World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1087

Shen Xiang puts out Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, this can make him build up fast steadily Heaven Dan. Heaven Dan and Demon Beast of humanity are different, the Demon Beast words, can the body and beast core refined into pill, because humanity is Shen Xiang similar, will therefore have the formidable repellency, therefore builds up person pill to be unrecommendable. Builds up the Heaven Dan Shen Xiang first time, but is mostly the same except for minor differences, so long as uses in Heaven Refining Technique to build up the myriad things the method, can reject thing inside impurity completely, only leaves behind purely, the most formidable these energies, therefore after beforehand Shen Xiang built up the innumerable mountains, can obtain a grain of pill. That grain of Heaven Dan when pill furnace was burnt builds up, a large part of energies start to drain, these energies are some impurities or are leave leeway actually main worldly person Divine Seal to record, after being eliminated, pill furnace inside energy will become very pure, under the roasting of flame, but can also enhance the quality. When carrying on compression, the quality will be improved, such one, here Heaven Dan, even though drains the massive energies, can maintain certain value! spirit herb refined into pill is also this truth, therefore eats spirit herb to waste directly, because after refined into pill, can promote two times the effect, even are more. I remember that after you in the past some old fellow killed, their corpses are also hiding, might as well take to build up!” Bai Youyou said: „The plan kept devour to use, but your Heaven Refining Technique can be better!” Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Does not use, will refine these old fellow corpses only to waste my strength, energy that I need now, these corpse inside energy impurities will be too many, are used to enhance the furnace fire are good.” Then, these corpses were brought to burn down, making the furnace fire more exuberant, meanwhile can make the upgrading of that grain of Heaven Dan little.

This grain of Heaven Dan made him build up one all day, was compressed by him must be similar to the grain of rice size. Has eaten this thing, should be insufficient!” Shen Xiang throws in that very small Heaven Dan the entrance, after swallowing down, explodes in his dantian, that is very pure True Qi, he revolution cultivation technique, builds up this grain of Heaven Dan with the quickest speed immediately! One month, this grain of Heaven Dan was digested completely by him, but he is away from the breakthrough, he breaks through each time, must have five grains of Heaven Dan pill embryos to bring in Nirvana Tribulation, this is not quite easy. Builds up plant spirit and that grain of Heaven Dan, has two grains of Heaven Dan pill embryos!” In Shen Xiang is regarding in the dantian that five beast image within the body, only then Azure Dragon likely and Vermilion Bird in has the fifth grain of Heaven Dan pill embryo likely. It seems like can only be bullied Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang puts out a box to be mad Divine Pill, works on the communication mouth to deliver one after another, probably eats puffed rice such, moreover eats while puts on a serious face, a depression of face. If trades to be others to be able so many air/Qi Divine Pill to eat, that will be certainly happy goes crazy, but Shen Xiang actually probably takes the toxicant to be the same now, because this is mad the Divine Pill flavor is not very good, even if gives Long Xueyi to eat, she will shut out. This is mad the Divine Pill flavor is I have eaten badly, seeing you to eat me to think the gastric disorder.” Long Xueyi to let own appetite is better, that fragrance small mouth is chewing the sweet fruit pulp. little rascal, when you build up Earth Level High-Grade Dan, these anything Profound Beast Dan could not satisfy me, I must high level!” Long Xueyi said.

Was quick, when I exit from here, builds up to you.” Shen Xiang said that also said: Sister Meiyao, Sister Youyou, you make to be many this to be mad Divine Pill herbs, I must refine one grain super to be mad Divine Pill, suddenly also above quarter into spirit pattern! Can be used to help me absorb here Immortal Qi, I want this Primal Chaos Mountain to gnaw.” The Shen Xiang previous time when the refinement is mad the Divine Pill competition, quietly receives some unreliably fruits, lets Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou duplication are many some comes out. When he finished eating last air/Qi Divine Pill, he has delivered the one breath, moreover at this time his abdomen is very hot, strong energies keep the rewiring his dantian, must know that is over a thousand grains of air/Qi Divine Pill in his belly, if other people, was already supported to explode. The meridians of Shen Xiang within the body, probably are the innumerable great rivers are galloping at this time, vigorous True Qi revolve in his within the body circulation, flushing meridians skeleton time, is moistening the muscle and soul, then enters in the dantian, emerges in these formidable beast image, enters clouds, the condense Heaven Dan pill embryo. Air/Qi Divine Pill not only to produce True Qi, but can also produce one spiritual strength, this spiritual strength emerges Divine sea, is expanding his Divine sea, Divine sea is bigger, Divine Power are more, is vigorous, therefore is mad Divine Pill, although is unpalatable, but the use is very big! If not because refines quite easily, this absolutely is Earth Level High-Grade Dan. But the Shen Xiang plan, later specially refines atmospheric Divine Pill to be used to oneself the Subduing Dragon Sect's disciple to eat, his so-called atmospheric Divine Pill, refines three grains with ten herbs, like this after passing through compresses highly, the quality will have the leaping promotion, but the refinement difficulty is very big, luckily he to being mad Divine Pill herbs had understood, so long as burns down from the interior, for him is not difficult! Naturally, this work is Li Baojun cannot endure, only then he came! This brat is really freak, mixes in this crowd of rebel influences, enters Primal Chaos Mountain, moreover now promotes the strength so to be quick! Perhaps he really can win that small Holy Dragon. Also, this little brat that looks familiar the blade, is Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is inadequate? Ha Ha, looked possible!” In that Mountain Spirit heart was thinking aloud.

Shen Xiang does not know that what role at this time that Mountain Spirit is, but knows that Mountain Spirit is not the good thing, he does not have the means that where because he does not know this Mountain Spirit. If there is complete Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique to be good, I can definitely promote quickly!” Shen Xiang had realized these cultivation technique that he cultivates have certain flaw, although reorganizes from Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, but is incomplete, especially when the limit utilization, can discover to lack the ability to do what one would like. For example he wants is quicker builds up is mad Divine Pill the time now, thought that the speed is very slow! If these 1000 grains of air/Qi Divine Pill take to sell, can sell many crystal stones, is used to eat , to promote strength are also many, but after Shen Xiang eats up now, unexpectedly concentrates half Heaven Dan pill embryo, and has used very long time, now passed for a half year! Naturally, in the practice, he thinks to sleep, outside how long he does not know in the past, but his dull giant stone chamber has time formation, he thought that should not pass is too long. „It is not good, cultivates Heaven Dan is very really difficult, it seems like can only carry on super to be mad the plan of Divine Pill!” Shen Xiang sighed gently.