World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1091

Holy Dragon Crown Prince wears the shining imperial robe, sits on golden stone bed, is shutting both eyes, is absorbing Immortal Qi, he knows can probably meet with Shen Xiang, therefore after he opens the eye, expression is very light. Has not thought that can be you!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince stands, after receiving that golden stone bed, walks slowly toward Shen Xiang. „Are you very disappointed?” strength of Shen Xiang revolution within the body, enters the combat status. Somewhat is truly disappointed, I think will recapture some Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade difficulties, I will like challenging, but now......” „Were you dislike me to be too weak?” Shen Xiang life Qi/angry, does not smile lightly. Your schemes and tricks are truly fierce, this point I feel ashamed of one's inferiority . Moreover the thing that you grasp can make many expert work oneself to death for you, I dreaded him before completely because of your side that two people, but now here only then your, moreover that two people impossible to save you, you absolutely cannot be inescapable!” Do not forget, I had killed Purple Moon Sacred Realm's Dean, I have also killed the dragon, I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, dies expert in my hands you to investigate!” Shen Xiang reminded this Holy Dragon Crown Prince, do not despise him. Right, in the views of many people, you are young, but the strength can actually forcing many Heaven World above expert, cut Devil Lord, kills Dean. However, I actually know that you have used Primal Chaos Fire Token protecting body divine light, when this Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition protecting that sends out Lord divine light I to be very clear.” Holy Dragon Crown Prince mentioned this matter, in the look full was the envious hatred, because after he knew Primal Chaos Fire Token owner recognition, cannot rob, in other words, Shen Xiang, so long as died, this supreme treasure will also go along with him.

You to the Primal Chaos Fire Token also very understanding? But I remember that you actually disguised not to know in front of that Taiyuan Dean, Hehe.” Shen Xiang smiled: You could not see that I now am very calm?” The Holy Dragon Crown Prince nod said: You now are very calm, but I think that you are only the strong self-stabilization or are putting on airs, in my eyes, today is your time of death.” Shen Xiang sighed gently: How to say again I have also practiced Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, shouldn't you be worried about?” Holy Dragon Crown Prince said slowly: Your some are only Earth Slaughtering Technique, that stele complete Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, this I have not known that therefore I do not have anything to be good to fear! You have also practiced Nine Turn Dragon God Technique, 72 Transformations Divine Ability, Heavenly Dragon Seal...... some my Imperial Dragon Clan Divine Ability, you think that took the cultivate Spirit path, this I am also clear! But you after all are humanity, is unable to play these Divine Ability might, therefore I do not have anything to be good to be worried.” I knew about you very much, but you actually know nothing about me, you can also be so calm, I compare to admire you actually!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, this Holy Dragon Crown Prince said unexpectedly understands him very much? He knows not many about Holy Dragon Crown Prince, but this Holy Dragon Crown Prince knows to him , is just the superficial thing, if really understands him, this Holy Dragon Crown Prince now perhaps not with his these many idle talk, but with strongest kills to draw on to call him. Said, if gives you again hundred years, I when the time comes do not dare such at will to stand before you!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince does not want to look down on Shen Xiang, because Shen Xiang can toss about that many important matters to come, the skill has been placed there, but he thought regardless of one think that thought Shen Xiang will be killed violently today in his hands, this is he, because has the absolute self-confidence to own strength! I want to ask a matter, but also asked you to tell me truthfully.” Shen Xiang silent, asked.

I will meet person's request that soon dies as far as possible, although I now am repugnant you, but you after all will be the person of dying, I very much will always respect to the deceased person.” Holy Dragon Crown Prince said very generously. I want to know after I massacre you, what action will your Dragon Emperor father have? Can the rumbling broken space, go to Emperor Heaven to take my life directly?” This is actually is the matter that Shen Xiang most wants to know, is the matter that makes him a little be worried about. The brow of Holy Dragon Crown Prince wrinkled, the Shen Xiang's expression is self-confident, does not put on airs likely, such probably has ten tenths assurance to be able him to cut to kill here, making him cannot help but from newly carefully examine the Shen Xiang's strength, but he thought quickly that Shen Xiang is blind arrogant, this often can give itself very strong confidence, but in his opinion truly ownself suffer behavior. I do not know, because I will not die, I have not thought this matter, my Imperial Father from giving birth to me at that moment, thinks that I can coexist with world Great Dao, he has not considered this matter, therefore I cannot reply you! Moreover your issue will never have the answer, because I am undying!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince item of dew killing intent, sees him from Shen Xiang at that moment, shows his intense killing heart Holy Dragon Crown Prince to the present, it seems like that this Holy Dragon Crown Prince could not bear. Shen Xiang has rubbed the fist, said with a smile: It seems like I , to know that answer, can only kill you! I am an intellectual curiosity very strong person, to get the answer, Your Highness Crown Prince puts in great inconvenience your, you commit suicide are certainly best, since is I wants to know the answer, I was not exhausted you, added that I delivered you to start off am quite appropriate!” I must kill you, but to trade an answer! The solemn Holy Dragon Crown Prince life, a value answer, Holy Dragon Crown Prince immediately is only angry! Holy Dragon Crown Prince was enraged by Shen Xiang this rampant words, fist fierce getting hold , the complexion is cold, eyes sub- kills off jumps shoots, the strength of Holy Dragon is abundant, raises intermittent wave in his within the body, with dreadful killing intent of his innermost feelings, spout from each of body, immediately dragon roar rises from all directions, flutters the Holy Dragon strength in this giant stone chamber, is similar to the difficult situation, exudes the intermittent howl.

During this confrontation, the words that loses one's temper first, lost planned, but Holy Dragon Crown Prince, no matter this, because he thought that he had strength that thought to suppress Shen Xiang, struck to kill Shen Xiang! „A humanity, dares to be so wild!” In the Holy Dragon Crown Prince palm a golden light dodges, a handle Golden Dragon long sword appears, should be Sacred Level dragon tool evidently, but Shen Xiang shot a look at one, Holy Dragon Crown Prince wields a sword to cut, is having the strength of extremely powerful Holy Dragon, but rich Immortal Qi in entire stone chamber seemed also led by this sword, turns into like the blade astral wind, attacks the sword with this to Shen Xiang. Saw that this chops the fierce sword, Shen Xiang had not taken Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but is a fist wields, hits the loud sword blade edge with the hand back directly, fist above has the White Tiger fist, Shen Xiang instantaneous condense Dragon Force! Bite! The fierce hit, making that handle Golden Dragon sword send out clear dragon roar, strength that a wave explodes, hits to four walls, causes in the stone chamber rumble the deafening sound.