World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1074
Steps into Blood Sex Fiend Forest, Shen Xiang realized immediately this inside is hiding a very fierce ominous beast, when the heart beat of this ominous beast, enabling the earth to have weak shivering, Shen Xiang has almost not felt. „The fellow should hide in the place bottom deep place!” Shen Xiang is treading Earth Shrinking Step, is shuttling back and forth in forest flexible, at this time he has not met any danger(ous), but thought that danger(ous) is approaching gradually. „Below!” The Shen Xiang body trembles, uses the strength of Law of Space, by own body shuttle space, was left same place. After avoiding, he turns head to look that really saw a very huge red tongue, this tongue can an elephant curling absolutely. On the tongue full is blood that drippings, moreover braves intermittent heat, like just had eaten the person. The attack of this giant tongue failed, immediately the retracting ground, Shen Xiang looked at the ground, unexpectedly had not discovered that what had hole, did that tongue come out? Shen Xiang suddenly induces to place bottom under has the thing, this time he has not shuttled back and forth the space, but treads Earth Shrinking Step to transfer the position immediately, simultaneously calls Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade rapidly, is cutting to a that direction blade, releases a azure circular arc air/Qi blade edge, happen to chops to chop on tongue that in that just extended! However, this tongue is strange, had not been separated, but has shaken gently, swings blood fog, suddenly retracts underground. Shen Xiang has gawked, afterward the fast shuttle space leaves here, in the instant that he just left, dozens such tongues from shoot in all directions, if not for he runs quickly, perhaps now ties down. All the way, he was being clung to for dear life by this type of thing, if he does not have these many methods, perhaps was already curled. This demon forest not only so, lets Shen Xiang such understanding the matter, is here trees, he attempts to get in these boughs with the formidable Qi Energy bang, but these boughs not only has not disrupted, even is continously is motionless, he releases the produce fire flame to burn down these red leaves, still has not ignited, this makes him suspect one entered in a fierce illusion.

What ghost thing is this?” Ability that the Shen Xiang dependence can shuttle back and forth, can cross this type like is the Evil Devil tongue thing, now he understands that here how will be why clean, so long as some people come, will be involved in the ground by this strange tongue. Now Shen Xiang does not have too many concentrated forces to pay attention to that weak heartbeat, if associates these tongue and that heartbeat, making people think that this below has one huge incomparable, and has the monsters of innumerable terrifying tongue! In Blood Sex Fiend Forest does not have what ominous beast, does not have other anything beasts, only then this terrifying tongue enough became Danger Zone, Shen Xiang guessed that these turnover inside people, should be when that monster deep sleep moved. This forest is very big, Shen Xiang in the situation of continual shuttle space, has used two days of time, at this time already night , he as soon as treads Blood Sex Fiend Forest, breath one very fresh air, meanwhile very rich Immortal Qi throw, does not need him to absorb, toward his body drill, obviously here Immortal Qi will be rich! „Was this Primal Chaos Mountain?” Shen Xiang looks at the starry sky, discovered that here star light is more radiant, light glow that each stars release be much brighter than outside. Here was also probably high!” Long Xueyi said: If before , you in Heavenly Sacred City is 18, here at least is 25!” When Shen Xiang took a deep breath, he passes through that Blood Sex Fiend Forest, because the distance is very long, therefore he had not detected that he thinks here gravity comparison. No wonder!” Shen Xiang looks that distant place these by the star light is covering great mountains, shocks well ups, these mountains are he have seen many, is biggest. The distant place floats partial clouds, but in the middle of these great mountains, from afar looks that making people think stands on the summits of these great mountains, can select the stars! Really high, some mountains cannot see the top!” Shen Xiang has exclaimed in surprise one.

Breeze blows, is bringing murderous aura, the Shen Xiang vision one coldly, immediately is treading Earth Shrinking Step, rushes forward! In that instantaneous, several hundred arrows that he just left shoot, arrow cold light sparkles, is sharp, is bringing vigorous strength, may pierce the sheet iron, these archers are the archery first-class archers, moreover these bows and arrows are also quality extremely high magic treasure. Nearby this at least is hiding several hundred individuals, even are more, it seems like waited for that here passes through the Blood Sex Fiend Forest person, ambushes specially.” In Shen Xiang heart dark anger, turned into a very small reptile, hides in the ground, now these people are so impolite to him, he does not need to show mercy! Here is piece of very short mountain forest, during the dark night, is very good to hide, Shen Xiang has discovered the place that these people hide with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, these people lock him in very far place, shoots arrows to him! These people are year to year after training, uses this way attack person specially! These people wear the black clothed, one of them spoke. „Did we misread a moment ago? There nobody?” „It is not right, certainly has the person, probably had been discovered by him, then shunts, but actually disappearing trace!” „Does if wanted send for looking?” Does not use, that person of strength thinks well, we do not excel at the close combat, making them favor carefully, so long as some people appear, locks him, who no matter he is, all massacred said again, single-handedly the fellow who dares to pass through the demon forest definitely was a wealthy and powerful family!”

This fellow is so fierce, the demon forest present leaf is the red, he can come, can find us?” What fears? On the arrows of our bow and arrow replenishment Primal Chaos Power, so long as he as soon as appears, our 3000 dark bows can definitely project the hornet's nest him! Hasn't Dean said? Our Taiyuan mountain except for Dean and Great Elder, nobody can resist us 3000 to bend darkly, that Huokeng bottom our Dean are not strong!” Was right, heard that Great Elder was missing.” „...... Do not talk nonsense, do not mention this matter again.” These words were heard to be clear by Shen Xiang, in his heart is sneering secretly: You annoyed me, the Taiyuan mountain, today is the ends of your 3000 dark bows!” If staying long time of Shen Xiang in Primal Chaos Mountain, definitely knows that this 3000 dark bows are terrorist, this is Primal Chaos Mountain is famous, usually not here, but they just have been ordered, is responsible for guarding this to enter the Primal Chaos Mountain entrance, so long as some people come, kills completely. Shen Xiang emits Divine Power, locks these hide in the hidden place dark bow, afterward has put out Demanding Life Devil Bow, he thought crossbow arrow that this Demanding Life Devil Bow puts, be much fiercer than these fellows.