World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1082
Although this Drunken God Incense is Primordial Strange Poison, the process and Devil Decaying Death Qi that but has are different, Devil Decaying Death Qi needed the massive dead corpses, will produce in the situation of chance coincidence, but this Drunken God Incense from planted flowers inside production. White God Intoxicating Flower was piled in ground, one crowd is long is quite taking the flare to light these God Intoxicating Flower with human close Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan, they probably not by the influences of these poisonous Qi. Shen Xiang arrives quietly by one pile, worked on one not to light, put in Hidden Jade Ring, so long as had not been burnt down, these Drunken God Incense did not have danger(ous), and was attractive. So long as there is one, he can cause comes, at this time he with rushing to that group of people, these Drunken God Incense appearances, made many people therefore die, many people were criticizing that Taiyuan Dean, unexpectedly are running that quickly. The people followed in Taiyuan Dean behind, to flee crazily several double-hour, got rid of that group of Primal Chaos people, in their opinion, this group of Primal Chaos people be much more terrorist than beforehand Primal Chaos savage beast, what was most incredible, Three Horned Dragon King this type of toxin did not have idea. This Poisonous Dragon was too weak, feared including Primordial Strange Poison.” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, the people are still shaken at this time, in driving out within the body remaining poisonous Qi, but after these young people need waits for the elders to drive to end poisonously, with the help of elders can complete. The strength quite weak person, majority completely is poisoned now, True Qi in within the body is unuseful, after going all out to dash about wildly, at this time the whole body is incapable, body soft sitting there, can kill them very much easily. For Shen Xiang is not so noticeable, he disguises the autointoxication, is compelling poisonous Qi, plant spirit that but actually actually before building up obtains, the people see him also to live fleeing, secretly is rejoicing, if lost this fellow, the loss that their this comes all the way completely wasted. Taiyuan Dean, you know that what background these Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan are? Their unexpectedly grasps Drunken God Incense this type of terrifying thing, if were used by them massively, the consequence is dreadful, or was obtained by other evil and cruel people, then danger(ous), I thought that we should eliminate them, cannot make this thing class exit.” Holy Dragon Crown Prince said.

In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, he thought that now Big Shot of this Holy Dragon Crown Prince and this crowd of influences, very much wants to obtain these God Intoxicating Flower, but they do not have the courage to take now. Taiyuan Dean shook the head: I was a person came before, at that time ran into them, my choice did not have the conflict with them as far as possible, was only this time, our were too many, moreover had the fight with them, therefore they used this type of thing! Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan is not only such simple, attacks our these is only one group of status lowest fellows, strongest that crowd of Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan and we almost grow!” Shen Xiang also saw these people a moment ago, is truly different from these barbaric Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan, now the people saw from this Taiyuan Dean facial expression that crowd of Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan are not very affable. We found these things, if the strength promotes many, needs further consideration again!” golden sun Dean said. Right, this Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan has such danger(ous) thing, cannot make them use this to come everywhere the evil.” Shen Xiang suddenly thinks very disgusting, if that crowd of Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan deliver these God Intoxicating Flower, perhaps this group of affectedly virtuous fellows will snatch the broken head, he obtained God Intoxicating Flower now, when he has the time he personally to be again many with the Soul Creation Fluid lane some comes out to study. This cannot makes to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, he worried that can let be poisoned with these two females. Two quite fierce Primordial Strange Poison, were grasped two types by him, he thought that this Drunken God Incense does not have Devil Decaying Death Qi to be fierce, Devil Decaying Death Qi can kill people!

If you can God Intoxicating Flower refined into powdery, sprinkles on the body of person directly, spreads quickly, production of these poisonous Qi very simple reduces fever with the fire! Must make the fierce toxin, adopts the alchemy way, inside best thing fining!” Bai Youyou has certainly to counteracting poison understood: If powdery, once were inhaled a point, the poisoning capacity inhaling poisonous Qi is much more serious, should be able to make a very strong fellow lose instantaneously controls the True Qi ability.” Bai Youyou now says Shen Xiang to be ready to make trouble, wishes one could to build up big pile of Drunken God Incense, does the experiment with here expert. Shen Xiang observed these people, discovered that Holy Dragon Crown Prince restores quickly, he has any spirit dan marvelous medicine probably, but a Ji Meixian matter does not have, she has divine cloth, can let her Hundred Poisons Immunity. Small female slave, you are all right!” For all that the inquiry that but Shen Xiang very much cares about, Ji Meixian once was Heaven World above Jade Immortal Woman, moreover was long that attractively, later definitely can also become moves a side once more expert. All right, you? You where?” Wisp of Divine sense response of Ji Meixian in following mind said that she does not dare to look around, was worried that can cause others to suspect. I am certainly all right! You are careful, this probably very many danger(ous), will meet the danger(ous) words, hurries to run away that's it! Moreover must be far away from that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, this fellow always stares at you to look that he possibly discovered on you had that fierce divine cloth.” Shen Xiang said. My within the body has Phoenix and bloodlines of Gold Winged Great Peng bird, the Dragon Clan fellow is very easy to induce, this I will be careful!” Confirmed after all people restore , to continue to start off, came time close 200 people, now but hundred people, before lost is in these influences quite strong elder level character, some ancient influence also died some juniors, causing these Big Shot moods to be bad.

Although has met Primal Chaos Barbarian Clan and Primal Chaos savage beast these very fierce thing, but the people are more definite this inside deep place is hiding treasure is very certainly fierce. What they seek is true Primal Chaos Mountain, in the past a giant stone that falls from Primal Chaos World, on the road, Shen Xiang hear of that Taiyuan Dean have mentioned, the stone that Primal Chaos World falls are many, many great mountains are Primal Chaos World fall, but only a stone is special, afterward turned into a mountain, many people investigate, has discovered many magical things, therefore this had been pounded by Primal Chaos World many stones the place is named as Primal Chaos Mountain. In the past that betrayed the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens rebel, as well as Imperial Dragon Clan old Patriarch, went to this place together, Primal Chaos Mountain that in some eastern Tibet entered that disappearance, then formed a map. Shen Xiang suspected founder who this Taiyuan mountain perhaps is also one of the rebels, Imperial Dragon Clan also helped these people topple Great Emperor of Ten Heavens! Taiyuan Dean, these did Primal Chaos Fire Token have what using? How do you obtain?” Holy Dragon Crown Prince unexpectedly does not know that this Primal Chaos Fire Token matter, this makes Shen Xiang very surprised, must know that wants to let Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition, must have dragon blood, Shen Xiang guessed before this is certainly related with Dragon Clan.