World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1090
Nirvana Tribulation that at this time Shen Xiang faces, has surpassed, because he who the average person faces is a alchemy master, moreover method very heaven defying that cultivates, he is only Nirvana Realm, Heaven Dan in within the body has these many, Nirvana Tribulation is not fierce is strange, that Mountain Spirit looks in the heart to call out in alarm. Tribulation Force probably is inexhaustible general, moreover is getting stronger and stronger, now strengthened to the instantaneous several thousand attacks, strength that but Shen Xiang erupts at this time actually does not show weakness, he is not only is defending, counter-attacks these Tribulation Force, some Tribulation Force have not approached his body, was used the unsurpassed Dragon Force bang to be loose by him! True Qi of Shen Xiang within the body is much more vigorous, has congealed after all Heaven Dan, is not only many, but also quality very high, if he crossed this Nirvana five tribulations, faced with Nirvana 78 tribulation no longer words , if these Evil Devil, he uses Suppressing Devil Holy Power, can the relaxed second kill! Why this is also Demon and Devil strongly opposed that he has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade this type of sharp weapon, especially these rebel influences, because these rebel influences were worried that they will have evil from now on, when the time comes when faces Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, will be similar to worthless generally is harvested by Shen Xiang. A final Tribulation Force attack ended, Shen Xiang is straight the back, stands there, the whole body braves the cold air, he has not used foreign object, successfully crossed this Nirvana Tribulation. „The strength of granting, come!” Shen Xiang gripped tightly has grasped the fist, divulged the excitement in heart, so long as fifth batch of Heaven Dan condense of his within the body succeeded, he entered into Nirvana five to plunder, when the time comes he also needs to keep the promise, went to put Netherworld Abyss following Ancient Fire Beast. The strength of mysterious granting arrives, emerges the Shen Xiang's body, this strength probably specially helps the life resistance world be ordinary, each time after the breakthrough, will grant the life corresponding strength, making the life more formidable! After absorbing the strength of granting, passed for ten days, in Shen Xiang dantian each beast image, left grain of Heaven Dan, now altogether has 25 grains! I broke through, Mountain Spirit Senior, do not hide!” Shen Xiang has hit one, asked: When can I meet that and other match? I just broke through, was impatient!”

Other haughty, your potential is truly good, but you must actually miss facing that small Holy Dragon far.” Mountain Spirit said that he told Shen Xiang explicitly, his match is Holy Dragon Crown Prince. Enters this inside person, can only have half to go to finally the hidden treasure place, the person who will therefore arrange carries on a strength equal life and death duel. You want to ask that anything asked that I can only say I know, or was I can say.” That Mountain Spirit said. I want to know that in the Primal Chaos Mountain fight foot, who arranging here person to carry on the fellow of life and death duel is?” Shen Xiang thought that talent of this person makes him very familiar. Is a dragon! I can only say these many!” The reply of Mountain Spirit makes Shen Xiang be lost in thought. In the past Great Emperor of Ten Heavens had two friends, one was a dragon, one was Fire Lion, the place that Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade hid is these two friends arranges, but that Fire Lion was Shen Xiang in Ancient Fire Beast that Netherworld Abyss met, moreover Ancient Fire Beast added that he was stranded by that dragon there. Shen Xiang thought that arranges here all, should be that dragon! But he does not know that dragon is good or bad, because that dragon surrounds Ancient Fire Beast, therefore he had the anxiety , because Ancient Fire Beast is not the good thing, will be stranded by that dragon? He and Ancient Fire Beast have the agreement, so long as he has the strengths of Nirvana five tribulations, must help Ancient Fire Beast get out of trouble.

strength of that dragon is very formidable, can cause a road to earth core, moreover at that time Emperor Heaven had not burst, earth core is very formidable. Mountain Spirit Senior, are you this mountain Mountain Spirit?” Shen Xiang also asked that this mountain got down from Primal Chaos World, he wants to know that had the matter about Primal Chaos World. It can be said that can also say that is not......” Mountain Spirit sighed: I am another mountain Mountain Spirit, but I truly get down from Primal Chaos World, moreover that mountain is also Primal Chaos Mountain, but that mountain was destroyed, that fellow to let me has place of finding a place to live, gets so far as here me...... Is that dragon!” This Sacred Dan World is the Emperor Heaven quick collapse time appears, at that time, the rebel influence comes here hidden treasure, perhaps that dragon came to here this Mountain Spirit lane before. I came very much long time ago, at that time that crowd of rebel influences had not found this mountain, when they entangle the thing here, I inform that dragon, making him come to here to get up to tricks, is used for pit these rebel influences descendant, but has not thought that will have your this rarely seen fellow to mix!” Mountain Spirit said: Therefore best not dead.” Senior, that is Primal Chaos World what kind of?” Shen Xiang is gripping tightly the fist, is somewhat excited, because that is a very mysterious world, falls the mountain that so to be fearful from there. Said? That is a very chaotic world, without any order, so is unharmonious like these world, but a here Primal Chaos clan, was at that time ran away from there, the Primal Chaos World fellow to punish them, threw the giant mountain, had been at that time battered to death many fierce fellows, palace that Primal Chaos Fire Token...... as well as injured someone specially...... cough cough, I said!” Injuring someone palace! Shen Xiang has thought immediately that Nine Heavenly Devil Palace, unexpectedly is stems from Primal Chaos World talent, Shen Xiang is hard to believe that makes many world of expert expectation, unexpectedly cause this type of thing to injure someone!

Shen Xiang suspected at this time that in the past the Great Emperor of Ten Heavens death, with the fission of Emperor Heaven, was the Primal Chaos World person secretly is possibly leading, White Tiger has also said that that strength was very formidable! Was good, I also said suffice many, you rested first, then released oneself strongest strength, if successful, you can meet that small Holy Dragon quickly.” Mountain Spirit said. Shen Xiang deeply attracts several tones, be not indulging in flights of fancy by oneself, because he more wants to get down, is restless, because after he thinks one are formidable, very much may face Primal Chaos World mysterious strength, but after these rebel influences, perhaps once more will have the support of that secretly strength! 25 grains of Heaven Dan inside True Qi suddenly well up crazily, if Dragon roared generally from Shen Xiang's body steaming spraying, shocked this giant stone chamber, at this time, in the stone chamber the white light exploded dodges. Afterward, he saw Holy Dragon Crown Prince! He and a Holy Dragon Crown Prince war, approached finally!