World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1084
The people start off once more, at this time they want to kill Shen Xiang, they worried very much Shen Xiang makes Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, when the time comes they see this Devil Palace accidentally, then quite in time of death. Small female slave, have you spoken that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace? How in Legend did you die in inside?” Shen Xiang asked. Best not to make that Devil Palace! In the past that two little girl were almost confused, is I wakes up by shouting their! After I they expel, my oneself go to Nine Heavenly Devil Palace!” Ji Meixian very serious warning Shen Xiang. Oh? were you tempted?” Shen Xiang asked. From the beginning I can resist the enticement, but afterward that Devil Palace spread the sound, told me, my uncle in inside, was Heartless Devil Venerable, that two little girl Master. At that time I have been looking for him, therefore went, moreover is close, more thought my uncle in inside! After I enter Devil Palace, if really sees his form!” Ji Meixian spoke of here, in the sound could not conceal the fear. That certainly is illusion, certainly is that Devil Palace is confusing your mind.” Shen Xiang said. Truly is this, this Devil Palace specially looks for your mind the weakness, simultaneously your desire stimulation to biggest, making you lose the reason, is individually uncorrectable! If I do not have that divine cloth, perhaps died in inside, at that time was my divine cloth releases strength, helped me to be separated from that Devil Palace.” Ji Meixian said: This is my mother leaves my maintaining life symbol, for many years has saved me not to know many times.” Naturally, this Devil Palace makes Heaven World's expert so frightened, the fierce place is not only this, after my some friends go, has not appeared, is one ruins the expert place.” If Ji Meixian is not Shen Xiang's female slave, at this time will certainly urge Shen Xiang by a tone of elder, because she knows that Shen Xiang is one likes the create a mess fellow very much. In the Ji Meixian heart secret sighed, she knows that by Shen Xiang was known Primal Chaos Fire Token use, later Shen Xiang definitely will make Devil Palace. After ten days of going over hill and dale, people arrived at the cartographic representation finally the place, but a here giant lake, seemed is similar to the sea on land is truly ordinary, that Primal Chaos Mountain might very much on conceal here.

„If no this map, perhaps we come not to come here, we second half long journey line is very safe, otherwise so will not be relaxed! Before here is me , the place that does not dare to come, has not thought that here is hiding such a lake!” Taiyuan Dean held lake water with both hands, then hastily shouted: Lake water is poisonous! Do not bump!” But late, several old men not only have bumped, but also has licked with the tongue! The double palm of Taiyuan Dean turned purple, his hastily transported the merit to compel the toxin, saw only Purple Qi to brave intermittently, but that several old man poured in the ground sways back and forth, opened mouth swelling very fearfully, the purple black, the speed of toxin spread was quick, more than ten expert hastily transported strength toward these old man within the body, compelled the toxin! These young people see, hastily is far away from this giant lake, such water of great lake, unexpectedly includes acute poison, but the toxicity is not very strong, that several old men have saved a life. That Primal Chaos Mountain on conceal in the below of lake?” A person asked. Should!” Taiyuan Dean nodded: In this lake toxin, should some people make intentionally, everybody takes the flake!” Big Shot, Shen Xiang and Holy Dragon Crown Prince major influences places the ground their flakes, then combines together, but this combination and previous difference, what this using is the back design, after combining, is one octagonal chart. Pours into flake your strength, stimulates these flakes!” Taiyuan Dean said.

Shen Xiang revolves secretly that Heaven Dan inside strength, making it flow in his body, then releases from the finger, pours into the flake, making that flake send out purple light glow. 30 flakes are placed in the ground, seems very anomalous, but the people pour into strength after inside, produced various color light glow, but actually turns into the golden color now. The earth vibrates slightly, the people look immediately to that giant lake, sees only jet black great mountain to float an all over the body slowly from the lake! This mountain is very big, occupies the entire lake, the time of floating, these lake water do not know where, the people have stood under this mountain at this time, making people think that this mountain as if isolates the world the barrier, high does not see the top, cannot see this mountain the two sides end. Shen Xiang guessed that this Primal Chaos Mountain should have half Chenwu Mainland to be so big! After Primal Chaos Mountain reappears completely, covers black thing suddenly on the surface to melt, afterward reappears dazzling silver-white light glow, an intermittent plain aura overflow, lets the person as if that time that returns to Primal Chaos to inaugurate! Looks that this pure and holy incomparable Primal Chaos Mountain reappears, the people are excited, think that in the past the older generation who this mountain hid, they cannot help but exclaimed in surprise that this definitely was very huge project, but Shen Xiang started to alert these people, now remaining final matters, open inside front door. Taiyuan Dean investigated, after determining did not have danger(ous), leads the people toward that leaf of front door to walk! On the mountain wall, very smooth places, there has 30 scoop channels, puts in these flakes, therefore the people determined that there should be the entrance!

This group of fellows in the past really plundering eastern Tibet here?” Shen Xiang suspects: I think should not to have, they plunder the thing that comes should be is used maintains the inheritance is right!” Went in knew, perhaps was that group of fellows had discovered in inside any thing, but at that time could not take away, therefore temporarily sealed here.” Su Meiyao said. Has the possibility, because Emperor Heaven disintegrates is very strong mysterious strength is promoting, if they have this type of good thing, definitely by that strength taking away, therefore they hide.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, is observing the facial expression of everyone, sees only some young people to hit the meaningful glance with other people of influence, obviously was that was ready to get rid. This group of fellows did not fear that was blamed by Purple Moon Sacred Realm? Although Purple Moon Sacred Realm now is very disappointing, but Heaven World above Purple Moon Sacred Realm is not absolutely weak! But is not strange, this group of fellow past ancestor and founder of betrayed including Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, now sells out own ally is very normal!” Shen Xiang is also ready, planned that comes to be caught off guard to these people, homicide these old, what must kill several small does not have the issue, who made this group of people come here, but also was dishonest!