World Defying Dan God - Volume 11 - Chapter 1093
Holy Dragon Crown Prince looks at Shen Xiang that golden armor, thorough was ignorant, this is Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor that his Dragon Emperor father mentioned frequently, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is hard divine armor that shook, why he is unable to cause the damage on the body a moment ago the reason, moreover before Shen Xiang, intentionally made him attack, making him lax, then took advantage of him to be unprepared, carries on the counter-attack of savage! Shen Xiang before and Huang Jintian fought, because just Huang Jintian was a strength surpasses his many expert, but he as a weak one, wants to defeat expert, cannot light depend on the brute force, but must retain strength, let own strength as far as possible in the attack on the body of enemy. Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, indestructible, if Shen Xiang puts from the beginning, perhaps he already had guarded, will not relax absolutely, he about Shen Xiang's knew that were too few! Loses Holy Dragon Crown Prince of both arms, at this time only wants to turn into the main body, by own strength complete explosion, otherwise he will be slivered the fragment by Shen Xiang with that sharp Divine Blade, now he had the unprecedented fear, the fear to the death, has thought he who one will not die, finally knows that this fear is how uncomfortable, despaired and heartless, has destroyed his formidable self-confidence! Holy Dragon Crown Prince body golden light explodes dodges, Shen Xiang knows that he must turn into the main body! I can wait for your Dragon Emperor father to look my, he looks for me, I cut him in the same old way!” A Shen Xiang blade cuts horizontally, cuts neatly Holy Dragon Crown Prince persons head, simultaneously another blade vertical stroke chops, breaks out from the middle the Holy Dragon Crown Prince body! This...... Small does Holy Dragon die?” Mountain Spirit looks at complexion tranquil Shen Xiang, unbelievable, has killed Holy Dragon, unexpectedly so is calm. Shen Xiang receives Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, eats up pills, since he counter-attacks, his strength erupts by the condition of most peak, the outflow is huge. Shen Xiang......” Holy Dragon Crown Prince that tumbled in head at the same time makes the sound, unexpectedly was also living. Shen Xiang walks, a palm according to this head, displays Grasping Soul Devil Curse, searches his memory.

„...... Grasping Soul Devil Curse, your unexpectedly meeting...... Gave up any idea of that knows my secret!” Holy Dragon Crown Prince does not know that eliminates his all memories with any secret method suddenly, he knows that he died, but did not make Shen Xiang know these memories. Has sufficed!” Shen Xiang lightly smiled, because he knows this group of people come in cipher that Divine Sense sound transmission decides. Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, Imperial Dragon Clan Dragon Emperor realized immediately, sad Nu dragon roar sound deafening sound Nine Heavens, Dragon Emperor killing intent covered above Nine Heavens, frightening. Shen Xiang squeezes in this Holy Dragon Crown Prince corpse with the quickest speed Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace completely, this type of precious thing, will not need Heaven Refining Technique refined into pill, Shen Xiang to think that will sorry very much own. „, Also there is a good pill to eat, although thought ate own similar somewhat strange, but the flavor good words, I will not mind.” Long Xueyi said excitedly: Ha Ha, this fellow double Dragon Pearl, little rascal, refined into two grains of pill, your my grain, after having eaten, you can also have the Holy Dragon bloodlines, moreover strength of Dragon Force or the Holy Dragon! I? Then is the union of White Dragon and Holy Dragon, will be fiercer, Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor I, when decided!” In the Shen Xiang heart slightly is also excited, said: dragon brat, you must a bit faster adolescence get up, when the time comes annihilated that Dragon Emperor arduous task to give you this Subduing Dragon Sect's chief Great Elder!” alchemy, this Holy Dragon is really Crown Prince sincere, staying in good condition is not a bit faster good because of Imperial Dragon Clan dragon nest? unexpectedly delivers the alchemy material to us, we must thank him!” Long Xueyi blossomed happily, but the Shen Xiang's strength is also above her expectation, unexpectedly has used a small method, 2-3 have sent in this Holy Dragon Crown Prince pill furnace. Shen Xiang despises this mindless gluttonous dragon, unexpectedly Imperial Dragon Clan Holy Dragon does not let off. brat, are you doing?” Mountain Spirit sees Shen Xiang like picking the mushroom, picks the Holy Dragon Crown Prince remnant body, then puts in pill furnace, but also the raising flame, probably is making pot dragon meat soup evidently.

But boils soup good and bad also a little step, at least pulls out inside something, for example Dragon Pearl anything, but Shen Xiang continually wants now! I in alchemy!” Shen Xiang said. What? You are doing! Wonderful beast refined into pill who this world cultivates, this is the big death anniversary of alchemy master, do you also want to live next time in Nirvana Tribulation?” Mountain Spirit startled shouted. Yes? I first time meet a quality such good dragon, I am a alchemy master, does not build up this Holy Dragon, my how doing right by generation?” Shen Xiang does not fear any Nirvana Tribulation, cannot pass with anything, must be able to pass with the Long Xueyi's belly, he is the same with this gluttonous female dragon, this thing refined into pill that absolutely is the big tonic. Mother, has eaten this thing refined into pill, if after me, what to do keeps thinking?” Long Xueyi thought aloud that said. That prayed that more dragons look for my trouble.” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile. Sees Shen Xiang to smile, Mountain Spirit thinks one run into a lunatic, this fellow and beforehand that Great Emperor of Ten Heavens have spell, specially does this type by the matter of day killing, and very haughty. Mountain Spirit will Senior, when have the outlet?” Shen Xiang asked. Was quick, these people who when you come were dead 50% times, passage will open, when the time comes you can go to that hidden treasure place together, but I told first, will have when the time comes definitely the dispute, you in these fellow eyes were the peerless foe......”

Shen Xiang said with a smile: Senior, should not be worried for me, I had the means to deal!” Shen Xiang knew cipher that Taiyuan Dean set, if ate this small Holy Dragon refined into pill, then he can also have the strength of Holy Dragon, when the time comes must pretend to be this Holy Dragon Crown Prince not to be seen through, he thought that Mountain Spirit should be worried about these fellows, because when the time comes was killed by him does not know what's the matter. Outside Primal Chaos Mountain, sad Nu dragon roar recalled unceasingly in entire Sacred Dan World, this is dragon roar that Imperial Dragon Clan that Dragon Emperor sends out! Outside that Primal Chaos Mountain, there are many these ancient influence people, after hearing this dragon roar sound, some old fellow shock said: Holy Dragon Crown Prince died, Dragon Emperor is angry, this......” Died? Is Shen Xiang does?” unexpectedly is Shen Xiang does, then Shen Xiang's Subduing Dragon Sect must be finished thoroughly!” Is uncertain, Emperor Heaven now is not good, moreover Sacred Dan World is also very stable, the Dragon Emperor strength is strong, is unable to break through this principle strength. He can pass on to be good the sound!” Ji Meixian in great surprise, Shen Xiang can kill Holy Dragon Crown Prince, this surprises her, she has to admire the small disaster that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou train, was killing Holy Dragon, she thought that Shen Xiang can shake Imperial Dragon Clan and on the Imperial Feather Clan these two Heaven World strong influences in the future really!