World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1085
The people stand in front of the front door, does not pay attention while Shen Xiang, has hit a meaningful glance mutually, then puts out the flake, throws toward the front door above scoop channel, simultaneously pours into strength, making that flake send out light glow, pastes into on the scoop channel automatically. Shen Xiang disguises the ample capacity to be laborious, therefore after and other people complete, he starts to throw the flake, moreover is sweating profusely, is evidently tired, this makes in these young people hearts ridicule, because this is easier to go well. The front door opens, these will follow the young people who will come immediately fight, this will be these Big Shot in secret has also discussed that the young people who which will influence have a look at will be fiercest. After the purple flake in Shen Xiang hand flies, pastes on the front door, sees only the mountain wall above front door has made „” sound, trembles, the mountain wall middle has a crack, white light glow sprays from inside, the both eyes of stabbing pain person. At this moment, these young people get rid suddenly, Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm Daughter of Heaven of day, Taiyuan Dean grandson, as well as Holy Dragon Crown Prince, in their hands was taking assorted weapon, displayed them strongly struck, attacked to Shen Xiang's! Small female slave, draws back!” In that flash, Shen Xiang to Ji Meixian sound transmission, then displays Form Displacement Shadow, had been changed a position by oneself with Taiyuan Dean grandson. This move no one has thought that the person responded in the presence of everyone the time , more than ten long swords pricked Taiyuan Dean that treasure grandson's body, Holy Dragon Crown Prince dragon claw have pulled out that grandson's heart! After light glow that the front door sends out vanishes, saw only Taiyuan Dean to roar, was hitting to that crowd of young people palm bang, these weapon were broken completely, these had the person of attack to be shaken the severe wound completely, had the Holy Dragon Crown Prince situation to be better! This......” These influence Big Shot are extremely surprised, hastily actually received the junior who these were shaken fly, in these young people, only then gets rid slightly slow Ji Meixian to avoid a tribulation, because Shen Xiang gives her sound transmission time, she was affected, slow other person of many! Shen Xiang pretends Dongfang Lingyun to mix, this really stemmed from her anticipation, she thinks Shen Xiang tracked them to come!

Taiyuan Dean both eyes were red, he very much wants to kill a Shen Xiang palm now, but he was actually saved his grandson. Person!” Big Shot shouted, they have not thought that this Dongfang Lingyun unexpectedly is so cloudy, understands this move. Everybody was careful that this is my Imperial Dragon Clan Form Displacement Shadow, this person certainly is Shen Xiang!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince was injured by angry Taiyuan Dean a moment ago, the corners of the mouth have the bloodstain. azure light dodges suddenly, hides to brave suddenly in space inside Shen Xiang, is grasping aggressive incomparable Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, displays Vast Wave Cut in Dragonslayer Seven Killing Cut, Dragon Force is similar to the rough seas impact, chops to Holy Dragon Crown Prince! Holy Dragon Crown Prince worthily is the child of Dragon Emperor, although was injured at this time, but responded that is very swift and violent, induces to danger(ous), shunts suddenly, but Shen Xiang that blade actually very rapidness, Holy Dragon Crown Prince, although has made moving aside, but the arm was cut to fall by shoulder-length. Small mixed wool!” Three Horned Dragon King sees Shen Xiang to come, an arm turns into one such as mountain-like huge purple black dragon claw, has patted toward Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang treadons Earth Shrinking Step, is similar to the lightning shunts generally, suddenly entered in that leaf of front door. Holy Dragon Crown Prince looked that tread that was patted rotten dragon claw by Three Horned Dragon King, the anger results in the whole body to tremble, breaks on the arm the dragon blood crazy class to continue. Shen Xiang...... you give me anxiously!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince looks angrily at that leaf of front door that Shen Xiang is vanishing. Takes care of him, I go to take Shen Xiang's persons head!” Taiyuan Dean sound was ice-cold, afterward rushed toward that leaf of front door.

These Big Shot leave behind with the elder, entrusts without the influence of elder to other elders of influence, pursues in abundance to Shen Xiang. Ji Meixian has not gone, she acclaimed to Shen Xiang this unceasingly, these influences want to show off by their junior, but has not thought that finally made Taiyuan Dean grandson almost severe wound die, but Holy Dragon Crown Prince was also broken an arm, other juniors of influence by severe wound, but these ancient influence and relationship of Taiyuan mountain also therefore worsened! After Holy Dragon Crown Prince eats up grain of Immortal Dan, restored much, that cut off arm also quick fast-growth long comes out, he is the child of Dragon Emperor, Immortal Dan anything does not receive. Almost after restoring, he also rushes to into that leaf of front door. After Shen Xiang enters that leaf of front door, arrives at white, moreover in huge passage, on this passage two sides rock wall, has many, each sliding door all around is separated three zhang (3.33 m). He arrives at this passage end fast, discovered that is also the size same gate, but at this time some people pursued, he casually has chosen one, is running with the quickest speed. After other people come, discovered that this inside has these many, cannot help but big, because they do not know that Shen Xiang walked that sliding door, moreover does not know that these that leaves are correct! Taiyuan Dean, matter......” Does not need to raise again, passed, now we must prevent Shen Xiang!” Taiyuan Dean pinched the fist tightly. So long as the people think that Shen Xiang turns into Dongfang Lingyun to infiltrate in them, in heart cannot help but angry, moreover comes, they are also protecting Shen Xiang, has not thought finally at that moment, unexpectedly had been planned by Shen Xiang maliciously, their suddenly thought one is a big idiot!

Especially that Primal Chaos Fire Token secret, unexpectedly was known by Shen Xiang completely, moreover Taiyuan Dean personally told Shen Xiang's! Shen Xiang knew the Primal Chaos Fire Token secret!” golden sun Dean sighed. We, so long as massacred his that's alright, cannot let him or leaves this Primal Chaos Mountain!” Taiyuan Dean said. The people understand at this time that Shen Xiang had already massacred the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person, obtains that flake, then pretends to be the Purple Moon Sacred Realm's person to mix in their here, arrives at Primal Chaos Mountain with them, this truly very certainly, if they do not want, when the front door opens cuts to kill Shen Xiang, perhaps finally Shen Xiang can also very relaxed has been left. Now can walk? Shen Xiang this brat is very cloudy, we best not to disperse.” „, If he pretends to be our one person again, when the time comes troubled!” We use Divine Sense sound transmission, definite cipher, if walks into these gates, the accident met, we determine the status with the cipher, if to does not leave the cipher, immediately gets rid!” Taiyuan Dean said that to people sound transmission, said a unified cipher, then walked into these gates separately. Shen Xiang walks in passage, feels the chin to say with a smile: Cipher? I will have the means to do! I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, I must kill 1-2 old fellow here, otherwise after me, how they to boast to Yun Xiaodao?”