World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1073

After Shen Xiang leaves Purple Orchid Valley, hurries to toward Primal Chaos Mountain, before the elder of that Taiyuan mountain has said that is good to hold a conference because in, is discussed issue that these ancient influence treasure hunt, these come from the ancient influence hand of Emperor Heaven to have a Primal Chaos Mountain big buried treasure map. Primal Chaos Mountain, not only a mountain, but is situated in Sacred Dan World 18 th quite far away place, the must enter inside need across unusual bad risk mountain forest, it is said there Danger Zone, isolates Primal Chaos Mountain and outside. Has a very strange mountain in, it is said is that is mysterious Primal Chaos World falls in a Sacred Dan World giant stone, therefore therefore acquires fame, understanding of Shen Xiang Primal Chaos Mountain are not many, but knows how to go. In Primal Chaos Mountain is equal to small world, in some various in families, cities and influences, but at present was Taiyuan mountain one alone big, therefore the strength of Wonsan definitely was not weak. You planned that looks for that buried treasure? In your hand only then a piece of map.” Su Meiyao asked that she needs to know that Shen Xiang present plan, she does not want to make Shen Xiang take risk. Other map fragment in the Big Shot hands of these ancient influence, this easily do not get so far as.” Bai Youyou is also same as Su Meiyao, now he goes to Primal Chaos Mountain is very danger(ous), did not say that inside these ancient influence of accumulation, on entire Primal Chaos Mountain, wishes one could to be him, because in his hand has seven Primal Chaos Fire Token. I look for these ancient influence Big Shot directly, our former good and bad have also cooperated, goes to this place together, if that map fragment in my hand is very important to them, I think that they strangely will certainly cooperate!” Shen Xiang knows these Big Shot strengths, although is very strong, but does not have the beforehand that beginning of the universe to be so terrorist, therefore he has confidence in these ancient influence Big Shot runs away. Primal Chaos Mountain regarding Sacred Dan World, is equal to Sacred Mountain general existence, before , only then few people know, but Primal Chaos Mountain inside person frequently takes a walk in Sacred Dan World now, causing Primal Chaos Mountain all sorts of Legend to spread, making many people yearn to inside, fears, regarding these strength faint people, Primal Chaos Mountain is one is very mystical, very civilized place, they can only look up. But a powerful world that in these expert eyes, this Primal Chaos Mountain is only inherits the tribal group that establishes ancient, to unveil this Primal Chaos Mountain veil, many expert take risked across Danger Zone, entered Primal Chaos Mountain.

Shen Xiang said now road that is the outside spreads to enter the Primal Chaos Mountain road, he also runs into some people to go hand in hand all the way, must enter Primal Chaos Mountain, Legend inside has the character of Pill Saint this rank to exist, moreover inside Pill Dao is very prosperous, thinking inside should have precious spirit herb. Shen Xiang knows many compared with these people, Legend is not false, because Dan Immortal Du Hai has stayed in inside a period of time. „Is this that forest in Legend? Blood Sex Fiend Forest!” Shen Xiang after a canyon, sees at present a piece of red great tree. Paints the black bough to be sturdy, 20 zhang (3.33 m) high about, the leaf is the blood red, most makes people feel what is strange, the shape unexpectedly likely faces of these leaves. This trees are many, like two sides extends wireless, probably is a wall, and outside isolates Primal Chaos Mountain. What danger(ous) does this forest have? It is not high, does not have the mountain, flew not to?” A distant place person thinks otherwise, must jump, but was actually pulled down by an old man. little rascal, is obedient to me, Legend these leaves are because hemophagias are too many, will turn into the blood red, this Blood Sex Fiend Forest was called Danger Zone, does not have unearned reputation! If you must fly from above, you are waiting for by any thing devour.” This old man's words have not frightened that youth. I do not believe that I fly to be higher, can I be what kind of?” The youth stared that old man one eyes: You fear death, I did not fear! Thinks joins your this teams, a bit faster will arrive at Primal Chaos Mountain, has not thought that your unexpectedly plan stays the last several days to observe outside this forest.” This youth is very stubborn, although nearby some people good words persuaded, they were the same, moreover cursed at people, now the people are not blocking him, making him fly.

Shen Xiang saw this piece of Blood Sex Fiend Forest time is also thinking flies, on the road, he also heard that here Blood Sex Fiend Forest upper air is strange, no matter flies high, by strength making. One crowd of balls little rascal!” The youth is similar to escapes the string arrow, flies to shoot the upper air, is flying from that piece of Blood Sex Fiend Forest at the extremely quick speed. Quick, the people can only see one to select, but actually at this time, a red thing, suddenly flew to shoot from the red forest, hit on the body of that youth. The past from the distant place, that looked like together red light! After that red light vanishes, youth also disappears, the people did not speak for a very long time, in the heart regretted, because the strength of that youth was good, but was extremely arrogant, if listened to the person to persuade, like this will not die. What can see that is?” Shen Xiang displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration a moment ago, just entered that Blood Sex Fiend Forest sky, the youth disappeared. „A lisper, is very long!” Long Xueyi said: This thing is very fierce, you can also give a try, but is very danger(ous).” Tongue? Has is so long, such big stone?” Shen Xiang suspected that Long Xueyi misread. Big of world, every possible strange thing, that tongue should be an ominous beast a moment ago, perhaps inside has many like this ominous beasts, therefore flies also to meet with a disaster from the sky.” Explores the way, preparation.” Shen Xiang cannot wait to be too long.

What do you fear? Such fierce thing, has Earth Shrinking Step, fused Law of Space profound bead, itself you of escape most were an expert.” Long Xueyi has hit a yawn: I want to sleep now.” Long Xueyi said that rests rests, no matter how Shen Xiang shouted her, she should not. Shen Xiang has to come now, displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, goes to that Blood Sex Fiend Forest to have a look advanced. In Blood Sex Fiend Forest with complete different, he who he imagines heard that in died many people, but in does not have the corpse, looks like is very beautiful, as if in Fengshulin general, but in that peace, actually appears different kind sinister. At this time are many in Blood Sex Fiend Forest outside person, takes a broad view to look, sees many tents, before Shen Xiang, stops these people to mention, if patience on a period of time, when the leaf of this forest turns into the green, at that time will compare the security. But Shen Xiang does not know how long must wait, he may not have that time now, therefore his person enters in that piece of Blood Sex Fiend Forest, this makes one group of people surprised, because before , had a youth not to listen to the advice, died in inside, now unexpectedly comes one.