World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1078
The people listened to Shen Xiang to say a moment ago these Fiendgod Cult people kill these to have the person of heaven defying inheritance probably specially, for example these Heavenspan Family. Tian Nu...... has not heard this name for a long time!” Taiyuan Dean closed the eye, the deep breath. My Imperial Father has said that Tian Nu is a person, but his strength actually and past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens was equally formidable.” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince words make the people shocking. Such person says Tian Nu, then he does found this Fiendgod Cult is specially handles matters for the day? Kills specially with person who the day resists?” „Do we want to meet with a disaster?” Taiyuan Dean did not doubt words that Shen Xiang spoke, knows the person who Fiendgod Cult had were not many, but Shen Xiang can say, thinks that has met. Snort? Any nonsense Tian Nu, I did not fear that says the thing of lackey!” That black face guy said. Three Horned Dragon King, you think that your present strength and Dragon Emperor do compare what kind of?” Taiyuan Dean asked that Dragon Emperor that he said that naturally is present commander Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor, was the Holy Dragon Crown Prince father. Shen Xiang is very surprised, he fellow who puts from that Poisonous Beast Dragon Pearl, unexpectedly is also a dragon, why now he knew this dragon to be able with Holy Dragon Crown Prince together. You meant that Tian Nu strength is the same with Dragon Emperor?” Three Horned Dragon King asked. Right!”

Those present are startled, with the fellow of Dragon Emperor same strength, if must extinguish them, with pinching the ant is the same? Only then Holy Dragon Crown Prince is calm, because can contend with the Tian Nu influence, only then their Imperial Dragon Clan. That Three Horned Dragon King does not speak, he thinks that his strength in this group of people was very strong, but contrasted the Dragon Emperor words, he does not dare to be so rampant, otherwise he initially already killed Holy Dragon Crown Prince. Today rests for day, tomorrow starts to start, Fiendgod Cult appeared, we a bit faster move!” Taiyuan Dean sent for bringing Shen Xiang to rest, after leaving that person, Shen Xiang secretly relaxed, he had not been seen through. Shen Xiang enters the room, immediately lies on the bed is resting, a moment ago he was very anxious. dragon brat, do you know that Fiendgod Cult?” Shen Xiang sees Holy Dragon Crown Prince to know that he thought Long Xueyi should also know. Does not know, the words that I know, already told you! I thought that this Fiendgod Cult should come from Heaven World, moreover was related with the past Emperor Heaven disruption! This counts the hundred thousand year, perhaps these three realms great war, are Fiendgod Cult makes!” Long Xueyi's guessed that is also Shen Xiang thinks. For many years three realms great war, will cause each world to bog down, causing many things to drain, many talented people fell from the sky, many civilizations were because destroyed like this, when the Human World civilization was prosperous, erupted one time such war, quite in World Extermination! That Three Horned Dragon King what's the matter? Can the fellow of what strength be called Dragon King?” Shen Xiang knows that this Three Horned Dragon King had a mortal hatred of him, he cannot be seized by this fellow. Is equal existence in Immortal King, should be similar to that Heavenly Thunder Devil Lord strength!” Long Xueyi said. Said that is misses one step to become Dragon Emperor?” Shen Xiang has not thought that this fellow so will be fierce.

Difference was far, many fellows were confer the title of prince upon could not come up, but I was different, I later certainly can become Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, killing of grandson but was an eyesore that first!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang thought that the Long Xueyi's parents are very definitely strong, will otherwise not give birth to this small abnormal dragon, unexpectedly has Dragon Emperor to have Primal Chaos Dragon Magic that. The dawn, Shen Xiang arrives at set long time ago the hall, the people take the flake, composes a map, Shen Xiang discovered that these flakes are the size vary, the color varies, but also some are the circular or the triangle, but after all flakes combine, can compose a complete map. Shen Xiang knew from these Big Shot mouths that has the complete map is the first step, goes to that place, but also needs to activate these flakes, opened sliding door of that place to say the second step. This makes Shen Xiang be vigilant that his present representative Purple Moon Sacred Realm . Moreover the strength is weakest, if went to that place, after he does not have the value, can be killed by these people? Shen Xiang is very clear these ancient influence Big Shot is anything goods, if the buried treasure, few one person minutes are better! After taking down the map, the people take flake to receive, then starts to start off, Shen Xiang as small small shrimp, can only walk in finally, he in this crowd of person eyes, but can make them seek the buried treasure the tool. Although is this, but Shen Xiang knows that this group of people definitely will protect his, if he died, this group of people do not want to obtain in that place thing. „Is the place that we must go to Primal Chaos Mountain?” old man asked. Yes, we, although stayed in Primal Chaos Mountain was very long, but where actually did not know Primal Chaos Mountain, that was one giant stone that lowered from Primal Chaos World, in the past the ancestor does not know that has made anything in inside, or had discovered any fierce thing, hid Primal Chaos Mountain!” Taiyuan Dean said. In Shen Xiang heart startled [say / way]: unexpectedly must look for Primal Chaos Mountain, should on that map!”

Taiyuan Dean was leading three elder and young people, an elder was his son, the young people were stronger marry the Du Yanyao person, was Taiyuan Dean grandson. Follows the young people who goes to be many, but that Taiyuan Dean grandson just started some not to be dishonest, wants to gang up with Ji Meixian and Qin Family Daughter of Heaven Qin Yao, but was stared one after by Taiyuan Dean, does not dare to act unreasonably again. Because Peach Blossom Sacred Realm in the past was not a rebel, therefore they have not come . Moreover the past rebel influence were many, but also only then the present these are quite strong. The people arrive at a mountain scene forest with Teleportation Formation of Taiyuan mountain in turn, now where Shen Xiang do not know, but he determined also in Primal Chaos Mountain, because here Immortal Qi and other places were different. This forest very much danger(ous), finally do not fly the upper air, in order to avoid being known by some ominous beasts of ground!” Taiyuan Dean knew about here very that but must seek for that Primal Chaos Mountain, they must pass through this forest. What does ominous beast have to be good to fear?” Three Horned Dragon King disdainfully said: Has the words of ominous beast, I eat them!” Here ominous beast is not the ordinary ominous beast, we called generally are Primal Chaos Beast, can use the Primal Chaos Power fellow, some can also use Primal Chaos Fire! Even some can emit Primordial Strange Poison, you should know that these Primordial Strange Poison majority are to come from Primal Chaos World.” Taiyuan Dean said. Shen Xiang has been curious to Primal Chaos World, but where nobody can tell him that is, but he has the essential thing to Primal Chaos World, is that seven Primal Chaos Fire Token.