World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1086
Shen Xiang dashes about wildly in passage, but he discovered quickly this passage unexpectedly will move, place that in other words this passage has not assigned, but he does not have the means now, because of these that many, which sliding door he does not know to be able smoothly to the destination. Among the less than half double-hour, Shen Xiang has not met any danger(ous), at this time he also slowed the tempo, walks, while cultivates, before he must a bit faster build up, that plant spirit that fuses to his strength of bring, he thought that his strength in this group of people are weakest, is insufficient. The passage four walls send out silver-white light glow, is the same with that Primal Chaos Mountain light glow, Shen Xiang does not know that at this time other person of what kind, he somewhat worried this inside protection will be won, he does not want to waste time. This Primal Chaos Mountain was very big, therefore passage is very long is also very normal, but Shen Xiang he walks sluggishly, but has used day of time, saw sliding door, this let him immediately rushing in high spirits in the past. After opening that sliding door, he came to a very spacious giant stone chamber, this inside does not have no treasure, except for four sides very smooth big rock wall, anything does not have . Moreover the road that came in a moment ago was also sealed up. How possibly to have the outlet?” Shen Xiang runs around in this spacious giant stone chamber, how and regardless of his shuttle space, is unable to leave this stone chamber, this giant stone chamber has rich Immortal Qi, but does not have any passage. Shen Xiang does not have to think gate unexpectedly that one choose is this, he was stranded here! Then, he uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, displays various fierce martial arts, the crazy bang hits these silver-white walls, let alone makes a hole, a Dao marks mark cannot cause, regardless of his attack is formidable, here will not send out shivers! I am not these rebel influences, therefore me sleepily here? How long that must be stranded!” Shen Xiang was anxious, takes Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to divide to chop the wall crazily, but an function does not have. When Shen Xiang gives up, a very old sound conveys. little brat, very has the working zeal, you had not been surrounded!”

Hears this sound, Shen Xiang is full of energy immediately, shouted: Who are you? How can I be able to exit?” I am the spirit that this mountain breeds! If you want to exit, so long as promoted strength that's alright diligently, because came here person, can only have half to live! in other words, comes here person, must fight to the death with a person!” unexpectedly is this mountain Mountain Spirit, this Primal Chaos Mountain can breed to dodge comes spirit, Shen Xiang is not very accidental. Then lets me and a fellow on hurrying fights a decisive battle!” Shen Xiang shouted. „It is not good, your strength was too weak, which no matter meets, you do not have what stratagem which ensures success, only if you promote the strength to certain situation here, here spirit will transmit a person to come and hit, now some people started! But you have time formation in this place, therefore you practice the time longer are not in the way.” That Mountain Spirit said. Why can such arrange? In the past constructed here fellow is not the ancestor of that crowd of rebel influences?” That is because afterward the fellow came here a hands and feet, so long as some people come, finally must kill one another, but evidently you probably are not descendant of these rebel influences, how do you mix?” That Mountain Spirit said. Is a long story!” Shen Xiang sits on the ground, he has a bit faster to promote the strength now, a bit faster and a fellow fights a decisive battle, then leaves this damned place. Mountain Spirit Senior, you should know that I am not an unprincipled person, you can tell me, what treasure does here have?” This...... I not am quite clear, I only know that in this final place has 30 boxes, in each box has any me unclear, in brief these thing treasure.”

Now must do is promotes the strength, the Shen Xiang extremely quick speed to build up the energy that plant spirit brings, quick condense leaves in each beast image fifth grain of Heaven Dan pill embryo. „Can here also bring in Nirvana Tribulation? If cannot, then my strength is hard to be increased!” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has, moreover here crosses Nirvana Tribulation, that might is not jokes, because here is Primal Chaos Mountain, Tribulation Force absorbs Primal Chaos Power, although this is theoretically, but how I will not be quite actually definite, I think that I can see quickly.” Mountain Spirit said with a smile. Mountain Spirit of this mountain does not have body, but is attached to Primal Chaos Mountain formidable Soul Body together, in the transmission some fierce mountains will have Mountain Spirit. Calms the mind, Shen Xiang builds up quickly melted plant spirit to strength that he brought, but plant spirit and plant Heaven Dan has not fused, this also needed a period of time to let both nature fusion. But now the Shen Xiang's strength is insufficient! „The Holy Dragon Crown Prince strength should be weaker than me, he is comes here strength to be weakest, therefore you, so long as approached that strength that's alright, in other words you most little must cross the Nirvana six tribulations, can have with the Holy Dragon Crown Prince similar strength.” Long Xueyi said. Before Shen Xiang, can cut the arm of Holy Dragon Crown Prince, that was injured by Taiyuan Dean because of Holy Dragon Crown Prince, moreover Shen Xiang unexpectedly attacked, but if face-to-face fought, he did not have that big stratagem which ensures success, Holy Dragon Crown Prince Dragon Force was very terrifying. „Is that Holy Dragon Crown Prince strength what kind of?” Shen Xiang thought that Holy Dragon Crown Prince Dragon Force should surpass Nirvana, but Long Xueyi said that she be stronger than Holy Dragon Crown Prince. „Haven't I meant? Is weaker than me!” Long Xueyi giggle said with a smile tenderly.

You were saying that you are more formidable than me?” „Is this is the fact good, you accepted, if were I copes with that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, 2-3 hit him to kneel down.” Shen Xiang no longer listens to Long Xueyi to boast, if listened, was very easy to have this problem. He also some much is mad Divine Pill to promote the strength, but he does not plan to use, but puts out grain of Heaven Dan! This Heaven Dan is Feng Zixuan Son of Heaven, in the past this Feng Zixuan and Zhao Yixuan chased down him to ten Heavenly Saint mountains, finally was united Ji Meixian to give by him cloudy. In Heaven Dan has pure energy, that is Immortal strength, but Shen Xiang can withdraw not to be many for the energy that oneself uses, can obtain one to be good, because this Heaven Dan inside strength also has certain intelligence, comes under the influence of actually master, therefore in the absorption, will have many strength to drain. But he is a alchemy master, now also grasped Heaven Refining Technique, he wants this Heaven Dan refined into pill, can as far as possible withdraws the energy from this Heaven Dan!