World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1079
Walks with this group of foes in this mountain scene forest, making Shen Xiang at heart strange, reminds him in that Blood Sex Fiend Forest loquacious strange. „The news that Dean, just passed on, our 3000 dark bows died completely!” Side Taiyuan Dean elder seriously said. Taiyuan Dean frowned, stopped, was pinching the fist tightly: Subpoenaed, who must investigate thoroughly does, used all strength, I must know that was who was so bold, unexpectedly killed off our dark bows!” In the Shen Xiang heart is laughing in one's heart, he did at that time very secret, these people cannot look up. Grandfather, can be Du Family that old fellow?” A youth asked. Is indefinite, but is very likely him, can have the person of that strength not to be many! Moreover our Great Elder and two elders were missing were very long, was very likely is related with the matter that outside Heavenly Sacred City had.” Taiyuan Dean coldly snorted, continued to lead the people to hurry along. Many people saw that this Taiyuan mountain definitely suffered a loss, if now do not seek for that to be missing many years of Primal Chaos Mountain, this Taiyuan Dean definitely personally will look up. What the people do not know, that the person who makes his Taiyuan mountain suffer a loss, in them! Big Shot here, in secret has greeted, but they have decided when the time comes Dongfang Lingyun to kill that so long as opens that sliding door, they immediately fight, so long as when the time comes did not say that Purple Moon Sacred Realm does not know is they do. In order to let this Dongfang Lingyun can safe going to that place, the people ask him to leave in the middle, Shen Xiang are thinking now, if this crowd of old fellow know that his true status, does not know what expression will have. Small after half of the day, Shen Xiang realized that some strange phenomena, is these with the young people who gains the experience, some will look at his one eyes secretly, but after looking at one, again has not visited him.

Ji Meixian is also this, Shen Xiang suspected that these Big Shot sound transmission to these juniors, told in secret something are done to these juniors, may aim at very much his! „Do this group of fellows, want to dismantle the bridge after crossing inadequately? His mother, you should better not to my fight!” In the Shen Xiang heart is criticizing, just started off shortly, these fellows in secret greeted, must discuss how must solve him! Long Xueyi also looked, said: That Taiyuan Dean was familiar to this area, he route was intends to avoid some fierce Primal Chaos ominous beasts, was inferior to this, we used Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, the crest of wave to seek for the Primal Chaos ominous beast, directing several to come, when the time comes they must protect in any case your!” Hehe, this move of good, when the time comes I while convenient ask small female slave, what order having a look at her to receive!” Shen Xiang has raised up the thumb to Long Xueyi secretly, then displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, seeks to hide in nearby Primal Chaos ominous beast, what he also wants to have a look at these Primal Chaos ominous beasts is. Here Primal Chaos ominous beast are not many, that Taiyuan Dean guided to go round the place that these ominous beasts appeared and disappeared frequently, but Long Xueyi quick had actually found one crowd in the distant place, and enraged this flock of ominous beasts with her Divine Power the leader, has directed ten ominous beasts. Quick must come here, is one flock of snow white wolves, very big, moreover can use Primal Chaos Power, you and other is more careful.” Long Xueyi somewhat excitedly said. I will pay attention!” That flock of Primal Chaos ominous beasts arrived quickly, is not small, when runs, shakes the ground to tremble, the strength is not weak, Shen Xiang saw from that strength now that the strengths of these white great wolves have surpassed the Nirvana Realm nine tribulations, the nose in his phenomenon formidable. What's the matter? Here should not have the Primal Chaos ominous beast to be right!” Taiyuan Dean discovery had one flock of wolves to dash to come, regarding this very had doubts. Can get rid? I can blow away this group of fellows!” Three Horned Dragon King said that he wants to have a look at fierce of these Primal Chaos ominous beasts actually very much.

Taiyuan Dean said: I and you are towing these fellows, other people leave fast!” Quick!” Taiyuan Dean loudly shouted, makes a fist to the white great wolf that was swooping afterward, Primal Chaos Power falls in torrents from his fist, hit on the forehead of that white great wolf. wū wū...... That white great wolf has called out one, was hit to fly, bangs into rocky mountain, afterward fierce swoops, sends out intermittent angry calling out, in the mouth the spray coating leaves together Primal Chaos Power, turns into the white light, shot to go toward Taiyuan Dean illness. Taiyuan Dean moved sideways to avoid, that said that Primal Chaos Power drilled into deeply, exploded below, the split open of earth in violent shivering, had a very deep crack. The people complexion big change, this Taiyuan Dean strength was so intrepid, but cannot fight with the fists dead that white great wolf, then the surface also ten white great wolves were catching up! Sees these Primal Chaos ominous beasts to be so fierce, the people leave here hastily, that Three Horned Dragon King sends out roaring hiss, is plunging his white great wolf to grasp to one, his palm suddenly turns into the black, turns into black Qi steaming dragon claw, poisonous Qi is deep, he thinks own that sharp claw point can penetrate the chest of that white great wolf, but has not actually thought that grasps wool, but that great wolf also sprays together Primal Chaos Power from the mouth, hits to fly him. The people already left, but Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi actually patrol to watch, sees these Primal Chaos ominous beasts, regardless of attacks defends so is terrorist, they decided secretly that provokes this type of things all the way. So to be how fierce? If casual runs, the consequence is dreadful!” Shen Xiang is exclaiming in surprise.

These Primal Chaos ominous beasts should unable to go out of a range, otherwise their strength will vanish, these Primal Chaos ominous beasts have to have Primal Chaos Power, should obtain the influences of certain strength.” Long Xueyi observes very carefully, she discovered that Primal Chaos Power of these Primal Chaos ominous beasts have limitedly, moreover consumes very quickly, these Primal Chaos ominous beasts do not know why will have this strength, can become by own attack with Primal Chaos Power formidable, simultaneously can have formidable defensive power. Taiyuan Dean and Three Horned Dragon King their strengths were also very powerful, was socializing with ten this terrifying great wolves, except for somewhat was thrown into confusion, but has not actually injured, moreover these white great wolves once for a while were also hit by them call out. When Shen Xiang patrols to great tree side, suddenly sees weak golden light, shouted: I discover a golden rhinocero!” That directs quickly!” Long Xueyi said excitedly. Shen Xiang harasses this golden rhinocero with Divine Power directly, quick enrages this is similar to a small mountain-like giant fellow, ablaze with anger dashes with Shen Xiang's Divine Power, has hit many big trees all the way, treads the earth pēng pēng deafening sound, making the people fearful and apprehensive.