World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1088
This time, Shen Xiang simultaneously refines over a thousand air/Qi Divine Pill, 1000 herbs refined into one grains! He to refining this pill had certain experience, but this is mad Divine Pill is he has refined most high level at present, luckily he to refining to be mad Divine Pill herbs to have very thorough understanding, can carry on the marvelous communication with these spirit herb fast. Now he not only thousand herbs refined into grain of pill, but must engrave spirit pattern above, can make pill have a more formidable effect, before he had attempted one time, at that time let him by inconceivable speed crazy devour all around Spirit Qi, now here fills rich Immortal Qi, if eats this pill here, the energy that devour comes will be more terrorist. Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace inside space big, fills a 1000 air/Qi Divine Pill herbs pressure not to have! Shen Xiang has not used in Heaven Refining Technique that type to make Immortal Qi turn into the raging fire the method, now what because must burn down is over a thousand being in one herbs, but the flame that type borrows world strength also needs very formidable, will not be when the time comes good to control. At this time he only with own flame, although will be slower, but can actually be very steady, can control with wishes fulfilled, is not worried to meet explode pill furnace, let alone when carves into spirit pattern, flame control the request of accurate is very high, at that time needed the Divine Power coordination flame, ironed in the spirit dan surface. Refines the time that this super pill requires to be very long, fortunately herbs of Shen Xiang to being mad Divine Pill has some relation, can very relaxed letting flame seep to unreliably the interior of fruit, burns down these very firm root. Now in Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace unreliably fruit, is the quality excellent, does not abandon herbs like his of previous refinement, when he will be at the refinement more relaxed. This brat in alchemy? The one who builds up is what pill? It looks like evidently is air/Qi Divine Pill, but if is mad Divine Pill, should already refine, this passed for two months, he has not moved. These alchemy fellows are really bored, get what one deserves to cross the Nirvana Tribulation time association to come across very fierce disaster.” In the Mountain Spirit heart said secretly that his unexpectedly also understood the knowledge in some Pill Dao aspects, he is not only Mountain Spirit so is evidently simple. Hello, are you good, isn't is mad Divine Pill? You built up for two months, you are I have seen the most disappointing alchemy master, earlier gives up, uses here Immortal Qi to promote the strength honestly, I look bored.” That Mountain Spirit could not bear, said. After Shen Xiang hears, is somewhat accidental: Mountain Spirit Senior, you stayed here were very long, was very definitely bored, was inferior that I and you made a bet, if I refined air/Qi Divine Pill that a grain can make me break through immediately, you did tell me something to be what kind of?”

Shen Xiang knows that this old fellow most likes installing deeply, knows the lots, but did not tell you, to express that he was fierce, therefore did not use a clever trick, was very difficult to let their start to talk. I do not believe that although I am stranded all day here, but has certain finding to outside world, aren't you are building up furnace gas Divine Pill now? Isn't herbs that uses are more? Without explode pill furnace, truly can explain that your level is good, but you must depend upon this grain of pill to break through, but also falls far short!” That Mountain Spirit very disdainfully said. Old Senior, I asked you, dares to bet, does not dare!” Shen Xiang Hehe said with a smile, the laughter was having meaning of the contempt. Fart, can I not dare to bet? But if you lost, you stay here to accompany my 100 years, spoke with me anything's that's alright.” Mountain Spirit did not fear. Shen Xiang to satisfy own curiosity, wants to dig out a thing from this Mountain Spirit mouth, moreover he is confident to himself, he super is mad Divine Pill to this grain, but confident. Now is mad Divine Pill to build up a final stage, thousand herbs melted, was reduced a small group cyclone, although is only the fist big cyclone, but the quality is much higher, if explodes at this time, can blast a city. If not carve into spirit pattern, Shen Xiang has been able now start to condense pill! But now they need to enter partly concentrate pill's condition, must let this group of cyclone close Pill City time, in that short time, the spirit pattern quarter in this grain of pills.

spirit pattern of Shen Xiang choice is one type specially the Immortal Qi transformation is Spirit Qi spirit pattern, this is formation, generally is used to give some unable directly to absorb the person preparation of Immortal Qi, will arrange also in some cities, if many people of cooperation arrangement, are not very difficult. But now Shen Xiang needs to complete, moreover arranges in grain of small pill pellet! He has formidable Divine Power, this for him is not the unusual misery! At this time that grain super is mad Divine Pill is similar to one group of starch generally is revolving in pill furnace, only then this shape should better carve into a mark. Shen Xiang seeps Divine Power to this grain of pill , and exterior regards as this grain of pill's interior is a very big space, such one, not because here pill will be too small, but is unable to carve into spirit pattern, this also will be the method that many Refining Master will use! Because when refining some small thing, for example storage ring and so on, needs to carve into massive abstruse complex spirit pattern, is solved with this method. Shen Xiang takes the Divine Power condense completely squashed eye obvious golden color silk thread, in Divine Power also has vigorous Dragon Force as the spirit pattern foundation, cautious and solemn is outlining in that grain of pill's interior! Under flame unceasing burning down, spirit pattern and this grain of pills merge into one organic whole, here pill's energy as the base, activates spirit pattern strength. Carves into spirit pattern, he has used for one month, if not this super pill, he little carves into spirit pattern, that will waste a lot of time.

At this time is mad Divine Pill is similar to azure pappy, revolves slowly in pill furnace, the Shen Xiang mind will move, releases Divine Power the compression, simultaneously will receive the flame slowly, making this grain of pill coagulate, simultaneously has not affected inside spirit pattern, in this final one step, he will do very discretely. Concentrates pill time is not relaxed, he has used two days of time, presses a grain of finger size Qi ball of this grain of concentration vast energy little gradually pill pellet! Finally completed!” The Shen Xiang deep breath, is sweating profusely, and very exhausted. Builds up about together many herbs also has, but doesn't have you to be so disappointing? Builds up is so long, brat, your obediently admits defeat!” Mountain Spirit happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang turns on the pill furnace cover, azure light glow lightens suddenly, this coverage this giant stone chamber, making in the stone chamber these silver-white multi-colored sunlight gloomy incomparable! Air/Qi Divine Pill gradually float, but this grain of pill's surface, can see fine golden spirit pattern to be in glittering clearly.