World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1076

Shen Xiang comes to this city to use inside Teleportation Formation, transmitted to being away from the Taiyuan mountain recent city, but has not thought that will meet Du Hai. I must go to the Taiyuan mountain, I am not cause trouble, I am only use here Teleportation Formation.” Du Hai hears, the eye stares perfectly round: „Were you insane? Do you want to go to the Taiyuan mountain to look for that Dean to be inadequate? I am not the match of that fellow, if I break through, that also almost!” Dean of Taiyuan mountain was very strong, said including Du Hai, but Shen Xiang thinks that the Taiyuan mountain took seriously that buried treasure, will otherwise not treat as the honored guest these ancient influence people. I am not look for that Dean, one group of people went to the Taiyuan mountain, I must find that group of people.” Shen Xiang also wants to go to that buried treasure to have a look, these ancient influence go through all the complications to come here, comes to that mysterious buried treasure. Before came time, reached an agreement to Demon and Devil World seek for the resources, but Demon and Devil World arrived here definitely unable to find now, therefore after going back, perhaps also will erupt into the war, but these ancient influence actually probably did not care about this. Du Hai asked: You were said that crowd can lead the fellow who they sought for the buried treasure?” Shen Xiang looked at the city gate guard, he said: Um, I am and they together arrive at Sacred Dan World, this matter said that a cloth is so long, will not enter a city first, I must go to the Taiyuan mountain with inside Teleportation Formation.” Du Hai one wants to know that Shen Xiang must go to that buried treasure, he sees Shen Xiang to be so familiar with this Primal Chaos Mountain, thinks that has made many preparations, he sighed: Then you go, I must continue stay here, waits for several people! If you see Yanyao, you said that I am all right. Also, do not let the descendants who she marries that bastard.” Relax!” Shen Xiang had planned that marries the Du Yanyao fellow to kill that stronger, he thought that this is not the difficult matter, so long as did not face that Dean that's alright.

Enters a city to need to enter the city fee, because in this city has large formation to gather together purple Immortal Qi specially, every day needs many Immortal Crystal to maintain, therefore enters a city to hand over Immortal Crystal is also the natural matter. Inside Immortal Qi is truly rich, but Shen Xiang has not actually stayed in the city too for a long time, enters a city he to directly soar Teleportation Formation to go. This city in the Primal Chaos Mountain edge, but the Taiyuan mountain approached the middle place in Primal Chaos Mountain, he these memories of before obtaining knew that the Taiyuan mountain be more giant than this mountain, place that high, that mountain occupied, quite in Chenwu Mainland, but on the summit had several giant cities, Taiyuan mountain sect also establishes in the above highest place, that was a very lively place, the hero converged. Arrives by Teleportation Formation time, he knows that must transmit to the Taiyuan mountain needs hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, this is expensive regarding the average person, but truly piece of cake in the Immortal eye. My ten thousand top grade Immortal Crystal, have also traded that should be able to trade many ordinary Immortal Crystal.” Shen Xiang strolled more than half double-hour in the city, found the place, has traded 150,000 ordinary Immortal Crystal, if he does not rush to time now, he affirmed that peddles pills anything, earns. Treads Teleportation Formation, Shen Xiang and more than ten same places, arrives at cities in ten thousand Wonsan through Teleportation Formation, this city was also recent from the Taiyuan main hall. At this time the sky has shone, Sun raised from a palatial palace slowly, that palace was the Taiyuan main hall, was a Taiyuan mountain opening to the outside world place. The giant incomparable mountain named ten thousand Wonsan that at this time Shen Xiang is, but in the above also mountain of summit, that was the Taiyuan mountain, the Taiyuan main hall in the below of that mountain. „Do you want to go by the Shen Xiang's status? This possibly can very danger(ous)!” Bai Youyou said that this is one and Heaven World equally higher world, there expert strength is what kind, she is very clear. Moreover side Shen Xiang expert has not followed.

Holy Dragon Crown Prince also here!” Long Xueyi suddenly said. Remembers Holy Dragon Crown Prince, Shen Xiang cannot help but grips tightly the fist, initially this Holy Dragon Crown Prince had the person to chase down him, making him fall into the dangerous situation, but he has not made the opposite party feel better, Shen Xiang has not thought that their unexpectedly can come out from that Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest. His dragon are not many, only then four, initially got down along with him, only the remaining Imperial Dragon health/guard died.” Long Xueyi to rejoice in other people's misfortune said with a smile. Holy Dragon Crown Prince has two Imperial Dragon health/guard, was extinguished by White Tiger, which another in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, initially Shen Xiang had certainly enraged very fierce Poisonous Beast, how now he does not know that Poisonous Beast! Dean? Really is you?” In the Shen Xiang's mind suddenly broadcasts together sound, this is Ji Meixian! Shen Xiang walks on the street, was walking toward that Taiyuan main hall, he also planned to give a try to be able first to use the relation of master and servant contract, investigated the Ji Meixian position, has not thought that such quickly had the harvest. Ji Meixian adolescence to any situation, Shen Xiang is not clear now, in brief Ji Meixian that special spirit awareness is formidable, moreover she is rebirth Heaven World expert, within the body has the bloodlines of Imperial Feather Clan, later can become more formidable existence surely. Small female slave, is I!” Shen Xiang is very happy, at least he now can find out these ancient influence situations in detail. Oh, you came!” Ji Meixian sighed one lightly: Holy Dragon Crown Prince here, side fellow also very fierce black face guy, that fellow, so long as hears your name, will be excited, said that must your swallow alive, despise you probably! Have you annoyed when such a fierce fellow?”

Shen Xiang has pondered half sound, said: I have not annoyed this fellow, did you tell me the situations of some more this fellows?” Ji Meixian said: He comes with Holy Dragon Crown Prince together, is not the Holy Dragon Crown Prince person, moreover can treat as an equal with Taiyuan mountain Dean, he had said probably he has lived a period of time in any Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest!” The Shen Xiang body trembles suddenly, he knows that who that black face guy is, very that Poisonous Beast that might is he initially enraged! practice of that Poisonous Beast in Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl, initially Shen Xiang was chased down by Holy Dragon Crown Prince and the others, therefore his blade breaks out that Dragon Pearl, wakes inside Poisonous Beast, then he runs distantly, has not thought that now unexpectedly must meet! Before he also planned that revealed the status went to the Taiyuan main hall to look for that crowd of ancient influence Big Shot to chat the buried treasure matter, but knew that now that Poisonous Beast changed the turn into a human shape, joined up with Holy Dragon Crown Prince, killed him not to dare! Shen Xiang said: I know that who that fellow was! The world is really small, has not thought that will run into him here!” Small female slave, I knew that these rebel influences must look for the buried treasure the matter, said with me that I now am because this matter comes.”