World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1080

„The strength strongest person comes out to block, Elder Hua, you lead them to go to the safe place, quick!” What speech was at the Taiyuan Dean of distant places and these white great wolf fierce struggles. In the crowd the chaos, Big Shot of many influences do not want to face that terrifying rhinocero immediately, but does not have the means that the strength quite weak junior, with Elder Hua of that Taiyuan mountain, spun in a direction. Small female slave, is I!” Shen Xiang suddenly to Ji Meixian sound transmission, making Ji Meixian very surprised, but where she actually does not know Shen Xiang. Has not thought that you came!” Before Ji Meixian, thinks that Shen Xiang will not come, but has not thought that Shen Xiang quietly with, to the present she had not actually suspected Shen Xiang mixes in the crowd, she only thought Shen Xiang quietly with. What do you then have to plan? I observed you, discovered that many native places in secret have given your young people orders probably.” Shen Xiang asked. We must go to a place now, there is the place of hidden treasure, it is said the leaf of front door, after waiting to open the front door, makes us kill Dongfang Lingyun, first is our these junior fight, if Dongfang Lingyun hits back, old fellow together attack him.” Ji Meixian said: Because Dongfang Lingyun comes on behalf of Purple Moon Sacred Realm, they do not want to make the Dongfang Lingyun minute walk the thing that Purple Moon Sacred Realm should result, but has Dongfang Lingyun to stimulate the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's flake.” Shen Xiang is criticizing that group of fellows, he already kept Heart Eye luckily, this with is the same, this group of people who he guessed to really must kill him finally. Ji Meixian does not know that her master is Dongfang Lingyun. Behind erupted intense great war, made that the entire mountain scene forest rumbling makes noise, the earthquake is unceasing, the beast roar is unceasing, this is the ghost who Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi do. At this time in more than 100 people, strength strongest perhaps is Holy Dragon Crown Prince and his side that several dragons, was that Elder Hua of Taiyuan mountain, this made Shen Xiang kill the heart to suddenly have, but his goal was Taiyuan Dean grandson, but he did not have the absolute assurance, if were discovered that that Taiyuan Dean went crazy is very terrifying.

The intense fight has continued half multi- double-hour, Three Horned Dragon King and that crowd of ancient influence Big Shot comes back first, besides Three Horned Dragon King, they pants, afterward Taiyuan Dean also came back, this makes the people relax. These domestic animal are very difficult to kill, invulnerability, Hundred Poisons Immunity, only the energy consumption falls their strength, making them run away.” Arrogant Three Horned Dragon King said that obviously these Primal Chaos ominous beasts are fearful, if no these expert, perhaps they already died. We must hurry to leave here, here Primal Chaos ominous beast is very unusual, the road that we take usually does not have the Primal Chaos ominous beast to appear and disappear, I intercourse repeatedly, but these time actually emits these many to come.” Taiyuan Dean expression was dignified, very looks at all around vigilantly, but Ji Meixian started to suspect that this was the ghost who Shen Xiang did, she worried very much Shen Xiang will be discovered by this Taiyuan Dean, but she actually very much admired Shen Xiang, can come here with them in secret, moreover was not discovered. Before Taiyuan Dean thinks that this road absolute safety, felt relieved led some juniors to come, but he actually somewhat regretted now, if presented any fierce thing in behind, that was very troublesome, he wants to send back these juniors very much immediately, went back, perhaps will meet many Primal Chaos ominous beasts, because of that place great war, will certainly have brought in nearby some Primal Chaos ominous beasts. Shen Xiang is thinking all the way how when the time comes must escape these people to besiege, Taiyuan Dean and Three Horned Dragon King strength should be here is strongest, Three Horned Dragon King and Holy Dragon Crown Prince same place, Holy Dragon Crown Prince also has the share in this buried treasure, he also will definitely get rid! It seems like when the time comes must concentrate the spirit, if discovered that some people attack, displays Form Displacement Shadow, lets itself and others exchanges!” Shen Xiang thought that this was best means that because the Form Displacement Shadow speed was quick, if successful, but can also kill a person! Rushed good for five days in mountain forest, has not rested on the way, for the region that a bit faster to be far away from the Primal Chaos ominous beast was, Shen Xiang became is also more honest, he and Long Xueyi discovered many Primal Chaos ominous beasts in the, if brought in a head, then definitely will flush a troop in all directions, when the time comes linked him to meet with a disaster. „If no this fellow to guide, perhaps the strength is strong, is very difficult to rush to this region, this Primal Chaos Mountain is really fearful.” Long Xueyi said.

Primal Chaos ominous beast that the sky will present one crowd of flights once for a while, the build is huge, the strength is powerful, the cry eats delicacies, Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering, this was also Taiyuan Dean not from the reason of aerial flight, in the words of upper air, will be discovered by the Primal Chaos ominous beast of ground very much easily, was besieged easily. The speed of people are quick, is all the way peaceful, little speech, they embarked already for more than ten days, but has not taken 50% roads now, but walked little, was very far from the destination. This all around trees changed, with beforehand different!” Long Xueyi said suddenly. How to be different?” Shen Xiang asked that trees all the way were very big, cover, here was also same. He had not seen that has anything not to be different. You were too after all tender, the roots of here all trees are very long, the permeating bottom following root is releasing one to let the air/Qi of very rich plant essence, haven't you fused plant Heaven Dan? Induces deeply to have a look!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang emits Divine Power, seeps to deeply, he can induce to the air/Qi of very rich plant essence clearly is flowing to a place slowly, has probably any thing to absorb the air/Qi of plant essence. Has the good thing!” Shen Xiang determined immediately that generally has this situation, some very high rank herbs. Shen Xiang continues to track flow directions of air/Qi of these plant essence with Divine Power, seeks for the end. Found!” Shen Xiang locks green grass under a big tree immediately, seems this grass not anything special place, but all around all trees the air/Qi of essence by this grass devour, speed very rapidness of devour.

Should with the plant Heaven Dan same thing!” Shen Xiang sees this unable alchemy spirit herb, at this time he went forward immediately, rushes toward that tree, the people are staring at him immediately. Some people just want to shout propaganda, let him honestly with the team, actually sees him to bend the waist to pick a grass, at this time, making people surprised one appear, that bead grass unexpectedly suddenly ran swiftly, the root hair turned into the foot, lithe ran. Sees this spirit grass(es), the people first response is, this absolutely is not the ordinary thing! Although that bead grass runs quickly, but was actually pursued by Shen Xiang, holds, then squeezes in the mouth! The people see this, in the heart crack cursed, such good thing, unexpectedly such was swallowed by him, many Big Shot wish one could the Shen Xiang's belly incision, takes that mystical grass!