World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1083
Taiyuan Dean had not replied immediately that could see he is knows, but actually cannot tell this Holy Dragon Crown Prince. What Primal Chaos Fire Token and that missing do Primal Chaos Mountain have to be connected?” Holy Dragon Crown Prince pursues asks. The people here know that seven Primal Chaos Fire Token completely had been taken by Shen Xiang many years ago, before then, these arrive at Primal Chaos Fire Token to disperse in Primal Chaos Mountain each Big Shot of influence. The people very care about this Primal Chaos Fire Token at this time, was collected by Shen Xiang because of swift pace Primal Chaos Fire Token, Shen Xiang is their big foes, was obtained very fierce thing by Shen Xiang this fellow, will make them very not relieved! Must know that Shen Xiang obtained Dragon Vein in Emperor Heaven, young, the strength is formidable, quite had in the past the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens style. Knows the person who Primal Chaos Fire Token function are not many, since everybody and Shen Xiang has a grudge, then I told you to be good, but you must remember surely that cannot tell Shen Xiang, if made him know that function of collection uneven seven Primal Chaos Fire Token, perhaps will be very troublesome.” Taiyuan Dean consideration over and over, decided to tell the people. Shen Xiang pretends Dongfang Lingyun to mix, all the way when others chatted, gave scolding Shen Xiang, making here person know him and Shen Xiang's grievances, therefore that Taiyuan Dean did not mind him to hear, after let alone used him, was his time of death. Shen Xiang this small mixed wool, when I arrive at Emperor Heaven, certainly moves his lair!” Three Horned Dragon King angrily said, in he originally falling asleep Poisonous Dragon Dragon Pearl well, if were absorbed entire Dragon Pearl strength by him, his will be more formidable, but this was destroyed by Shen Xiang. Words that goes back smoothly, his any Subduing Dragon Sect to the end!” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince vision flashes, Subduing Dragon Sect this three characters make him not be feeling well, this clarifies must with his Imperial Dragon Clan to doing. Had status expert to hate by these many to remember with eternal gratitude so, in the Shen Xiang heart some haughty, are no one can achieve this.

Taiyuan Dean said: Primal Chaos Fire Token itself with divine iron refined into, moreover from that mysterious Primal Chaos World, altogether seven, the past years was to follow seven huge seven color stones descends, Primal Chaos Fire Token in these seven color stones, at that time expert of Primal Chaos clan had used for several hundred years, caused Primal Chaos Fire Token from these stones!” After many time wars, these arrives at Primal Chaos Fire Token to change many masters, Primal Chaos Fire Token is regarded as our Primal Chaos clan Gods sacred object, although we cannot fuse these Primal Chaos Fire Token, but can actually play a role of symbolic status.” Taiyuan Dean stopped the footsteps, has sighed deeply, was staring at Holy Dragon Crown Prince, said: To be honest, these seven Primal Chaos Fire Token should to you Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor, because only then has dragon blood to fuse! Why Shen Xiang can fuse Primal Chaos Fire Token, I did not think clearly!” He had gone to Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest before, the past Poisonous Dragon king died there, he has possibly soaked the blood of Poisonous Dragon king in inside, therefore made his within the body leave leeway dragon blood.” Three Horned Dragon King knits the brows: This brat can be so relaxed in Poisonous Immortal Devil Forest, within the body has certainly the blood of Poisonous Dragon king!” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince complexion became cloudier, because he thought that this was his thing! Taiyuan Dean, then volume uneven seven Primal Chaos Fire Token are useful?” A person asked. In Legend, collection uneven seven Primal Chaos Fire Token have two functions, first can open to Primal Chaos World is passage, but needs very formidable strength, at least needs Great Emperor of Ten Heavens or the strength of Dragon Emperor this rank! Second, can in within the body condense grain of Primal Chaos fire seed, be able to practice Primal Chaos Fire, but fleshly body formidable is good, otherwise is unable to withstand Primal Chaos fire seed!” Taiyuan Dean has patted the shoulder of Holy Dragon Crown Prince, comforted saying: This is your, will have the opportunity to seize!”

The people understand Holy Dragon Crown Prince this time mood, how regardless of this Primal Chaos Fire Token saw that customizes for these Holy Dragon, needs dragon blood and formidable fleshly body, the Dragon Emperor strength. Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Nonsense, is Dragon Emperor is right, but I am natural, has kindly given this little rascal!” Taiyuan Dean looks at the sky of distant place, took a deep breath, said dignified: Perhaps naturally, Shen Xiang for a lifetime cannot open passage to Primal Chaos World, is unable to obtain fire seed, his humanity is unable to achieve these! What I am worried is he uses these seven Primal Chaos Fire Token to summon Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, that Devil Palace is very fearful, very fearful......” Shen Xiang's heart pū tōng jumps, the Primal Chaos Fire Token front two uses can say in his expected, but that anything Nine Heavenly Devil Palace is he has not actually thought. Speaking of Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, many old fellow complexions suddenly changed, Ji Meixian was also so! How can be Nine Heavenly Devil Palace? Primal Chaos Fire Token unexpectedly is related with this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Bai Youyou surprised in heart, is the same with these people at this time. Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, that illusory, ruins innumerable formidable Immortal Devil Devil Palace, because once made Nine Heavens expert all extinguish, therefore therefore acquires fame!” The Su Meiyao's expression is having a fear: In the past Nine Heavenly Devil Palace appeared, I and Senior Sister once from afar looked at one, was almost attracted by mysterious strength, it is said that time went in inside person dead!” Bai Youyou said: This has been lucky Ji Meixian, at that time she was chasing down us, if not her suddenly appears, making us recover, perhaps we already entered that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, now thinks that she is really also protecting us!”

Comes Zitian expert saying: It is said past Jade Immortal Woman and heartless old demon went to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, they once moved a side human expert, is no exception, is unable to resist this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace attraction!” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince nod said: Good, did not say human expert, in Imperial Dragon Clan many powerful dragons because went to that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace not to come back! My Imperial Father has mentioned, this Devil Palace can confuse the mind of person, no matter your will is firm, so long as has a liking for one by far, cannot help but will walk toward that Devil Palace, then enters Devil Palace!” This is a expert cemetery, Nine Heavenly Devil Palace appears each time, is innumerable well-known expert die time, but hears this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, although is evil, but can actually seek to pass the road of god in inside!” Taiyuan Dean said: Therefore we must massacre Shen Xiang, if he can summon this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, our danger(ous)! Everybody do not reveal!” Ji Meixian is very clear this Nine Heavenly Devil Palace fierce, therefore she does not plan to tell Shen Xiang, but she knows that Shen Xiang hides in the, certainly will hear.