World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1081

Follows alchemy master also several that comes, they are looking angrily at Shen Xiang. How did you eat this thing?” Dan King coldly said, on shameless full is the anger. If a bit faster does not eat this thing, he will run away, this is my experience, you do not know that what thing this is?” Shen Xiang asked that moreover a face despised. Here many experienced old fellow, they do not recognize this thing, Shen Xiang can seize this mystical grass from that many weeds, definitely is the method of discernment. plant spirit, is plant Heaven Dan another type. Obtains truly must swallow immediately, otherwise this thing runs quickly!” What speech is Ji Meixian, she spoke Shen Xiang to eat plant Heaven Dan before. unexpectedly is plant spirit, it is said obtains plant Heaven Dan and plant spirit person, can obtain the approval of earth, can sense the earth strength, what a pity!” Taiyuan Dean looked at Shen Xiang one, in the eye flashed through wipes light killing intent, this good thing unexpectedly to be eaten by such a fellow, this made the people wish one could Shen Xiang to dismember a body, then ate his meat. The people continue to hurry along, is getting bigger and bigger to Shen Xiang's killing intent, Shen Xiang has not actually paid attention to these people, but is runs, while makes that plant spirit fuse plant Heaven Dan. He discovers this plant spirit and plant Heaven Dan, although is similar, but fuses is very slow, in the process of fusion, plant spirit will release massive pure Immortal Qi, the Shen Xiang revolution profound merit, builds up these Immortal Qi, condense in his five beast image inside Heaven Dan. Immortal Qi are really many, when I built up to melt completely, I was away from cross the Nirvana five tribulations to be also near one step!” Shen Xiang is very pleasantly surprised, now plant spirit and plant Heaven Dan has not fused, he does not know after the fusion, what effect will have. Now so long as the people see these grass, will pull out, making Shen Xiang look wants to smile, but this group of people such mess about for 2-3 days later, gave up, at this time they envy this very Dongfang Lingyun, unexpectedly can obtain that good thing, but the people know that this person lives does not grow, so long as uses, can massacre.

Nearby has the person, there are many people, the strength is very strong, probably understood that uses these Primal Chaos Power!” Long Xueyi suddenly sends in the warning. Before that Taiyuan Dean had said that they have been far away from the Primal Chaos ominous beast region that was, but did not represent here is safe. Noisy scream suddenly from transmits in all directions, is really ambushing nearby this many people, seeing shadows to fly to leap up, these have gotten rid in vigilant expert, make terrifying Qi Energy, strikes to the shadows of these sneak attacks, since the time dodges all kinds of light glow, various attribute strength aura howled intermittently, have blown down the big tree, shook the ta earth. Is Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan!” Taiyuan Dean sound filled surprisedly, he has not thought that here will present this type of thing. These Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan are one group of people, but seems looks like the savage very much, they throw the speed of striking to be quick, making people be hard to see their appearances, but Shen Xiang can actually see, these people have very long hair, within the body has vigorous Primal Chaos Power, in addition, their fleshly body also very much robbers, after Shen Xiang see many Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan to be attacked, but flies, has not been injured. These have the Primal Chaos Power fellow are really fierce, can however own fleshly body become such formidable!” How Shen Xiang wants to ravel these Primal Chaos Power to produce very much, before Lin Xiyi had said that only then very strong person can have Primal Chaos Power, entire Primal Chaos Mountain only then such several people have. But now these Primal Chaos ominous beasts and Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan have, does not know why these things will exist. At this time Holy Dragon Crown Prince has gotten rid, other young people see, to refuse to admit being inferior, attacks Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan that these throw to strike, these Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan population are many, was quite hard to deal with, hits to lie also to crawl to throw immediately once more. Shen Xiang does not have fight, he stands there carefully is observing, what the striking power is strongest was Taiyuan Dean, a palm can pat flies hundred, that Three Horned Dragon King was also very fierce, his Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan that so long as approached, will be used a pair of black Poisonous Dragon claw to hold the head stubbornly, under his formidable strength, heads was similar to the tomato explodes that side, very savage.

„...... Why I could not use True Qi!” I have more than enough!” People suddenly shouts, the people who yells first are some young people, afterward is one's turn one crowd of old fellow. „It is not good, is Drunken God Incense, everybody holds the breath!” Taiyuan Dean strength was also weaker, a palm can only hit to fly 2-3 Primal Chaos people. Of Drunken God Incense Primordial Strange Poison!” old man terrified shouted that at this time the black clothed threw together, a fist mixed up his head. These Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan are higher than a section the average person, the body is sturdy, the whole body is the wool, a face is the same with the gorilla, strength is formidable, after that old man a fist destroys the head, afterward by that Primal Chaos person is broken to pieces, the scene is bloody. Everybody runs!” Taiyuan Dean pulled up own grandson, abandoned with the quickest speed, no matter unexpectedly also people. These ancient influence expert, strength in within the body was anaesthetized at this time much, strength that can use are not many, but escapes, draws some young people to escape in abundance. But at this time had some strengths to be bad, or is the luck poor fellow is hit by the Primal Chaos person who the extremely quick speed swoops by these, these Primal Chaos people can use very wild Primal Chaos Power, fights with the fists, can make a very big hole on the body of person, then the corpse was ripped open, was eaten!

Shen Xiang makes Long Xueyi patrol with that group of people, but he moves sideways to run in the direction that these Primal Chaos people throw! Primordial Strange Poison Devil Decaying Death Qi cannot take him to be what kind, these Drunken God Incense are also naturally useless, he rushes to lair of these Primal Chaos people now, for seeks for these Drunken God Incense sources, this is a cell phone Primordial Strange Poison good opportunity, can he let off? Shen Xiang already observed the front with Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, discovered that there some people are burning down some white flowers, that plants flowers, only then the palm of the hand is big, snow white like jade, is attractive. After Shen Xiang told Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, Bai Youyou definitely said very much: Certainly is God Intoxicating Flower! This Drunken God Incense refines from God Intoxicating Flower, you also saw a moment ago, these powerful fellows must meet with a disaster, this belongs to Primordial Strange Poison, therefore was also forbidden to use, the discovered words, definitely will be chased down.” Has not thought that unexpectedly will appear here, does not know how really this is comes!” Bai Youyou her elder sister with poisonous master, therefore she also has the understanding to these.