World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1089
This grain of pills looks like probably together on the azure gem mounts the gold thread pattern that golden light is sparkling, did not say the effect, light looks like makes people think inconceivable, that Mountain Spirit saw some clue at this time, because these spirit pattern are not very simple, although is dense and numerous, but is not chaotic, these spirit pattern convergence on this grain of pill, making people think that this grain of pill has an indescribable spirit rhyme. Old Senior, when the time comes you cannot go back on word, if I can live under Nirvana Tribulation, you may probably cash your promise Oh! Shen Xiang to swallow that grain super to be mad Divine Pill. Air/Qi Divine Pill to enter in his abdomen, immediately melts, sees only his body by one group of azure light glow package, above that azure light covers has many golden spirit pattern! While being mad the Divine Pill efficacy cuts, the place that Shen Xiang is similar to the giant vortex in sea, but all around rich Immortal Qi is similar to the sea water, wells up crazily toward him, enters in his body 1 Air/Qi the Divine Pill efficacy, the energy of crazily absorbing, in his body in thick the meridians revolves systematically, the energy that at this time his meridians hold reached the limit, the energy that therefore he needs to explode in his within the body these compresses, is the gaseous state, after he compresses, is turned into liquid, after turning into the liquid, compresses once more, turns into the viscous shape, but absorbs at this time with that grain of air/Qi Divine Pill energy is really too many, he continues to compress again, turns into a golden energy, finally emerges in his dantian, congealment Heaven Dan pill embryo! The richness of this Primal Chaos Mountain inside energy, is above Shen Xiang's expected that grain super is mad Divine Pill is also so, is strong, before he thinks that he depends upon here pill to break through, only then 70% assurances, but now is actually ten tenths. This did brat, what toss about? This grain of pill was too fierce, moreover his body like a bottomless pit, the devour energy is really also terrorist, this brat potential is very big, it seems like that this chapter must lose!” That Mountain Spirit also thought aloud. Shen Xiang has used ten days, has completed the fourth Heaven Dan pill embryo, so long as concentrates the fifth pill embryo, he can bring in Nirvana Tribulation immediately, crossed Nirvana Tribulation, five Heaven Dan can great accomplishment! This place cultivates treasure trove, this Primal Chaos Mountain inside energy be much more than my Dragon Vein . Moreover the quality is very high! Only if my Dragon Vein can produce purple Immortal Qi, otherwise cannot compare here!” Shen Xiang cannot help but exclaims in surprise that at this time his in Divine sea is the mighty waves is also turbulent, because massive Divine Power emerge Divine sea unceasingly, is developing Divine sea. When is tranquil, Shen Xiang's fifth grain of Heaven Dan condense came out, Nirvana Tribulation will momentarily arrive, he can only now the Jing Jing (quietly) waiting. Quite cold, is this Ice Tribulation?” Shen Xiang hit one to tremble suddenly, this physique can also be frozen, only then Nirvana Tribulation of that day killing had this strength.

Right, is Ice Tribulation!” Shen Xiang has affirmed, sees only ices the light beam that cold strength turns into to spray to come toward him together, hits directly on his body. Instantaneous, his body probably was penetrated by innumerable cold ice needle general, the ice cold rapidly spreads in his body, keeping him from moving. Ice cold attribute Primal Chaos Power!” Shen Xiang felt that these formidable Primal Chaos Power, his hastily makes Universe Fire Spirit in within the body blow out the intense flame, warms his body, drives the deicing cold strength. If his body completely frozen, breaks to pieces again, he completely was incurable, even if there is Jade Dragon Bloodline to be useless. Shen Xiang had heard Ice Tribulation, one goal, ices you, then makes your body turn into one pile of ice sludge, looks like, although is very gentle Nirvana Tribulation, but is fearful. Snort, do not want to make me eat owes twice!” The Shen Xiang fist such as dodges the thunder, braves steaming golden flame, hits to together toward the white light that his lasing comes, very rich ice cold strength light beam bang is loose this condense. Just started is only a beam of light, but had several to afterward suddenly, but Shen Xiang can deal with comes, with his strength of fist and that ebullition, one sincere attacked his ice cold strength bang to be loose these suddenly. Behind Tribulation Force more arrives is fierce, now is dozens intense ice cold light rosy cloud lasings comes, Shen Xiang can only revolution vigorous Black Tortoise True Qi, melt a water cover, resists the ice cold attacks of these terrors. Even if Black Tortoise Luo Tian Cover is fierce, but cannot support these ice cold air/Qi, the instantaneously frozen to become Houhou ice piece, turns into the fragment afterward.

Water is not good, Shen Xiang uses the fire, back suddenly presents pair of huge fire wings, wraps his body! sōu sōu whiz! The bone-chilling cold cold ices strength, emanation lets the will of the people cool sound, hits in that to Vermillion Bird Fire Wings on, the cold air submerges in fire wings, emits intermittent white fog. Vermilion Bird flame originally raging flames, but when dozens cold ice light beams simultaneously hit, actually gradually extinguishes, Shen Xiang immediately revolution True Qi, making Vermillion Bird Fire Wings burn once more, moreover this time golden flame! Tribulation Force strengthens once more, the one breath several hundreds attack, Shen Xiang cannot be again loose with the fist these Tribulation Force bang like before now, can only stand is defending same place. A several hundred light beam light glow attack wave is tying one wave, was more crowded than before, every time will suppress Shen Xiang's golden color fire wings, but Shen Xiang can always in again make fire wings burn instantaneously, resisted this terrifying ice cold strength. Evidently Tribulation Force to final strength is the present ten times!” True Qi that Shen Xiang rapid clothing/taking next grain of Five Elements Profound Dan, restores to lose. Nirvana Tribulation was terrorist, if Shen Xiang does not have very solid foundation of basic skills, was already killed! The situation that this several hundred cold light glow simultaneously attacks has carried on more than double-hour continuously, and is getting more and more intense!

Came!” Shen Xiang most is worried finally occurred, sees only the four walls of this giant stone chamber, glittering has a white light, afterward projects white Guan Xia, is aims at him to shoot, there are several thousand! Shen Xiang revolution Universe True Qi, the formation strongest Dragon Force shape, will form a formidable light cover immediately, wraps solid oneself. The intense white light covers Shen Xiang! Ice cold strength makes incorruptible this giant stone chamber layer by layer! Suddenly, several thousand bring intense cold air light glow to shoot, the place that Shen Xiang is at presented a great ice, evidently probably including Shen Xiang completely frozen! Bang! The Shen Xiang body shakes, Dragon Force roared, outside his body great ice breaking! Afterward is several thousand cold air raids, his roaring hiss, Dragon Force on body turns into the innumerable crazy dragons, flushes away toward the cold air that these illness shoot, the cold air that these Tribulation Force turn into bumps into with the crazy dragon that these Dragon Force turn into, time dragon roar and explosive erupt, shakes this giant stone chamber slightly to shiver.