World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1077
Ji Meixian is very accidental, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly knows this matter, because this matter keeps secret, she is planning to tell Shen Xiang this matter. „Do you know? This matter is important regarding these ancient influence, it is said can make their male tyrant entire Emperor Heaven key be at! Holy Dragon Crown Prince also knows that this matter, I thought that this Holy Dragon Crown Prince was sent not only for you, on him also many matters must be done, for example he must go to that place with these ancient influence now.” Shen Xiang thought that the important matter is not wonderful, has this Holy Dragon Crown Prince, making him very not relieved, moreover Holy Dragon Crown Prince goes, that also will definitely go along with Poisonous Beast that he will come. How do they carry on now?” Ji Meixian is very high in the White Sea Sacred Realm status now, because her strength is increased very quickly, the matter that she can know are many. I inquired what is this, now they in seeking for the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's fellow, these ancient influence Big Shot, in the hand have flake together, these flakes are they act according to a map to arrive at Sacred Dan World to seek! in addition altogether Big Shot of 30 influences have these flakes, including Holy Dragon Crown Prince and Taiyuan mountain Dean!” What? Holy Dragon Crown Prince and did Dean of Taiyuan mountain have?” Shen Xiang is surprised, that buried treasure he has not imagined is so simple, he thought will not have resources anything and so on thing, but fiercer thing. Um, they and other Purple Moon Sacred Realm's people, so long as Purple Moon Sacred Realm arrives, can 30, they be able immediately!” Shen Xiang had not planned that now revealed status finds these people, but is the plan goes by the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's status, he turns into the Dongfang Lingyun appearance immediately! Dongfang Lingyun enters Purple Moon Sacred Realm shortly, therefore does not know that some Purple Moon Sacred Realm's matters can also understand. Dean, I thought that you should better not, danger(ous) to you, Big Shot of here each influence, wishes one could to dismember a body you really very much.” Ji Meixian said. Um, I knew!”

Shen Xiang and Ji Meixian break the induction of master and servant contract, he planned that temporarily did not tell Ji Meixian him to have the matter of flake! Arrived at the Taiyuan main hall entrance, old man saw him to wear the Purple Moon Sacred Realm unique purple clothing, immediately walked, asked: „Are you Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person?” Right, I am Dongfang Lingyun!” Shen Xiang has the arrogant expression to say with one type intentionally that Dongfang Lingyun usually is this morality moral character. He turns into the Dongfang Lingyun appearance . Moreover the aura also imitates very much looks like, he thought that should not be looked, Long Xueyi has also said that this Transformation Technique fiercest place, is their Imperial Dragon Clan these also understood that the Transformation Technique dragon cannot look. Please come along with me!” That old man was very polite, is bringing Shen Xiang since the Taiyuan main hall, went to an inside hall, here had Teleportation Formation. This was goes to the Taiyuan summit Teleportation Formation!” That old man said that then stimulates Teleportation Formation. Suddenly, Shen Xiang then arrived at the summit of Taiyuan mountain, before him is a palatial palace, was winding around by light purple Qi mist, the sunlight shines by the purple fog in the palace, making this palace divine light intermittent, appears broader. You just joined Purple Moon Sacred Realm's! Other people?” What question is Golden Sun Sacred Realm old man, he is Golden Sun Sacred Realm Dean, Shen Xiang recognizes him now, at this time many person going out main halls fast, they are really are impatient. Shen Xiang saw Ji Meixian and Holy Dragon Crown Prince these familiar faces, before as well as Ji Meixian, that black face guy who said that is also Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest inside Poisonous Beast! Other people...... Died!” Shen Xiang sighed one. „Did you get so far as the flake?” golden sun Dean asked.

Attained!” Shen Xiang has not taken, he was worried, because are small, was killed by this crowd of Big Shot. Stimulates to movement the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's flake, needs Purple Moon Sacred Realm unique True Qi, you just crossed the threshold, can use?” That golden sun Dean cares about this, person such several that because came from Purple Moon Sacred Realm, but now actually remaining this crude people. Shen Xiang heart fierce jumps, then indifferently said: Ok!” Afterward he puts out that purple flake, then pours into purple True Qi, saw only the flake to shine purple light glow, this made the people relax, but they were very surprised this Dongfang Lingyun unexpectedly to achieve, they know that this Dongfang Lingyun just entered Purple Moon Sacred Realm shortly, can grasp Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Purple Moon True Qi. Before Shen Xiang, cut to kill Purple Moon Dean in Heavenly Thunder Purgatory, pulled out that Purple Moon Dean Heaven Dan, currently he quietly uses that Heaven Dan inside Purple Moon True Qi. Now he understands that not only wants these flakes, but also needs one to understand that use corresponding True Qi person, now he does not need to worry that these people will massacre him to rob that Purple Moon flake. How do other people die?” White Sea Dean asked that this was a humpbacked old man. Other people also very much want to know why lived on this Dongfang Lingyun? Shen Xiang is despising them secretly, how these fellow unexpectedly remember other people dead. We...... After attaining that flake, has run into several people, these people said one are any Fiendgod Cult, said that kills our people specially......” What?” golden light suddenly dodges, is bringing air/Qi of very thick Primal Chaos, lets in the people heart surprised.

The person who this suddenly presents flies from that main hall, holds the Shen Xiang's front piece, in the Shen Xiang heart is also panic-stricken incomparable, at present this has two to cast aside the handsome middle age of beard, strength unexpectedly is so intrepid, was fiercer than former that beginning of the universe, he had affirmed that this middle-aged person should be Taiyuan mountain Dean! Does Fiendgod Cult that you said a moment ago, where appear? Is long is what kind of?” Taiyuan Dean stared at the Shen Xiang's eye, loud voice is asking, could see that he highly cared about this matter. About the Fiendgod Cult matter, Shen Xiang was listens to Dongfang Jing saying that Dongfang Jing and her father said the person from Fiendgod Cult besieged, only then Dongfang Jing escaped, Shen Xiang had asked Yan Zilan their several females, they did not know that Fiendgod Cult matter. Therefore he says now, having a look here to have the person to know, but has not thought that actually explodes such a big fish. Shen Xiang he tells this Taiyuan Dean to the matter that Fiendgod Cult knew! Taiyuan Dean let loose Shen Xiang, expression was serious, was saying to the people: You know that what Fiendgod Cult is?” Here person majority are Big Shot, comes Zitian, they shake the head! Holy Dragon Crown Prince is wrinkling the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards lightly, said: „The religious sect that is that Divine Dao and Devil Path merge into one organic whole the fellow who founds, he said that is Tian Nu!”