still could not obtain that thing, because that in my grandfather hand!” Now Dongfang Jing also knows that the Du Yanyao bitter experience is the same with her, seeing the Du Yanyao whole face to be angry, she gripped the white hands of Du Yanyao, Du Yanyao had also smiled to her. Shen Xiang took a deep breath: „It looks like you is very so troublesome, that thing in your grandfather hand, but your grandfather is missing, they come certainly back to look your!” That Taiyuan mountain Dean son all day was also shouting stronger marries Yanyao, she is your fiancee, are you cruel enough to look?” Yun Zhu said with a smile mischievously. Dongfang Jing a moment ago with these three females chatted, knows that Shen Xiang and Du Yanyao husband and wife relationship was false, initially Shen Xiang to help Du Yanyao took Alchemy Competition first, they cooperated. Shen Xiang also cracks a joke saying: This brat lives is not long, who made her stare at my fiancee!” Du Yanyao spat one tenderly, but remembered initially and Shen Xiang together day, she cannot help but secretly was sighing, but in her the spring was initially poisonous, entangles Shen Xiang to alleviate heat-producing factors, this matter was also she most wants to forget, but actually frequently reappeared at the mind matter, now she thinks, face cannot help but red.