World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1075
Shen Xiang hides behind a stone, has locked over a hundred with Divine Power dark bow, then quietly with Demanding Life Devil Bow to by these people who he locks, although these people hide very well, in hiding behind something, but was actually investigated with that vast Divine Power by Shen Xiang clearly. This 3000 dark bows are using their receive special preparations the eye, looks at Blood Sex Fiend Forest outside every bit of property, so long as there is any slightest sign of trouble, they can discover immediately, therefore Shen Xiang just went out of the forest shortly, had been put a big piece of stab in the back by them. Plays cloudy with me? I can be their ancestors!” Shen Xiang locks hundred dark bow persons head, pours into strength toward Demanding Life Devil Bow, then emits an arrow. The black crossbow arrow flies to shoot, immediately turns into over a hundred tiny black arrows, according to the Shen Xiang's intention, toward that more than hundred projects personally, persons head of complete hit these people! Under the dark night, these black arrows can be said as the transparencies, these crossbow arrows are Shen Xiang use oneself that vigorous True Qi to compress! The distant place broadcasts a noisy sound, that hundred dark bow is killed violently completely, after the stab in the back shoots through their heads, but also produces an airing! The Shen Xiang corners of the mouth go up slightly, because that 3000 dark bow is startled at this time, was known as that they of Taiyuan mountain first assassination group, unexpectedly died all of a sudden over a hundred, their present unexpectedly by person counter- assassination. This...... Was that person a moment ago?” black-robed man just said that his forehead on are many a blood hole, then dies, in his black-robed man completely is so, after they, the stab in the back explodes in inside, explodes dead completely! 300!” Shen Xiang fierce took a deep breath, starts toward True Qi that on Demanding Life Devil Bow condense strengthens, he must kill. Plays with me? Your this group of bastards are tender, what fiercest dark bow? Damn!” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, emits an arrow, after this arrow shoots, turns into over a thousand arrows, by him that thousand persons head that uses Divine Power to lock, was exploded instantaneously!

3000 dark bows, the moment are less, died about half! This regarding the dark bow, yes fantasy so is not weird, now they are startled, some people started to run away! When many people plan to evacuate, the Shen Xiang arrow shoots last, strikes to kill this remaining dark bows, only leaves behind one, but that was also pierced the chest by the Shen Xiang's black air/Qi arrow. Not long, this let the dark bow that person was panic at the news in Primal Chaos Mountain on only the remaining living witness! Sees Shen Xiang to appear in the front suddenly, that also remaining dark bows know that they have ambushed an extraordinary fellow, they blamed their Dean secretly, being all right make them come to here to ambush, added that what some people appeared have killed, now was finished? Only remaining his, moreover he died evidently! Snort, had to plant has killed me, do not count on that asked from my mouth anything came!” This dark bow is actually very obstinate argumentative, but Shen Xiang does not have the plan to from his mouth ask that really anything comes, but is a palm pats on his head, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, seeks for some news that he needs from this person of memory. You......” that person panic-stricken incomparable, he has not thought that unexpectedly has this evil technique, can spy on the memory in his mind directly! „The Primal Chaos Mountain fellow did not have fierce of these ancient influence, unexpectedly not the fight foot in your mind, otherwise I cannot such come.” After Shen Xiang obtains thing that he wants to know, a palm has killed this person, then emits fire, burns down these corpses. Shen Xiang had to this Primal Chaos Mountain from that person of memory had understood, knows that Taiyuan mountain where, distance here was very far, moreover he also knew ancient influence that group of people in too Wonsan, but honored guest! Urban unexpectedly establishes in the crowns of these mountains!” Shen Xiang looks at a distant place mountain, treads Earth Shrinking Step to rush.

This mountain under the illumination of star light, will dodge light purple light, knew according to the memory of that person a moment ago that these purple light are because this mountain winds around Purple Qi to form! Purple Immortal Qi is quite good, therefore the crown of this mountain will construct the city! Arrives under the mountain, Shen Xiang saw Teleportation Formation, some people by Teleportation Formation is also guarding, to arrive at the summit most quickly, only then used this Teleportation Formation. However Shen Xiang has not used Teleportation Formation, because needs over a hundred Immortal Crystal, his Immortal Crystal is not many, only then thousand, moreover crystal stones does not circulate here, here person strength is very strong, crystal stones cannot meet their needs. Later goes to Immortal World also with Immortal Crystal, does not know that here Immortal Crystal margin are many? I quite took advantage that this lane are more.” Shen Xiang knows strength that in Immortal Crystal contains, moreover Immortal Qi compared with crystal stones inside Spirit Qi high and other times, has certain help regarding the practice of Immortal, but crystal stones regarding Immortal, a help does not have, only if are more, but that requires the time to absorb, is not very cost-effective. This Sacred Dan World is a higher world, with Immortal Crystal is also very normal matter, does not know that here Immortal level is what kind of?” Before Su Meiyao, had thought that the Sacred Dan World overall level is somewhat bad, but after arriving at this Primal Chaos Mountain, she discovers entire Sacred Dan World only then here is quite nice. Shen Xiang flies the summit directly, arrives on a platform, because this mountain is very big, therefore on the summit also has very big land, can establish a city, this city was being covered by large formation, does not enter a city from the entrance, will be stopped by large formation, the words that flees, will definitely alarm expert of this city. Outside city gate, white-haired, where the old man who the facial expression is disappointed squats to sit, the whole body is dirty, looks down the tread, although he goes down in the world very much, but physique actually very strong, likely is not the common old man.

Sees this old man, in the Shen Xiang heart to shock, this person of unexpectedly is Du Hai! If not he is familiar with the Du Hai aura, no matter he also believes that Dan Immortal Du Hai unexpectedly will reduce to this situation! Old Du!” Shen Xiang hastily gives Du Hai sound transmission with Divine Sense. After Du Hai hears, fierce gaining ground looks to Shen Xiang, that eye is very bright, does not tally with the appearance that he goes down in the world at this time. Shen Xiang?” Du Hai sound transmission asked. Um, you how? Yanyao is worried about you very much!” Shen Xiang relaxed slightly, because Du Hai is also living. I am all right, I am finding the opportunity to revenge!” Du Hai knows that Shen Xiang is the trusty person, moreover these days Shen Xiang is famous, Primal Chaos Mountain many cities have his warrant for arrest. Your does brat come to this place? Here danger(ous), don't you know very much? In this city at least has five old fellow strengths and I am equally matched!”